note 9 n9600 update messed up gps fix

I was faking my location using FakeFree gps app and forgot to turn it off before the updates Feb/March 2021 were scheduled to be installed.

  1. After the update, I cannot get a GPS fix using any app (GPS status, GPS Test, GPSFix ).

  2. I have tried restarting it but still no gps

Is there will be something command line or boot parameters which will make it suddenly work again ?

python – Determine whether a magazine contains the words needed for a ransom note

This is a website Question on Hackrrank called Hash Tables: Ransom Note:

Given the words in the magazine and the words in the ransom note, print “Yes” if we can replicate the ransom note exactly using whole words from the magazine; otherwise, print “No”.

Here is an example input:

6 4
give me one grand today night
give one grand today

Output: Yes

And another:

6 5
two times three is not four
two times two is four

Output: No

def checkMagazine(magazine, note):

    #Creating 2 Empty Dictionaries for the "Magazine" and the "Note" then filling them up
    UniqueWordsMag = set(magazine)
    UniqueCountMag = (0)*len(UniqueWordsMag)
    UniqueWordDictMag = dict(zip(UniqueWordsMag, UniqueCountMag))

    UniqueWordsNote= set(note)
    UniqueCountNote = (0)*len(UniqueWordsNote)
    UniqueWordDictNote = dict(zip(UniqueWordsNote, UniqueCountNote))

    for i in magazine:
        if i in list(UniqueWordDictMag.keys()):
            UniqueWordDictMag(i) += 1

    for i in note:
        if i in list(UniqueWordDictNote.keys()):
            UniqueWordDictNote(i) += 1

    #Checking for existance in the magazine then checking for the correct count, print no if it does not fulfil conditions
    Success = False
    DesiredCount = len(note)
    Count = 0

    for index,i in enumerate(UniqueWordsNote):
        if i in list(UniqueWordDictMag.keys()):
            if UniqueWordDictNote(i) <= UniqueWordDictMag(i):
                Count += UniqueWordDictNote(i)

    if Count == DesiredCount:
        Success = True

It’s called from this main program, that’s provided by the challenge:

def main():
    mn = input().split()

    m = int(mn(0))

    n = int(mn(1))

    magazine = input().rstrip().split()

    note = input().rstrip().split()

    checkMagazine(magazine, note)

if __name__ == "__main__":

My code is currently taking too long on some lists (e.g. lists of size 30,000 or more). Are there any optimisations I can make to make this a bit more legible and faster?

security – Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G – cellebrite mobile forensics data extractions – locked with pattern

I’ve got a locked Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G (running the latest android 10 and patches)

The phone is locked with a pattern (unknown)

What are my chances of any data extraction with cellebrite or other forensics tools while I can not unlock the phone?

Also how secure is Knox efuse? will it damage the phone/data when an untrusted bootloader is detected?

Samsung Note 9 screen locked need Samsung notes

I have locked by screen via Find my Mobile (which is what my phone screen says) I tried a million ways to unlock it without doing factory reset. I desperately need the Samsung Notes account because I have several medical notes in there. Could you please tell me if there is a way to access them before I have to do a factory reset. Unless, of course, you could tell me how to unlock the screen. I greatly appreciate your help.

rust – error[E0463]: can’t find crate for `core` | = note: the `wasm32-unknown-unknown` target may not be installed [NEAR Protocol]

If you’ve run into this issue while building a rust application

error[E0463]: can't find crate for core| = note: the "wasm32-unknown-unknown" target may not be installed

To solve this error run

rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown

in the file and that should correct the issue