wordpress.org – How to Remove Noindex meta tag from wordpress theme (OceanWp theme)

my pages have index, follow tag but homepage has noindex, follow tag. I have checked everywhere yoast, rank math where i checked index. even I have unchecked reading box.. even i have used replace code plugin but couldn’t able to change code.

Now, I am searching on internet but we haven’t get any solution..

WordPress – Posts tagged noindex How do I remove it?

I have a blog with WordPress that I added to the sitemap in the Google search console in the Google search console section more than a month ago Tracking error veo many of these types

Coverage: The submitted URL contains the tag "noindex".

Last: Persecution March 6, 2020 6:04:30 p.m.

Tracker: Google robot for smartphones

Tracking allowed? : Yes

Indexing allowed? No: The tag "noindex" was recognized in the meta tag "robots"

I checked the output of the entry and see no tag of "noindex". Then I looked at the source code of the web (questionable link) and I don't see anything in the "head" that says "noindex".

I add a screenshot of how I configured the entry

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noindex – WordPress / Yoast: How do I solve the pagination page problem?

Before I switched to YOAST, I used all-in-one SEO, but I have some big problems with it. There were incompatibilities that made it impossible to continue using this plugin.

In any case, I have a problem paginating my website. Here is the example:

Start: http://www.wildsolutions.at

Pagination: http://www.wildsolutions.at/page/2

This / page / 2 creates problems related to SEO: duplicate content, double h1, double description and so on.

With all in one SEO I was able to put a term on no subsequent pages / no index pages. I can't find anything comparable in YOAST.

I think that's a general WordPress thing.

I was able to find a "solution" for this, but that brings up another problem.

If I change the settings of permalinks from "postname" to "default" -> the page disappears / 2. But then the links of my pages are not nice to read (p? = 123). Take a look at the example.
Post name in the settings for permalinks
Broken links after switching to standard in permalinks

Can you tell me how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance and greetings,