android 10 – Turn off semi-transparent notifications on locked screen

Since yesterday all notifications on my lock screen (Android 10 / One + Motorola One) has become semi-transparent:

enter image description here

On unlocked screen they appear without change, i.e. on black non-transparent background.

Did I touch / change something (and can go back) or is this a new Android One / Android 10 feature, that was silently enabled for me, because Google again knows better what I need or want (and there is no going back out of this)?

comments – YouTube email notifications

Every time I get an email notification from YouTube that someone replied to one of my comments, I click “reply” within the email. Every time I do, it takes me to the very beginning of the thread. If it’s a small thread, it’s no problem searching for the comment.

However, on larger threads, it can take a considerable amount of time scrolling the entire thread filled with hundreds of comments looking for one specific comment.

Is there a reasonably quick way to go directly to the comment? Any help would be much appreciated.

adminhtml – Message inbox missing – No notifications

The message inbox is missing in two of our shops. We can not see messages and do not have the notification bell on the top right (see screenshot).
There are entries in the admin_system_messages table and when adding new messages programmatically it just writes a database entry, but shows no notifications and the bell is still missing.

enter image description here

Cognito Forms Notifications – Web Applications Stack Exchange

I have made a rather complex form using Cognito forms.

Basically, I want to setup a notification to send when a field is updated after submission using the edit shared entry link.

For example, say I have 2 fields “Name” and “Phone Number”. A user has submitted their Name as John Smith and their Number as 9999999.

Later, the user opens the edit link and changes their Number to 888888 and resubmits the form.

Is there a way to setup a notification or notifications to email me only the fields that have been updated? So your notification would have a subject of “Phone Number” has been updated?

sql server 2016 – SQL job sending email even if not configured to send notifications

I am using this version of SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SP2-CU12) (KB4536648) - 13.0.5698.0 (X64)   Feb 15 2020 01:47:30   Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation  Standard Edition (64-bit) on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard 6.3 <X64> (Build 9600: ) 

This might sound counter-intuitive but I want some of my jobs not to send an email when they fail.

I have a very busy Server and some of the jobs fails when they get into a deadlock with other processes. I’m fine with this, as long as most of the time the job succeeds.

I was having too much emails of job failure, so instead, I made myself a report that gives me the jobs that failed yesterday, and the number of occurrences that they failed.


declare @Today date, @Yesterday varchar(8)

select @Today = GETDATE()
select @Yesterday = REPLACE(CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),DATEADD(day, -1, @Today),121),'-','')

;With failedJobs as 
select job_id, step_id, COUNT(*) as Occurrences 
from msdb.dbo.sysjobhistory 
where run_date>=@Yesterday and run_status=0
group by job_id, step_id
SELECT,fj.Occurrences,MAX(fj.step_id) as LastSteap
from msdb.dbo.sysjobs j
join failedJobs fj on fj.job_id=j.job_id
group by, fj.Occurrences

My problem is that even though I unchecked the Notification in SSMS, I’m still receiving emails when the job deadlocks.


Any idea what I need to disable? Do I need to disable the failsafe operator? I would like to avoid that if possible.

Notifications from the Messages app will appear then dismiss automatically on a Google Pixel

When receiving a text message, Messages app notification will briefly appear then send to be automatically dismissed without me touching anything. The phone will still make the sound and vibrate, but they are cut short as if I’ve swiped it away. The message is still unread and the notification can be found afterwards in the History.

What can I do to check what is auto dismissing these notifications?

This doesn’t seem to happen on other apps or notifications.

Any ideas?

Turning off the phone or restarting didn’t help.

The phone is a Pixel 4.

notifications – How to disable ‘Slowly Charging’ message

I am looking to disable this intrusive message that pops up. You can not proceed to do anything on the phone until you acknowledge it.
To be clear, I am not looking for ‘tips’ to increase charging efficiency. The phone has a battery pack case – there is no increasing the rate, but due to the fact the battery is attached to the phone, the rate is more than sufficient.
The phone is a Verizon LG G7 – rooted.
I have tried changing the priority levels of the System UI to no affect.
Any ideas?