[ Politics ] Open Question: Is not it ironic that Trumpers did not want him imprisoned for his crimes, but spent eight years trying to arrest Obama and Hillary in vain?

[Politics] Open Question: Is not it ironic that Trumpers did not want him imprisoned for his crimes but spent eight years trying to arrest Obama and Hillary for nothing?

Why is it that you ask a question about Trump's mistakes that cause the downsides of Hillary and Obama?

It's all projection. The downsides can not accept the fact that their orange leader has appeared so many times, and they think the statement "BUT OBAMA HAS MADE THE SAME" changes the fact that Trump made a mistake. Real liberals know that Obama and Hillary are serpents. So you're not sure where the disadvantages of the idea come from, that we like it. It's a deceptive line of argument, but the scammers use it all the time.

EDIT: Hey John, what the hell are you talking buddy? We talked extremely loudly about Obama's failure as president. He has deported many immigrants who committed non-violent crimes, he pushed hard for shitty trade agreements (which Trump later feigned, but after his election), the banks rescued when the recession happened, and so many more things about me could talk. I have no idea where you got the idea that we think Obama is an angel. That's the tale Fox News brought to you, and because you're unable to think for yourself, you've come to accept whatever your overlords tell you as fact. Unlike you, we actually keep our elected officials in check. We criticize EVERYTHING what they do badly. Maybe you should stop putting what Trump says into par. Obedience to authority figures leads to cults like what's going on with the Republican Party and their obsession with the top orange toddler.

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[ Politics ] Question: Do you remember when Obama tried to boost the stock market by logging on negotiations with China and making fake calls during a G-7 summit?

Neither do I.


Was it pro-American to be against Obama?

No … still anti.

If he had policies that you considered un-American, and you were against them, that's fine.

It was also okay not to like or like him personally.

I personally liked him, but he was not in favor of many of his policies.

He has a much better influence on "making people like you" than Trump or Clinton.
& # 39;
However, that does not necessarily mean that he has made the best policy.

[ Special Education ] Open question: Obama buys a 15 million house in Martha's Vineyard. Nancy Peliosi lives well while homeless people are in their streets. What happened?

How big is your home or how much money do you need?

Does Mr. Obama have a legacy from the president? What is it?

His government got by with what Nixon and the Creeps had broken for while she gave Billary a passport for misusing classified information, had an illegal private server in her home, and interfered with the judiciary.

– Then, of course, you can take all the forced participation in Obamacare or pay a fine imposed by the IRS, which gives the insurance companies and the big pharmaceutical carte blanche the opportunity to abduct people by raising the rates / deductibles for a captive audience ,

Why do so many Americans on both sides say how much they miss President Barack Obama?

Note that even those who fell in love are at best lukewarm to support "the big changer" …

Not really surprising. I remember that worship by 2012 had become pretty much "not as bad as Bush". The fact that you do not see much more than "better than Trump" today could make a difference to why the Democrats are in such bad shape …

Too bad that in the last 10-12 years it has been so hard for them to look in the mirror.

Is Obama still smoking cigarettes?

Yes, Trump is exactly what the Protestant law considers good family values!

To hell with everyone but yourself!

Refuse to pay to your creditors and contractors who worked in your casinos because you were such a terribly lousy businessman!

Lie about everything all the time!

Refuse to serve your country and have your rich father pay a quack doctor to run a BS report on your feet!

Fuck a porn star or a whore just after your wife gives birth!

And what is worse, do you think that your voters are so stupidly stupid that you can tell the world that they would still vote if you shot someone on Fifth Street !!!

Yes, these are such great family values ​​… Incredibly stupid American values!

Democrats pretend that Obama is Jesus?

This is amusing, considering how any deviation from the Trump doctrine is treated by the republican base as heresy. Do you even see how ridiculous that makes you?

The Democrats respect Obama for the grace with which he dealt with the abuse the racists did to him and his family, and the calm and efficiency he demonstrated when he took office, as well as the tax cuts and the Deregulation in Bush and the economy is crumbling. We are grateful that Osama bin ladn was found and killed under his observation.

What kind of accomplishments did Donald Trump make in comparison, yet treat him as a demigod. While Obama spoke to us adults in clear language, Trump howls obscenities and insults in broken sentences. Given the evil shame of Trump, it is natural for us all to look back with regret at his departure for Obama.

We admire a decent man; They support a shame for the office. Your argument is rejected.