Are Gloom Stalker Rangers better than the normal ranger subtypes that appear in the players handbook?

I am joining a campaign with some friends and they suggested that I should play a Gloom Stalker Ranger. I rarely get a chance to use things from anything other than the players handbook so I want to try something new. I want to know if it’s even worth playing a gloom stalker and still contribute to the party with both damage and role-playing capabilities because currently my friends are playing rogues and I want to fit the setting (which is a thieves guild type setting) and still do a good amount of damage to help balance out the party.

How to Check a Normal Windows Directory for Corrupt Files

I am on Windows 10.
Say I have a normal directory (not system directory) c:mydirectory
How do I check just that directory for corrupt files?

Edit: I am transfering files from DVD over to an external hard drive. I am writing them to my computer first, then to the external hard drive. One file could not be written from the DVD to my computer.

So before transfering to the external hard drive, I want some way to check the files on my computer are considered not corrupt.

air travel – Is it possible to check, before I buy an airline ticket, whether the TSA will be able to confirm my identity without normal proof of identity?

I live in the U.S.A., where we may board a regular commercial passenger flight only with the approval of the T.S.A. Passengers are supposed to bring proof of identity with us, and present it when trying to make our way through the airport and onto a plane. Normally, people use a passport or an identification card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The T.S.A. says on their website that someone without normal proof of identity can still fly if the T.S.A. can confirm his identity.

enter image description here

I want to fly, but I don’t have the normal proof of identity. And somehow (because of the coronavirus and the maze of rules and the timing of things) I won’t have the normal proof of identity in time for the trip I’m hoping to take.

Is there any way that I can check, before buying an airline ticket, that the T.S.A. will be able to confirm my identity?

turkey – Is it normal for carrier scheduled to taking me from Istanbul airport to ask me for fullname, nationality and passport number?

I have scheduled a transfer on from istanbul’s Ataturk airport to my hotel for two adults (me and my wife) and two infants under two years old and got the following message from the carrier.

Firstly, thank you for choosing us. According to government rules, we need to have the names of the passengers, surnames, passport numbers and where they are from. Could you please send the information to me? Thank you again

I am not familiar with turkish laws but I’m pretty sure there is no way the government asks taxis or carriers taking people from airport to record their nationality passport number and fullnames even for kids under 2 years old.

Beside there is no privacy policy between me and the carrier so nothing would protect me if I sent him that information directly on private chat.

I sent to support asking to cancel and haven’t got response yet.

What would you do in that kind of situation?

Am I missing something?

Thanks for advance.

data modeling – What is the normal form of JSON?

This is going to sound like a trivial question, but I like to think it’s actually a deep one. The simple quesiton is, “What is the normal form of a typical JSON object?” For reference, I put an example below, but consider any typcial JSON object you’ve dealt with, same question applies.

I ask this theoretical question for a practical reason. In practice, we often need to convert JSON objects to some set of tables. Once they are tables, the tables have measurable normal forms based on all the usual rules of normal forms.

But getting to those tables with their normal form takes work. Now, what else “takes work”. Answer: going from lower normal forms to higher normal forms. What doesn’t “take work”, is going down the normal forms. Or at least just a trivial amount of work. That is, if I have 6NF, I can rather quickly manipulate my way down to any lower normal form. If I have, say 2NF, and I need to work my way to at least 5NF for some practical reason, I have much work to do.

Well…since it is rather hard to get JSON to any decent normal form, then intuitively it seems it must be in a very low normal form. I’m hoping someone here can quantify that normal form of the JSON. Much apprecaited.

But I still haven’t given the most critical rationale. It is not uncommon for non-technical leaders to ask for miracles. I’m not criticizing, we all know it happens. And the miracle is something of the form, “just write some code to automatically make JSON into tables”.

But wait! If my theory is correct, and JSON is basically 0NF or so, then you can’t automate you way out of it. You can’t go from the very low NF of JSON to anything decent, such as 3NF+, in an automated fashing because that “takes work”. That is, it takes smart humans understanding the domain.

Now, I know some trivial JSON can become some trivial tables. I know there are a few tools that handle the simple cases. But I believe a general purpose JSON-to-Table converter is theoretically not possible because JSON is so low on the normalization information (in the rigorous Claude Shannon sense), that you can’t automate it away.

So, what is the normal form of a typical JSON object? And is there some theory I didn’t find that already proves you can’t automate your way out of this.


  "data": {
    "cust1": {
      "name": "Jane",
      "age": 33,
      "address": "Main Street",
      "favorites": {
        "colors": ("blue", "green")
    "cust2": {
      "name": "Joe",
      "age": 44,
      "address": "West Road",
      "favorites": {
        "colors": ("red", "yellow")

complexity theory – $L_2$ = {a,k | is a 3DNF (disjunctive normal form) and exist z such that safifies exactly k clauses in a} Validity of reduction $VC leq_p L_2$

I have the following question :

$L_2$ = {$a,k$ | $a$ is a 3DNF (disjunctive normal form) and exist $z$ such that satisfies exactly $k$ clauses in $a$}

I know that $L_2 in NPC$.

Show that $L_2 in NP$ is relatively easy, I’ll skip that part.

I try to show that $L_2 in NPC$ using a reduction from $VC leq_p L_2$ (VC is vertex cover which we know in its $NPC$)

I defined the following function $f$ :


I thought of something like that for each node $i$ in $G$ will define a literal $x_i$, and make it in $3DNF$ format, $a=bigvee(x_i wedge x_i wedge x_i)$ where $1 leq i leq n$ where $n$ is the number of nodes in $G$.
We can define that following $z$ such that $z$ safifies exactly $k$ clauses, just give $’1’$ literal $x_i$ such that the node $i$ is in the VC, and $’0’$ otherwise, so such $z$ exists.

So easy to see that $(G,k) in VC implies (a,k) in L_2$ since we showed explicitly such $z$ that safifies exactly $k$ clauses.

But I’m not sure the other side holds $(G,k) notin VC implies (a,k)notin L_2$ we given a graph that doesn’t have VC in size $k$ but I think due to my building of a ($a=bigvee(x_i wedge x_i wedge x_i)$) we can find $z$ that safifies exactly $k$ clauses (actually we can find $z$ that safifies $x$ clauses where $1 leq x leq n$ where $n$ is number of nodes in G.

So my reduction doesn’t hold?


Spectral decomposition of unbounded normal operator and commutativity

Let $ H $ be a Hilbert space, $ N $ be an unbounded normal operator on $ H $, and $ E $ be the spectral measure of $ N $. If a bounded linear operator $ S $ on $ H $ satisfies that $ SN subseteq NS $, then $ E(omega)S = SE(omega) $ for all Borel subset $ omega subseteq mathbb{C} $. My questions are:

  1. Under the same assumptions, can we say that $ Sf(N) subseteq f(N)S $ for all Borel functions $ fcolon mathbb{C} to mathbb{C} $? Here $ f(N) $ denotes a Borel functional calculus of $ N $; i.e., $ f(N) = int f ,dE $.
  2. How about unbounded operators? For example, if $ S $ is a densely defined closed operator on $ H $ satisfying $ SN subseteq NS $, can we say that $ E(omega)S = SE(omega) $ for all Borel subset $ omega subseteq mathbb{C} $? If so, can we say that $ Sf(N) subseteq f(N)S $ for all Borel functions $ fcolon mathbb{C} to mathbb{C} $?

regular languages – Contex Free Grammar and Chomsky Normal Form help

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css – word-break: how set to normal?

I am designing a website using the Catch Vogue theme. My problem is that some words are broken in half. So the word-break is not normal. I do not want this to happen: especially for my site-title.

For example:

I tried to change this in CSS to set word-break to normal. Or to change the font-size. But nothing changes. See my code below. Somebody who knows how to solve this issue?

-webkit-hyphens: none;
-moz-hyphens: none;
-ms-hyphens: none;
hyphens: none;
word-wrap: normal;
word-break: normal;

word-break:normal !important;
overflow-wrap: normal;

font-size: 20px