notifications – How do I see number of or icon for unread messages?

My device: I use Android 9 on samsung galaxy s9.

Background: I believe there was a feature before (or maybe currently still, but I turned it off) about showing number of unread messages on apps like whatsapp, viber or the SMS app (and i guess gmail or facebook) or at the very least there’s some kind of dot or something on a corner of the icon of such an app that indicates there exists at least 1 unread message (so the dot is an alternative to a specific number of unread messages).

My situation: I do not have such number or dot on icons on apps on my device. If I get a message on whatsapp or viber or regular SMS but say I have to install some updates and so my phone has to turn off or restart, then the notification of this message is gone.

Question: How do I see number or existence of unread messages on icons of apps such as viber and whatsapp and the SMS app?

I have tried looking this up, but

  1. I wasn’t able to find any articles specifically on Android 9 and Samsung Galaxy S9.

  2. The solutions proposed in articles I’ve found on Android 9 but a different phone or on different versions of Android have not worked for me.

  3. I’ve tried looking up some apps on the play store, but I haven’t downloaded any because of the reviews.

azure – Turning off email notifications for Office 365 Groups

We need to start using “unified groups” in Office 365/Azure AD for an intranet project that uses Azure AD as the identitiy provider. We want communication to stay in the platform, and what we don’t want is our 200 odd users receiving personal inbox emails every time an event is created in the Calendar for the Office 365 Groups they are members of. Or digest style emails of new documents added to the sharepoint doc library.

Basically ZERO notifications in their personal mailbox. Our intranet platform will do enough notifying as it is.

So as far as I can see, in the O365 Admin Center, there is the “Send copy of group conversations and events to group members” setting – which is off by default.

But when a member is added to the group, the group appears in their Outlook automatically and for the group settings there is this “Follow in Inbox” section which is set to “Only replies to you and events” by default.

See the screenshots below. What is the relationship between these two?

Outlook group settings O365 Admin group settings

Is there a way, using PowerShell or other means, to change the per user setting in Outlook to “No email or events” for all members of existing groups? Or set it as the default setting for all new members of the specific groups? Or better still, a way to turn it off at the whole tenancy in one swift action?

If this is the wrong place to ask, please direct me to the correct SE site.

Automatically discard old notifications – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

I’m new to the android OS, and have a few devices: Chromebook, android tablet, and android phone running google’s standard OS.

I’ve noticed when I have my phone off all morning and turn it on at lunch time, I get a stream of notifications of all the chat/email/etc that happened while the device was off, even if I engaged with them on my tablet or other devices. An extreme example, I went on vacation for a week, left my tablet off at home. When I came home and turned the tablet on, the OS was unusable while it pulled a week of chat and other app notifications.

My question: is there a setting / configuration on Android to tell it to discard any push notifications it may have gotten while offline but still display any notifications it gets while on?

Will Google Group members get calendar notifications even if they’re not subscribed to the group’s e-mail messages?

If the following conditions are met:

  1. A Google Group member has a “No email” setting (see screenshot below).
  2. Someone adds the group’s e-mail address into a Google Calendar event.

Will that member get an e-mail message with the invite?

Likewise later on if changes are made to the invite.

Google Group subscription

Disable daily notifications from Google Calendar App in Slack?

How do I prevent the Google Calendar App from sending me a daily notification about my events for the day? There is no setting provided to do this. My choices seem to be either not to have any Google Calendar integration at all, or for everyone who has it to receive an irritating daily notification.

(In fact, how do I prevent notifications from apps generally. It seems many — all? — apps cannot be silenced.)

How do I disable daily notifications from Google Calendar App in Slack?

xiaomi – Mi UI 11 notifications no longer stacking?

I’m on MI UI 11 using a Mi Max 3, after a few weeks of usage I’ve realized now that notifications from certain apps such as YouTube and Twitter no longer stack when there are multiple of them, as they used to previously. Is there a way to change the setting back for this? I preferred how it was before, where they are kept under one entry in the notification shade and you can see the rest when using the drop down arrow. This feature still seems to be in place for messaging apps such as telegram, so I’m not sure how to change it for other apps

how can I disable vibrations for notifications in mi a3

I have a Mi A3 and Android 9. I want to disable notification vibrations for all apps in this. I am not able to find a way for the same.
I did not knew that disabling notifications I wont be able to receive calls also as notifications for calls also did not came only phone ring sound came and upon unlocking phone there was no display of who was calling. Some how I enabled notification for all apps but it is vibrating each time.
Please let me know how do I disable vibrations for notifications like messages on Telegram or facebook WhatsApp kind of things.

How to completely block notifications from WhatsApp without deleting it?

I have a Nexus 5 phone with Android 6.0.1 and I’m trying to use it for time-lapse videos (“Lapse it” app) which means it needs to be on for many hours undisturbed.

The problem is that WhatsApp creates a notification regularly which interrupts the time lapse photo app that I’m using.

I have disabled all notifications for WhatsApp, but this one comes up anyway.

Deleting WhatsApp would of course solve the problem, but it not possible for other reasons (message history etc stored). Registering the app would also stop the notification, but is also not an option since I’m using the same number on another phone.

I think it should be possible to disable all notifications, but since I’ve tried that and this notification still comes up, what else is there? Is there a stronger blocking option? Can it be done if I root the phone?

Attaching screenshots of the notification and of the settings.

enter image description here
enter image description here

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