NFT design contest $100 or more

I’m having a NFT design contest for several designs. Each one pays $30 each. Here’s the instructions for the designs. If you want you can also create a different design. make sure and use my logo image in the design. Please match the color pink of all beavers faces bellow to my logo here

Here’s the logo image to be used bellow

1. Make a 800 by 800 NFT similar to to one provided Please make the beaver a little bit bigger. Color code for background is matte black 141414 color code. Make the beaver image a lighter shade of gray and have the gif transition from the gray beaver to pink. Please match the color pink of my website header.

2. Make a 800 by 800 image .gif format. Use the beaver image and make 4 of them in the animated gif. Make sure the color of them make the color pink on my logo. Make all 4 of the faces move in the animated .gif similar to here Make sure the background color is 1414 color code

3. Similar to this image change the color of my beavers faces to pink like in my logo. Here’s the original image Just change the beavers face to match the color of my logo. This is a static .jpg

4. Change the beavers faces the same as in this image Use less beavers faces and have them move around in the .gif


blockchain – What to look for when building an NFT marketplace?

Are you eager in gaining knowledge related to building an NFT marketplace effectively, the absolute estimation of NFT transactions in 2020 was expanded to 299% in comparison with a similar period a year ago and surpassed $250 million. Additionally, the all out number of dynamic wallets performing NFT transactions increased by 97%. Experts anticipate that non-fungible tokens will turn into the main impetus behind the virtual economy in the following decades. The fact is that the NFT market is required to develop, and it’s an ideal opportunity to consider how you can profit from it. Making a NFT marketplace is one of the incredible open doors for this. In this way, I have assembled an itemized list that will address the inquiries of looking for how to build up an NFT marketplace and succeed. Prepare and how about we begin!

There are two primary things you should give unique consideration to when building a NFT marketplace. They are crucial for your prosperity. Among these things are security, and the decision of an accomplished development group. How about we harp on each point.
You can’t disregard security with regards to finances. Blockchain is a genuinely solid technology that has inherent security systems, yet extra highlights won’t ever stung. You may require devices to examine and identify pernicious substances that could hurt your users. You can likewise execute extra checkboxes during the time spent distributing or purchasing tokens so clients can make certain of their authenticity and unwavering quality. A user profile is likewise a significant security element. Implement at any rate fundamental KYC (know your customer).

Experienced blockchain development professionals:
Now we got to the discussion of the development team. I would prefer not to burn through a ton of time clarifying that it is essential to work with experienced blockchain developers to get a quality product.
To begin with, outsourcing development teams will assist you with speeding the way toward making your NFT marketplace. Particularly with regards to organizations that give full-cycle development services. This will be the most cost-effective solution.
Next, check the skill of the organization you expect to work with. I shall help you in this. Check the conveyed projects, ensure the team has encountered blockchain developers, discover feedback on the work of organizations. Ensure a software provider can cover all your project related requirements.
At last, simply see whether you appreciate speaking with the group. On the off chance that correspondence is simple and easygoing, and the team comprehends your project, your task is bound to be effective.

If you want to build your own NFT marketplace, we can offer you several options, including custom NFT marketplace development, NFT marketplace based on Opensea SDK and NFT collectibles development.
Talk to our experts.

Magic Finance Airdrop (NFT)

Ref code: @rochiroch
Quiz answers :
1. MFC is a NFT-based farming project, which will create a decentralized token economy for those who loves mining games.
2. 1,000,000 MFC
3. 700,000$
4. 4
5. 0.02 BNB
6. Staking & Yield Farming
7. 100% of the amount sold from pre-sale & locked in 6 Months

Real Madrid already have their own NFT collectibles

NFT is the tokenized version of a digital or other asset. They are similar to stablecoins, but in this case they are used to represent non-fungible assets such as collectibles, real estate, or works of art instead of fiat currency.
The soccer club Real Madrid signed a contract with Sorere on December 17th and the purchases of its collectible digital cards are now open.

linux – iptables / 1.8.2 Initialization failed nft: protocol is not supported

I run Debian and try to set some firewall rules with iptables, but only get an error message:

iptables/1.8.2 Failed to initialize nft: Protocol not supported

It does not matter what kind of rule I want to set, it just gives me the same mistake. I tried to Google the mistake without finding anything.

These are the rules I want to set:

iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 22 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT
iptables -A OUTPUT -o eth0 -p tcp --sport 22 -m state --state ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT

Who has an idea? Thank you very much