bugs – Nubia Red Magic 3 shows negative storage on some apps and it’s driving my nuts

Probably a bug but I still want to share exactly what’s going on and hopefully find a solution. I can’t use a logcat for some reason (Sepolicy issue maybe?) But anyways I own a Red Magic 3 and it’s been a trouble from the start. Every once in a while apps crash, and I’m getting negative storage on many applications (not viewing my entire storage but viewing apps individually).

I’m on Android 9 btw.

This leads to many issues. One: If I need to clear an app data for ex. Snapchat, the storage will be negative and it will refuse to let me wipe the storage since it’s in the negative. The “Clear Storage” button is greyed out.

This leads to a bogged down phone, apps don’t run in the background correctly, notification bugs and overall a noticable change in how the phone feels in performance.

Google Play has recently stopped working completely and I believe it’s the storage bug.

Second, the issue can be fixed by, unfortunately, factory resetting my Red Magic 3.

I also noticed that it seems to do this when Magisk is installed which leads me to believe there is a storage bug of some sort.

I’ve search many threads but none that fits the issue I’m looking at.

Any ideas what might be causing it? Could it be a major bug from Nubia?

I seriously regret getting a Nubia smartphone because I’ve heard bad things from the company. Customer support sucks, they take a long time to provide updates. I am trying to fix the logcat issue as of right now.

Error – Problems with Google Apps on Nubia Z17 Lite

I bought this Nubia Z17 Lite online and equipped it with the global version and preinstalled Google Apps. Everything worked, but I wanted the new Nubia UI 6.0 and have it installed by the Chinese website.
Well, Google does not support that alone, so I used twrp and fastboot and rooted the phone with superSU and installed open GApps.
My problem is that I can not see any permission in the phone settings. By that I mean that when I go to Settings> Apps> Permissions and scroll to ALL of my installed Google apps, I have no permission.
I have installed App Ops to change the permissions. They have permissions, but they do not always work. For example, when I go to Google Play games I get the error: "Google Play games had issues with Google Play services, please try again". When I went to Whatsapp about 10 minutes ago, I told myself I had to enable SMS permissions on Google Play services. Well, since I gave him permissions through App Ops, it just does not work. Whatsapp asks for my number, I click OK, then nothing happens. No permission, no message, nothing. I have my sim and can also use mobile data, by the way.
And when I open YouTube, nothing works. I can not use the search bar. I can not add accounts because this is an infinite load. I can not use any of the lower buttons (like trend or subscription options).
What does not make sense to me is that apps like Google Play Store and Chrome work perfectly, while others are just broken.
Maybe I used a wrong version of GApps? Initially, I followed a tutorial, but the link to the GApps was broken, so I could not use it and chose GApps Android 7.1 on their website.
I noticed that the website states that GApps requires a patch on Android 7 ROM. Could it be that? I really do not know what that means, I clicked on the link and tried to understand, but I could not, so I ask for help.
Why am I acting like this?