8 – Connecting to non-Drupal database

Is it possible to use Drupal’s Database Abstraction Layer to connect to a non-drupal database?

I have secondary non-Drupal database configured in my settings.php, and when I attempt to use getConnection() on it, I get redirect to the /core/install.php page. I have a need to connect to a second, non-Drupal remote database for a custom module I am building to gather reporting data from an external source that doesn’t have an API available.

commerce – To refer to non-Drupal content

I have an application for a single page that populates slots in a defined layout with content assigned to those spots. I've created a content item in Drupal that contains div tags, IDs, and classes managed and defined by the SPA. It contains an image with text and button overlays. I see it in Drupal as http: // localhost: 8080 /, where the alias is something that I have defined. The system that manages the spots on the homepage looks for a URL or a link to Drupal content. When I try to use the URL above, it will not render. What do I miss?