Which forms of baggage protection are not objected to by the TSA and the ticket agencies of airlines?

I am sorry that airlines have damaged my suitcases, that wheels, handles and zippers are "just cosmetic". Then they add insults and force me to sign a waiver before accepting the same suitcase that they have damaged on a later trip.

The suitcases are not cheap, but the cost for the repeated return of warranty claims are not worth it.

What preventive measures can I take?

Sometimes I ask that they are marked as fragile. Then I have to sign the waiver. Seems to defeat the point. Or maybe not, as they are rarely liable for damage anyway.

Sometimes I ask that my suitcase be packed in one of these big plastic bags. But I often fly southwest, which she either does not like or does not like.

  • If I use the garbage bag of my own contractor but it is opaque black and not clear, will the agent or the dispatcher or the TSA throw a fit?

  • Or if I reused a bag from another airline, would that cause the airline to lose my suitcase?

The Saran Wrap service is not as common at US airports. While I was able to wrap it myself, TSA simply cuts it off to search the bag.

Sometimes I use a carton as a one-way baggage. The waiver of the content must still be signed, because according to the agent, they are "not properly packed." This works as a second check if my first check has wheels and is sturdy enough to use as a dolly.

  • If I put my suitcase in a cardboard box or build a cardboard jacket to wrap the suitcase, would I still have to sign the waiver?

  • Could I rely on TSA to secure it?