network – I was attacked on April 14th and is still ongoing! Started out as more of a nuisance then became problematic and frustrating

I’m extremely exhausted,near a nervous breakdown and I need everyone’s HELP!!! SOS I’m ready to give up! Sound dramatic?? We’ll come stat at my house in Burlington Ontario Canada for 24 hours!!! Then tell me I’m being dramatic! I’ve been in and around the IT Business for over 35 years and considered myself a technology freak and technically inclined! But now I second guess everything I thought was valid or considered good business practice! I let a young homeless woman stay at my place for 2 months and now im in a predicament I sure aaa hell didn’t see coming! First I started getting text messages from google, Samsung, apple, Uber,Microsoft etc.. with 5 or 6 digit codes??? I didn’t request them and they seemed to have no effect on me at first!! Then I started getting emails or pop ups asking me to validate my credentials! Then my passwords started getting changed! Then I actually lost control of my Apple ID for 7 weeks! Here is my equipment breakdown at time of attack/hack iPhone 11 XS Max, iPhone 12 mini (mother) iPad 6th generation full size, iPhone 10 xs, iPad 3rd generation full size no cell data, Lenovo yoga 260, Lenovo ideapad 340, Fujitsu lifebook S710,desktop pc custom with gigabyte aorus x570 master rev 1,pcipcie 256 ssd drive and ax6 Wi-Fi and 16 gb ran with a and 3400G processor!, Lexmark 2640 Adwe printer with ssd hd, lg webOS 8000 pua 55” smart TV with an airplay hub/server built in, bell expressvu 9500 pvr with a 1 tb Sata hd built in! A brother laser printer 2700?? Older model! And Samsung smart tv and a Cogeco cable supplied Hitron modem with gigabyte internet service! Also in the mix were some leftover and forgotten plume Wi-Fi pucks (original models) that we had leftover from a prior Bell Internet service with a home hub 3000! She (they) actually physically modified my Fujitsu laptop by taking out the original adapter/pcie ssd 120gb drive and had reconfigured my bios to startup to a PXE lan???? And when I tried to modify it they bricked my bios!!! I found several different jailbreak apps on my Lenovo think pad yoga 260 which I suspect she used to jailbreak my iOS devices and on my desktop pc I found a little applet that basically ran a routine that could be remotely triggered or used on the desktop! It basically would login under my credentials and used the fingerprint token from my Lenovo thinkpad to circumvent the need for my password! I also found an app on my iPhone called cloud connect??? Later found out that gigabyte had released a suite of software to remotely and sneakily give some complete control of my pc!! Invisibly so where do I start??? How do I fix ny devices? Get rid of any and all nefarious malware/apps/code/etc???

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