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❕NEWS – Billionaire Frank Giustra: Central banks will try to break up Bitcoin | Proxies-free

Giustra, CEO of Fiore Group, made interesting views and claims in her press release.
In his statement, he said the following for the currently discussed gold-bitcoin comparison:
“Central banks hold gold, not Bitcoin. Gold is an essential part of currency reserves and I think they will issue their own digital currency for that. They will not buy bitcoin, they will try to destroy it with all their might. “
What do you think of this and such explanations?

❕NEWS – 4 crypto currencies out performed bitcoin by gaining 400%. | Proxies-free

According to Nairametrics through Cryptodiffer, gave out data of 4 crytpo assets that were independent of bitcoin as they out performed bitcoin with 400% gain within one month.
The coins include:

Ramp which was initially at $0.04 to $0.28 this is more than 465%.

Telcoin which was initially $0.00016 to $0.001 which is about 418%.

Parsiq (PRQ) which start trading at $0.18 to $1.78 which is about 414%

Defichain (DFI) which started trading at $0.53 to $2.64 which is about 401%.

This has clearly shown that most Crypto assets are independent of bitcoin surge .

❕NEWS – BTC will reach 115,000 in 2021 | Proxies-free

The founder and CEO of the Bitcoin (BTC) investment company Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead, sustains what he has been saying about the rise of Bitcoin for 2021.
He says that Bitcoin already has all the way to reach $ 115,000 by August 2021. This was said by him in a conference call held on January 12.
He argues that Bitcoin is not overvalued and that the development of digital currencies, such as the Digital Yuan, will give the cryptocurrency a huge boost by driving more widespread adoption.
Morehead is not the only one who believes this, but that is another story.
What do you think about the prediction of the CEO of Pantera Capital?

❕NEWS – How will Ripple defend itself against the SEC? | Proxies-free

Yahoo Finance shared an article on this subject yesterday.
It is claimed that Ripple will defend itself as follows:

—– It plans to show that the news about Ripple has no effect on the price of XRP.
—– Ripple Labs company will be said to exist before XRP.
—– He will argue that XRP sales are made without the buyers realizing that they bought the asset from Ripple, meaning that XRP cannot be an ‘investment contract’.
Would you like to say something about this topic?

❕NEWS – Aayush Jindal: Bitcoin Could Go Down To $ 32K | Proxies-free

According to prominent analyst Aayush Jindal, Bitcoin is in a short-term bearish zone.
She estimates that if the price breaks below the $ 35,500 and $ 35,000 support levels, it will gain momentum.
She thinks that if this happens, a decrease of up to 30 or 32 thousand dollars may occur.
What do you think of this famous analyst’s comment?

How to view all Facebook comments I have made on news websites, blogs, etc?

I would like to view all Facebook comments I have made on news websites, blogs, etc, which use the Facebook Comments Plugin.

I had tried Activity LogFilterComments, and I can only see a list of activity logs of my commenting in the left sidebar and cannot view the content of the comments. Clicking an activity log of my commenting does nothing. And clicking a “three dots” menu icon, which appears when I hover my mouse cursor over an activity log of my commenting, shows only one option: Delete.

How do I actually view my comments I have made on those websites?

I need to edit some of those comments of mine.

❕NEWS – Another competitor of Grayscale’s Bitcoin fund is out | Proxies-free

The increase in institutional interest in Bitcoin has led to the emergence of products that rival Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust product.
With the motto of investing in better digital assets, Osprey Funds’ Osprey Bitcoin Trust fund was launched.
There are comments that the fund, which will be listed under the short name OBTC next week, may rival Grayscale’s Bitcoin fund.
What do you think about the entry of such large funds into the market?

❕NEWS – Telegram is forced to monetize | Proxies-free

Because Pavel Durov, Telegram’s CEO and founder, hinted that he can no longer afford to bankroll the chat app, stating that rising server costs and other expenses were costing him “hundreds of millions of dollars a year.”

He claimed that unlike the founders of WhatsApp – who sold their firm to Facebook in 2014 – he would not consider looking for a buyer. However, he wrote,

“Telegram will start monetizing from next year. In doing so, we will remain true to our values and the guarantees that we made in the past. We will be able to monetize Telegram unobtrusively – most users will hardly notice any major changes.”

Durov stated that all existing Telegram services would remain free, and that its messaging services would remain ad-free. However, he added that Telegram would start charging to additional business-related functions and that “users with advanced needs” would be expected to pay.