The Belgian regulator FSMA issued a warning about boiler room scams – Forex News & Analysis

The Belgian financial regulator – the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) – updated its list of unregulated entities and issued a warning about the new entries as the watchdog believes they are boiler room scams.

The warning lists ABConseils-patrimoine dot com; Takahashi and Partners and Tan Allen Piguet Asset Management.

The FSMA warned that the above-mentioned companies are not allowed to offer investment to traders neither in nor out of the country. The watchdog also urges traders not to have any dealings with said companies.  The FSMA then goes on to warn against responding to so-called cold-calling and not to transfer money to companies registered outside of the country.


It makes sense, really, it’s poor idea to give your money to a company that exists entirely out of the reach of your local law enforcement.

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