Javascript function to get the ratio of the number of positive, negative and zero values ​​within an array in relation to its length

I wrote a function that checks the ratio of the number of positive, negative, and zero values ​​within an array to length.
The code I wrote is the following:

function plusMinus(arr) {

    /**first I declare 3 variables to store the positive, negative and null elements inside them*/

    let numPositive = ();
    let numNegative = ();
    let numZero = ();

    /**then I write a loop that will check whether 
    the elements of the input array are positive, negative or null,
    e.g. if the element(i) is positive, then the array 
    numPositive pushes the positive element(i) inside it, 
    and so on for the rest of the numbers and arrays*/

    for (let i=0; i0){
        }else if (arr(i)<0){

    /**finally, the ratios are given as a result of 
    the length of the pushed arrays and the length of the original array*/


I would like to receive feedback on why my code's logic is not working.

Print – Why is the bottom half of the last page printed black / negative?

The last page is printed in black in the lower half when there is nothing to print and "negative" (black and white inverted) when there is something in the lower half.
I have two printers and it happens on the two printers. I tried the same behavior with Windows 10 and Centos7. It happens randomly, sometimes it prints correctly.


  • Canon LBP7600C
  • Canon MF6800

How can I debug it? It really doesn't consume ink for anything.

35mm – What are good ways to scan a negative sheet?

I have several folders with PrintFile 35mm negative holders and contact sheets. Unfortunately, not all negative sheets were scanned. I can put it on a flatbed scanner and then try to clean up the scan with Photoshop, but it doesn't look good. My flatbed Epson scanner can scan two negative strips at the same time, but not 6. Is there an easy way to scan the entire page at the same time?

The sides of the negatives look like this:

Enter image description here

java – replace negative lookbehind regex

This method should return all occurrences of quoted strings. However, a single quote ( ’) should be treated like a normal single quote (just like a double quote in Java). Example: "This is not easy" The method should return the single string "isn't".
My code:

public static List findSingleQuotedTextWithEscapes(String input) {
        Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile ("(?

How would I replace the negative view behind it?

Diagrams – evidence that the Bellman-Ford algorithm contains a negative circuit

To let $ D = (V, B), n = | V | $ be a directed graph. Then the graph contains a negative length circuit of $ s $ then and only if $ f_n (v) neq f_ {n-1} (v), $ Where $ v in V, $ and $ f_k (v) = $Minimum$ {l (P) | P $ is a $ s-v $ At most go cross $ k $ Sheets}.

I do not understand what a $ s-v $ Walking means and what is the meaning of the function $ f_n $,

Can someone help me prove the two directions of the above statement? Many thanks.

dnd 3.5e – What is dysfunctional, controversial, or negative about epic ability checks?

So I went through all the epic skill checks and categorized them as follows:

  • Broken– If you click the check regularly, you can pause the game with the effect. Primarily affects diplomacy and perform (with the same effects), although sensory motifs are also a problem.

  • Good– Something really useful on a reasonable DC.

  • okay– Something that could be useful on a reasonable DC.
  • DCs—Short for “DCs too high for effect” applies whenever the effect of a check is much less useful than the investment required.
  • Useless– Effects are useless even if you can hit the DC.
  • N / A– There are no special epic skills for multiple skills.

Some skills are divided into several categories because they have different options, and some are one thing and others are another.

begin {array} {l | c c}
textbf {Skill} & text {Broken} & text {Good} & text {OK} & text {DCs} & text {Useless} & text {N / A} \ hline
text {Appraise} & & & & check mark \
text {Autohypnose} & & check mark \
text {Balance} & & & & & check mark \
text {bluff} & & & check mark \
text {Climb} & & & & & check mark \
text {concentration} & & & & check mark \
text {Craft} & & & & & check mark \
text {Decipher Script} & & & & check mark \
text {diplomacy} & check mark \
text {Deactivate device} & & & & Check mark \
text {cover} & & check mark \
text {Escape Artist} & & & & check mark \
text {fake} & & check mark \
text {collect information} & & & check mark \
text {Handle Animal} & & & check mark & ​​ check mark \
text {heal} & & & & & check mark \
text {Hide} & & check mark \
text {intimidate} & & & & & & & check mark \
text {Jump} & & & & & & check mark \
text {knowledge} & & & & & & check mark \
text {lists} & & check mark & ​​& check mark \
text {move mute} & & & & & & check mark \
text {Open Lock} & & & & & check mark \
text {Perform} & checkmark \
text {occupation} & & & & & & check mark \
text {ride} & & & check mark & ​​ check mark & ​​ check mark \
text {Search} & & & & check mark \
text {sense motif} & check mark & ​​& & check mark \
text {Sleight of Hand} & & & & check mark \
text {Spellcraft} & & & & check mark \
text {spot} & & check mark \
text {Survival} & & & & check mark \
text {Swim} & & & & check mark \
text {Tumble} & & & & check mark & ​​ check mark \
text {Use Magic Device} & & & & & & Checkmark \
text {use rope} & & & & check mark \
end {array}

To sum up, there isn't too much that breaks the game – although it definitely exists – but there isn't much that is good either. Most things are very minor effects on ridiculous DCs.

Anyway, for details on each skill:

Rating – DCs too high for the effect

In my experience, very few games use this ability – most tables only seem to do all the shopping and haggling once Before you decide, it takes far too much time for the entertainment it offers, and skip it afterwards. Even if it’s not, identify is fairly easily accessible, even in a way that ignores the 100 gp cost (most parties I attend have at least one of Cloistered Cleric or Künstlermonokel). Therefore, the rating does not matter, nor does its epic use. The fact that the DC 50 check only gets you Discover magicNot identifybut is pretty sad.

Autohypnosis – good

All of this is pretty solid, and although the DCs are high, the effects largely justify it. Seems pretty well done.

Balance – useless (unless flying is removed from the game, then good)

Balance is a fine skill … until everyone starts flying. It should take a long time until someone regularly meets the DC 40 checks.

In a game where everyone agrees to avoid escape – which is my preference – balance is fine and the epic expansion of it is fine. However, this is not the game for which it was released. An epic use of balance only had to be one way to get a proper flight, otherwise it would only be avoided by a flight that everyone must reach in the middle of the level to stay relevant.

Bluff – OK

Bluff is a problematic skill in that all social skills are problematic, but epic expansion no longer causes special problems. It is a bit strange that the last two effects are bluff and not disguise, but the overlap between these two skills has always been problematic. The unmagical suggestion is fine, maybe too little for this DC + 50 modifier.

Climbing – senseless

Has all balance problems but much, much worse. Even in a game that ignores the flight, there are so many magical climbing solutions that are so much easier than using the skill that no one should grapple with the absurdity of managing a DC 100 check – a magic of second stage can do the same.

Concentration – DCs too high for effect

Mostly irrelevant because magicians have so many ways out and incentives to keep them available. I think it's good that it is possible if necessary, but I don't see many characters who bother to push their concentration so high to use them. Frankly, the DC should be a lot less.

Crafts – useless

The quick edit option is part of the basic, non-epic crafting rules, not an innovation.

The augmented alchemy bit is pointless. I mean, alchemy could really use the improvement, but that's not a great solution: it costs far too much for too little use, so it's alchemical still unusable after low levels; Now it only costs you more to do it. On the other hand, I assume unlimited multipliers could because skills are misused can can be pumped fairly easily.

Which is really the problem of Epic Level Handbook In a nutshell: The rules are so weak that they are unusable for normal use, but due to their open nature, they can greatly reward serious abuse. It is the worst in both worlds.

Decipher Script – DCs too high for effect (a lot of too high)

It is absurd that this effect requires such a high direct current. A symbol of big problems in 3.5e in general: you have made significant efforts to protect the value of magic and to ensure that magic things cannot be easily replicated without magic. There is certainly a limit, but the reality is that skills, not magic, had to be protected. DC 50+ tests to replicate a cantrip is absurd.

Diplomacy – groundbreaking

I mean, of course that's the big one, isn't it? We all know that. Diplomacy is also a huge mess, but the epic skill checks add "fanatic" to the list. And the DC is not so difficult for this effect. Diplomancers break the game into tiny pieces, and the epic skill check is a big part of the reason.

Disable device – DCs are too high for an effect

There are so many easier ways to deal with traps, and these DCs are far too high to really pay off, but for adventurers, time is sometimes critical so I might be able to see the use. Just not enough of it to take the trouble to invest enough to make the checks.

Fairing – good

I mean, well, I think. Disguise is an interesting skill because while magic can do it better and easier in situations where you want to hide yourself They may be looking for magic, Disguise removes this concern. And the difficulty is alleviated by the fact that you only have to throw the dice once and be able to prepare for it – this makes it so much easier to hit when you have to. Again, this difficulty is reversed and is to your advantage because people don't expect it to be possible at all.

Escape Artist – DCs too high for the effect

On the way through a Wall of power is cool, but, you know, basic teleportation is a lot easier to get than the ability to hit DC 120. Especially DC 120 with an almost unusable ability.

Fake – good

Counterfeits are powerful only because they are rejected by counterfeits that almost nobody has. And again, you can prepare it in advance and use unique resources to fill out the check so you can manage checks in the 60s or 70s if you really want them, even at low to medium non-epic levels – and even with that Reader bonus of +50 should be sufficient in most cases.

Collect information – OK

This is a little strange because you would think that this is a fairly simple, non-epic application of bluff and / or disguise, not a big information gathering modifier. I think it's nice that you can double the information gathering instead of having to invest in those skills, but these skills are more useful than information gathering.

The DC is so low that I have found that it is only used so low that divination does not completely rule out the ability. Of course, that would most likely be misused Instructions of the Avatar+20 bonus from …

Treat animal DCs too high for effect / OK

The problem with dealing with magical beasts is that many of them have nothing to do with them (they are intelligent creatures), while others are basically just mythical animals and no business is so difficult to do.

It is interesting to speed things up because the profits are huge. I'm not sure how often this happens, but it might be worth burning a few resources to get to DC 50 and do some training in a day.

Heal – useless

Trash, just total trash. Not that this was specific to epic use (note that the linked question is Pathfinder and the exceptions listed, apart from the first stage, do not exist in 3.5e).

Hide – good

That's cool. I like that and the DC seems … probably reasonable enough.

Intimidate – N / A

Get nothing

Jump – N / A

Get nothing

Knowledge – N / A

Get nothing

Listen – DCs too high for effect / good

Defeating illusions is pretty difficult; This DC is enormous and it only applies to auditory illusions. Saving will is usually easier, but you don't have to interact.

What is special about defeating invisibility is, however very useful. And the DC is reasonable! This is solid.

Move quietly – not applicable

Get nothing

Open lock – useless

I mean, beat,

Perform – game interruption

The same problems as diplomacy, although diplomacy is easier to pump into the stratosphere than perform. Anyway, anyway really problematic,

Profession – N / A

Get nothing

Ride – DCs too high for the effect / useless / OK

OK, stand on the mountain … why? What are the benefits? Nothing is listed, nor can I think of anything. This DC is also ridiculous: people can do that in real life. People cannot hit DC 40 checks in real life.

The unconscious matter of control is meaningless, because who is going to fight with a non-combat mount?

Attacking from cover is very useful, however. DC 60 is a bit crazy, but the cover is pretty powerful. Not really worth it, but more.

Search – DCs are too high for the effect

DC 60 to get the least benefit from it Discover magic, Dreadful.

Mind Motif – DCs too high for effects / game interruptions

These are pretty cool, I think, but the DCs on the alignment DCs are way too high for something that cantrips replicate, even if it's faster. The mind recognizer is extremely powerful and cannot be easily replaced. So that could actually justify a very high DC current. DC 100 but not sure. Hard to say – if you do it regularly, it will be phenomenally powerful. However, falling short is a lot of investment for little. And to be really powerful, you need this bonus all the time, not just once. That is rough. On the other hand, if you have it all the time, it could easily break a game. So broken when misused, impossible to use it any other way. Epic rules, all together!

Sleight of Hand – DCs too high for an effect

These do not appear to be remotely worth the investment required to achieve these DCs.

Magic – DCs are too high for an effect

The option "Identify basic properties" is "as (…) identify spell ", but identify reveals all properties of an object, not just the "simple" ones. I have no idea what the "Identify All Properties" option is supposed to reveal, but the examples of the remaining command word and fees are explicitly included in identify So … I don't know what's going on with it.

Get around anyway identify Mini game is really easy. Exam clerics are very common in many parties and have free access identify as a first level spell. Künstlermonokel is a cheap magic item that turns Discover magic in a free identify, The authors may not reasonably have expected either Epic Level Handbook, but you these DCs are ridiculously high.

The quick identification of alchemical substances is interesting … but most tables do not enforce the usual rules for alchemy laboratories and so on, which in my experience means that most achieve the "epic" advantage without hitting epic DCs.

Spot – good

Better than the list versions of the same thing and hitting DC 40 for an active invisible creature is difficult, but plausible and worth it. In my opinion, this is one of the best examples of an epic skill test.

Reading lips in a language you don't understand is a bit neat, and the modifier is reasonable. It seems a little unnecessary while moving, but hey, if it does show up, Spot is definitely worth being good, so this could be a nice bonus.

Overall, Spot is probably the best example of epic ability checks.

Survival – DCs are too high for an effect

Survival is another skill that can often be easily prevented by magic, but at least at first glance I can't think of a saying that the entire group can use to automatically pass all Fortitude tests against the weather. It is Kind of Niche, and the DC 60 is more than a bit absurd, but it's something If the DC were more reasonable – even only 40 – it would be solid.

Nobody can justify why the identification of creatures based on their traces is DC 60. Without reading Epic Level HandbookI would have thought that the DC is 20 or so.

Swimming – DCs are too high for an effect

Cool, I think, and it definitely seems very difficult, but DC 80? I don't see that it really takes getting used to.

Tumble – DCs too high for effect / useless

Standing as a free act is cool, although DC 35 a little high for that. The falling stuff is pointless – flight is much easier to get than these DCs as is Featherfall, The wall jump climbing thing doesn't seem like a DC 50 to me.

Use Magic Device – not applicable

Get nothing

Use Rope DCs that are too high for the effect

Does anyone use this skill at all? Survey doesn't suggest because Pathfinder dropped it entirely. Anyway, there is nothing terribly amazing here and the DCs are all super high.

Remove negative search results ..!

dnd 3.5e – Are there negative level adjustment races or templates?

The incarnated template from Wild species Transforms a construct into a humanoid or giant and reduces the LA of the construct by 2. It cannot reduce the total LA of a character below +0, so for a construct with less than LA +2, other templates have to be used to do that get full benefit. As with Dragonborn, the template at Warforged is very kitsch.

Xvarts by dragon vol. 339 are sometimes said to have a negative LA – they don't. You have LA + 0 and a negative CR adjustment.

I've seen a claim that some monsters are in Epic Level Handbook– including the swarm of atropals and ruins – have a negative LA to compensate for their extremely high RHD. This is wrong Epic Level Handbook doesn't include LA at all and the only creature that does Epic Level Handbook 3.5e update gives LA is the Mercane, with +7. In this case, the swarm of ruins is a swarm and pointless – not a candidate for a playable character in an ECL.

There is definitely no way to have one character with negative LA. If so, it should be banned at every table.