Do you believe like I do that Obamagate is real and Obama was the most corrupt president ever?

A bias QUESTION  DO YOU believe LIKE i DO  ?  no i do not have such a BELIEF

The  number OF people who  ACCEPT A claim OR ALLEGATION DOES NOT MAKE THE CLAIM / ALLEGATION “true ” OR real   RELIGION a CULTURAL system  of DIRECTED behaviors and practices of a  a Social organization  promote a BELIEFS   promotion of SUPERNATURAL  PROPOSITIONS   based on    CAUSE person   X ” SAID SO ”   or  WROTE IT  void of demonstration ..  which is the same foundation association as this question  CAUSE  X SAY SO  ..  makes an assertion or allegation …….. TRY this  JACK said Jane is a WITCH ….. and according  to the writings in a certain persons BOOK ( cause i said so )   JANE SHOULD BE KILLED … and that happened in 1692  in SALEM  MASSACHUSETTS

 SEE THE  DICTIONARY  OF the use  of the words  true AND real 

 REAL  ( adjective ) actually exiting as a THING   occurring  in FACT ,


  BELIEVE  a person CONVINCED of a proposition or allegation  to be the case true WITHOUT DIRECT  knowledge FEAR  actually in Psychology Science its called “THREAT CONDITIONING ” FEAR is NOT the  CAUSE  of “CONDITIONED RESPONSE ”  FEAR is generally a PRODUCT  of a PREDATORY DEFENSE  system but a person can have fear if low on fluids and dying  of dehydration  lack of fluids is not a PREDATOR .. in this question some people in the GOP is a predator using PROPOGANDA  to elicit fear .. the Majority  are not taking the BATE  after 3 years of TRUMP behavior  much has been learned of TRUMPIAN TACTICS

Why does CNN ask trump much harder questions than they would for Obama?

Can you try reframing this question?  Because right now, it’s kind of nonsense.

CNN can’t “ask Obama” the same kinds of questions that they’re now asking Trump, because Obama isn’t President and Trump is, and the COVID-19 situation that this country faces under Trump’s presidency didn’t prevail under Obama’s watch.

Unless CNN has a time machine and access to an alternate universe, there’s no way to duplicate with Obama the kind of circumstances we’re now going through with Trump.  If you’re saying that CNN is being unfair to Trump, maybe you’re right and maybe not.  But from a strict philosophical and physical standpoint, the question as you’re asking it makes no sense.

— democratic socialist

Obama is giving a speech tonight bashing Trump instead of leading the fight against pandemics that he failed when he was president?

Obama was faced with H1N1. He reacted promptly and kept the mortality rate to some 12,000. Trump dithered, called COVID-19 a hoax designed to make him look bad (as if he needed help), lied, spewed happy talk, went golfing, and held political rallies. The death toll is over 80,000 and rising. Obama left a “playbook” for dealing with epidemics; Trump ignored it. Obama created a group to deal with epidemics. Trump got rid of it. Tell me again, who is the failure?

[ Politics ] Unanswered question: Seriously, what about Obama, what all Republicans have to offer, regarding the virus? Why does Moscow tell Mitch lies? Again?

McConnell said that Obama's government "has not given this [Trumps] government any schedule for anything like [the coronavirus pandemic]".
"We literally left them a 69-page pandemic playbook … which they ignored," tweeted Ron Klain, who oversaw the Ebola response under Obama. This document is entitled "Playbook for the early response to emerging threats from infectious diseases and biological incidents". "Obama left them with a WH pandemic bureau, literal playbook, cabinet-level exercise, and global infrastructure to deal with that," tweeted former Obama advisor Ben Rhodes. The game book in question can be seen here: @NPC, did you actually read the game book? Of course you haven't read it. So how do you know what's in it? But thanks for unwittingly admitting to Obama I left a game plan and Moscow Mitch is lying, which was the question. Seriously, between Moscow Mitch Lies and the idiotic non-responses of Trump campaign roles like you and @Dze, do you really think Trump has a chance to win at all? LOLOLOLOL !! Keep dreaming.

Is it just too early after Obama to choose another Democrat if we have a perfectly good president who is much better?

Trump has got the hang of it and frankly we have to keep him in office so that we can thrive as a nation. There's no real reason, at least no sensible one, that would make us want another Democrat shortly after we had a Democrat for 8 years that wasn't really right for most Americans.

[ Politics ] Unanswered question: will Barack Obama go to jail for spying on Trump? The disinformation of Russia that you knew was wrong, the fake dossier and the betrayal?

[Politics] Open question: Will Barack Obama go to jail for spying on Trump? The disinformation of Russia that you knew was wrong, the fake dossier and the betrayal?