Is "no collusion, no obstacle, nothing" an alternative fact?

No, no alternative fact, there are many agreements, obstacles and election manipulations.

The only collusion was that Obama had more flexibility to destroy US nuclear missiles for Russia.
Hillary's US uranium for Russia agreements.
The Billy BJ Clinton agreement with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the airport runway to rescue Hilly.

The only election manipulation was the DNC preparation for Hilly and against Bernie.
CNN gives Hilly the debate questions.

The only leakages are Obama listening to the Trump team.
Susan Rice unmasked her and deep-seated Democrats who joined the lib media.

The only obstacle to justice is that Hilly destroys her blackberry, deletes her emails and denies that she has sent classified emails on her private server.
And Comey's obstruction of justice, which claimed Hilly had no intention.