Palettes and notebook windows behave incorrectly

I've upgraded to Mathematica version 11.3 and am now experiencing a bizarre problem with the palettes and some of my notebook files. The content is reduced relative to the window size. See below.
Example-range error

Example notebook error

If I change the zoom level (bottom left), the problem just gets bigger. The action of the mouse cursor appears to be offset from the actual position of the mouse cursor as if the contents of the window were correct. For example, if I place the cursor where you want a specific palette item to appear, the tooltip for that item appears.


Bluestacks – What is the risk of enabling virtualization on my notebook?

I installed Bluestacks, the Android emulator, the app asked for virtualization activation, I was looking for something and found that the activation could be a security issue. I could not understand this part !!

So what can be the risk of virtualization? and should I activate it in my case, especially the performance of my app really improved?

google compute engine – Jupyter notebook running on GCP with image TF

I created a VM machine from Image tf (tf-1-10-cu92) to use Tensorflow. I've found that it already contains a Jupyter notebook, but I can only connect it the first time. Later, I come across a mistake

It was not possible to connect to the notebook server. The notebook continues to try to reconnect. Check the network connection or the configuration of the notebook server

I'm looking for this problem and have found that my IP is not static, so I did it. Static IP

I've also created a firewall rule that allows all firewall rules for all protocols

The error is not resolved. I am very grateful if someone can help me with this. Many Thanks

p / s: The command I used to create the VM is below:

export IMAGE_FAMILY = "tf-1-10-cu92" #
export ZONE = "us-west2-b" # budget: "us-west1-b"
export INSTANCE_NAME = "tf instance"
export INSTANCE_TYPE = "n1-highmem-8" # budget: "n1-highmem-4"

#budget: & # 39; type = nvidia-tesla-k80, count = 1 & # 39;
Create gcloud calculation instances $ INSTANCE_NAME 
--zone = $ ZONE 
--image-family = $ IMAGE_FAMILY 
--image-project = Deeplearning Platform Release 
--maintenance-policy = TERMINATE 
--accelerator = "type = nvidia-tesla-p4, count = 1" 
--machine-type = $ INSTANCE_TYPE 
- Boot disk size = 200 GB 
--metadata = "install-nvidia-driver = true" 

Function that was once called "delete" to clear all other definitions of my notebook

I find a really strange effect in Mathematica and I do not know what is wrong or how to correct it. I work with vectors of four components, and I have a minimum of definitions to use.

gd = {{0, -1/2, 0, 0}, {-1/2, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 1, 0}, {0, 0, 0, 1}};
gu = inverse[gd];
customdot[x1u_, x2u_] : =;
invert[x1d_, x2d_] : =;

And then I have to define a function someday $
I _ { mu nu} (x) = g _ { mu nu} -2 frac {x _ { mu} x _ { nu}} {x ^ 2} $

from where $ g _ { mu nu} $ is just a 4×4 matrix and $ x $ and 4-vector. I do that as

capitali[[Mu]_, [Nu]_, vec_]: = gd[[[[[[Mu], [Nu]]]- 2 (vec[[[[[[Mu]]]vec[[[[[[[[[Nu]]]) / invertdot[vec, vec]

Now something really strange happens. I can say this feature once $ capital[1,1,{s1,s2,s3,s4}]$ and I get the correct output. But when I try to call it a second time, we say $ capital[1,2,{s1,s2,s3,s4}]$, then only issue $ capital[1,2,{s1,s2,s3,s4}]$ but do not rate. In the meantime, it does the same thing with every other earlier definition I have.

in the[14]: = capitali[2, 1, {s1, s2, s3, s4}]

out[14]= - (1/2) - (2 s1 s2) / (- 4 s1 s2 + s3 ^ 2 + s4 ^ 2)

in the[15]: = capitali[1, 2, {s1, s2, s3, s4}]

out[15]= Capital[1, 2, {s1, s2, s3, s4}]

in the[16]: = sd

out[16]= sd

I checked a bit, changed the name of the function, and ran the kernel again, but everything I tried failed. After a little more research, my role is to move me from the global context to another smaller context, and I have no idea how this could happen.

Is there someone who could have a hunch?

Evaluation – Why does my Mathematica notebook reset all my previous calculations after a few hours?

I use Mathematica 11.1. This morning I started some calculations, hoping that when I get home from work, I'll be ready to go on with the rest of my project. When I got home, the calculations were done and I could see the results.

However, as soon as I tried to use these results, which were stored in a variable, my variable was "not set", i. H. It turned blue, and the value was queried, and an indefinite new variable was returned.

This happened many times before when the difference between one calculation and the next was several hours.

Can I do anything to prevent this behavior? For obvious reasons, it is very annoying.