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There you have to click on the big button with download. The app can be downloaded and used for free. Live NetTV is started and the app size is 7.1 MB. You do not have to wait long. When the download is complete, tap the Live Net TV APK file and wait for it to be installed.WindowsDownload
Download Live Net TV apps (like Live NetTV) to watch free online sports, movies, music, cooking, and other Internet TV channels on Android devices. Live NetTV APKSportsarefree.XyzMovie apps
Download the latest version of the Live NetTV app for Android, iOS and PC from this post. Get the free media streaming app in this post. Live NetTV is a live media streaming app with 16 different categories in the latest version. You can choose from over 500 channels from around the world […]
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With the Live NetTV app you can say goodbye to the Mobdro app. The live TV app seems to be a better and more impressive competitor to the Mobdro app. In this app, there are more than 150 live TVs in 7 categories. The amazing thing is that the Live NetTV app is completely ad-free. The app depends on the donation of the user.
Live TV apps are one of the most convenient ways to watch live TV channels on Android devices. Live Net TV XYZ is one of the best sources to watch the latest TV shows and movies without paying money. It has many TV channels from different countries in the world for TV fans. Probably the Live NetTV APK is one of the best online TV apps so far.
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Live Net TV is one of the most popular live TV APKs for sports, movies and TV programs streamed on Android OS. The Live Net TV app hosts channels from many countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, the Middle East, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and many more.
Mobdro is another fantastic application that offers live TV features. Not only that, but this application also has a movie download feature. We previously mentioned it as the best free movie and TV streaming app for Android. Easy to use and user friendly is the reason for the popularity of the Mobdro app. TV shows are the most popular category among the users of the app.
Download the Live Net TV app and watch news channels and sports channels, and watch Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Lollywood movies, Hindi movies and Punjabi movies. Download Live Net Tv App Link …
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.net – Retrieve client IP address that is not spoofed

Of course, this only applies to HTTP, because it is an HTTP header.

It is also based on a proxy server that does not try to hide that it is a proxy server. It does not work with clients using VPN. It does not work for clients that use a proxy that does not display itself. It does not work for clients who set up a TLS session CONNECT via a proxy.

In short, it does not provide real security but may be useful for statistical purposes or the like. It's like politely asking the client who he is and expecting him to respond truthfully.

You can rest assured that REMOTE_ADDR is the host that actually sends you the traffic. This is essentially ensured by the three-way handshake of TCP / IP.

You can not be sure who prompted the remote address to connect. You can not be sure if this remote host is a VPN terminator. You can not know if it's a proxy. You can not tell if it's part of a botnet.

c # – Converter código Ruby em código .Net Core

You write a converter for Ruby abaixo, em código c #?

Class WrongNumberOfPlayersError <StandardError; The End
Class NoSuchStrategyError <StandardError; The End

def compare_game? (Game)
Return (game[0][1]    + Game[1][1]) = ~ / rs | sp | pr | rr | ss | pp / i
The End

def rps_game_winner (game)
Strategy =["r","p","s"]
  Increase WrongNumberOfPlayersError unless game.length == 2
if strategy include? (game[0][1].downcase) && strategy.include? (game[1][1].downcase)
if compare_game? (Game)
The End
Trigger NoSuchStrategyError
The End

The End

def rps_tournament_winner (game)
when play[0][1].class == string
rps_game_winner (game)
otherwise # 迭代
a1 = rps_tournament_winner (play[0])
a2 = rps_tournament_winner (play[1])
rps_tournament_winner ([a1,a2])
The End
The End

p rps_tournament_winner ([[[["Armando", "P"]. ["Dave", "S"]]. [["Richard", "R"]. ["Michael", "S"]]]. [[["Allen", "S"]. ["Omer", "P"]]. [["David E.", "R"]. ["Richard X.", "P"]]]])

p rps_game_winner ([ [ "Armando", "P" ]. [ "Dave", "S" ] ])

.NET – Select2 in Asp Net Core projects

I'm trying to use Select2 to filter the search in the database.
I've used select2 in my views, but to implement it, I need to disable the layout of my views. "Layout = null" Has anyone ever used select2 in core projects of asp net and performed the implementation? I can not enable the svcripts and css required to implement Select2. Has anyone done that? Do you have examples?

design – Design a fault-tolerant multithreaded service in the .NET Framework

I was hired to design and create a service that essentially sends a message to him, translates that message, and forwards it to an external component. The only thing carved in stone is that it's a .NET Framework project.

Input level -> Business level -> Output level

The specific details of the input and output layers are not too important (although the typical use case is communication over HTTP input and serial interface), and I expect to add several different modules of each type, all belonging to the same interface. I'm assuming that many of these services are running, and the types of input and output modules vary from service to service and can change at runtime.

It all sounds very general, but my service has some special requirements that make this task less easy.

The main problem is that many of the output modules need to communicate with external components that are "unstable" because there is no better word. Their connections are prone to falling, they have rate limits, and can not work because of external factors beyond my control. The communication with them must also be asynchronous, and I must get or listen for status updates from these components.

Due to the usage pattern of these services, interruption of the service is very impractical. Therefore, I have to challenge as much stability and fault tolerance as possible. This means that the business layer is responsible for ensuring that the connections to the external components are as error-free as possible. If connections are broken, they must be reconnected. And if the threads on which the output modules are running crash, they must be restarted, reset, and the message sent to the external component again. The business layer is essentially responsible for ensuring that the messages are delivered to the external components by queuing and restarting connections until all are sent.

Here is an end-to-end example: The user wants to print a receipt and therefore sends my service an HTTP request that contains the receipt. My service receives the request and analyzes it, verifies that it is a legitimate request from an authorized source, and forwards it to a queue in the business layer. The business layer then finds an appropriate external component (receipt printer), translates the document into a format that the printer can understand, and forwards it to the output layer. The output layer must then ensure that the thread holding the connection to the receipt printer is running and ready to receive commands to forward to the printer that the serial port connection is open and the flow control is in order. He then checks the status of the printer, checks all sensor data, and begins transmitting the message. The business layer is notified that the message was sent successfully and can notify the client or whatever.

I'm mainly looking for advice on libraries, frameworks, etc. that could simplify this task, as I suspect that manually rolling the (somewhat) complex threading code required for it is too error-prone. But maybe the .NET Framework primitives are solid enough to handle hand-rolled code? The .NET Framework is quite extensive, so it's also a good idea to consider the basic elements for creating long-lived, restarting threads to communicate with my external components, if you think this is a better solution.

.net – WebService with Entity Framework. POST only works with json, not xml

to see if anyone can help me.

I set up an Entity Framework web service to have a client send a POST request and store that data in a database.

It works fine if I'm performing a POST sending a JSON (using a postman). However, when I send an XML, I get an error: 400 Bad Request

I've set a breakpoint and the POST with xml goes through the return BadRequest (ModelState);

                                // POST: api / MT_PalletMovement
    public IHttpActionResult PostMT_PalletMovement (MT_PalletMovement mT_PalletMovement)
if (! ModelState.IsValid)
return BadRequest (ModelState);

db.MT_PalletMovement.Add (mT_PalletMovement);

try it
db.SaveChanges ();
catch (DbUpdateException)
if (MT_PalletMovementExists (mT_PalletMovement.OT))
return conflict ();

return CreatedAtRoute ("DefaultApi", new {id = mT_PalletMovement.OT}, mT_PalletMovement);

.net – Should we still create separate custom ApplicationExceptions?

In the face of that when is supported in try ... to catch Blocks, it makes sense to create a single one Custom Application Exception Great, let's say with one enum ApplicationExceptionReason Reason Property to distinguish "reasons" instead of creating a new exception type for each reason (this could be the case) Flagsif several reasons are necessary / possible)?

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