laravel – An error occurred updating the output and its details

This is the code of the update method in EgresoController:

Update the public function (Request $ request)
if (! $ request-> ajax ()) return redirect (& # 39; / & # 39;);

tries {
DB :: beginTransaction ();

$ id = $ request-> id;

$ mytime = Carbon :: now (& # 39; Americas / Guayaquil & # 39;);

$ egress = egress :: findOrFail ($ id); // I'm looking for the record of the output
$ egress-> userid =  Auth :: user () -> id;
$ exit-> description = $ request-> description;
$ exit-> check_type = $ request-> check_type;
$ egress-> test_string = $ request-> test_string;
$ egress-> num_comprobante = $ request-> num_comprobante;
$ exit-> date_time = $ mytime-> toDateString ();
$ exit-> discount = $ request-> discount;
$ egress-> iva = $ request-> iva;
$ total-> total = $ request->;
$ exit-> status = & # 39; Registered & # 39 ;;
$ exit-> save ();

$ details = $ request-> data; // array of details

foreach ($ details as $ ep => $ det)
$ detalle = DetalleEgreso :: where (& # 39; detalle_egresos.idegreso & # 39 ;, & # 39; = & # 39 ;, $ id) -> get ();
$ detail-> idegreso = $ id;
$ detail-> iditem = $ det['iditem'];
$ detail-> amount = $ det['cantidad'];
$ detail-> discount = $ det['descuento'];
$ detail-> price = $ det['precio'];
$ detail-> save ();

DB :: commit ();
} catch (exception $ e) {
DB :: rollBack ();

When I made the request with Axios ajax, I returned an error with code 500. The client is created with Vue. The fact is, I'm trying to update a record, but I have these inconveniences that I could not solve

magento 2.1 – An error has occurred on the server. Please try again to place an order

I have configured the Authorize.Net payment method in Magento 2.1.7. On the checkout page, I use the credit card transaction in both production and trial mode. I get the message "An error has occurred on the server. Please try to place the order again".

Enabling debug mode I have not received any log files. Please let me know that this is a Magento issue or a payment gateway issue.

Hard Disk – When attempting to install OS X El Capitan, an error occurred when an external hard disk needed the GUID partition table scheme

I have an old MacBook Air with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63) software. I'm trying to install the OS X El Capitan, but have problems. At first there was not enough memory on the Mac (even though I deleted everything I can find), so I tried to use several disks that failed for some reason. Then today I got a new external 2T Adata hard drive and now it says

"This disk does not use the GUID partition table scheme." Use the Disk Utility to change the partition scheme, select the disk, select the partition tab, select the volume scheme, and then click Options. "

I go to Disk Utility and the Partition tab and lose myself from here. Choosing this disk also sounds like a desperate situation: "To delete and partition the selected disk, select a layout from the Partition Layout pop-up menu, set the options for each partition and click You can not change the size of the partitions on this disk because the master boot record partitioning scheme is used, this partition can not be changed. "

Just spent a bunch on this hard drive says my other hard drive that it does not work because it is the same hard drive that is used for time machines. Tried another and did not work, I think it was not compatible with apples. Am I just unlucky with hard drives? I've deleted everything I can find on my computer (including Recycle Bin), but it still says I have all those photos, movies, and music somewhere I can not find anywhere. If I had enough space on my empty computer, I would not have to worry about disks … Arggh. I just want to install El Capitan so I can update my Safari or Chrome. So far everything has problems and websites are not working properly.

Please help!

An error occurred while attempting to update two columns and return new values ​​with dynamic PL SQL

Hello, I hope you are fine.
I'm trying to update the value of two columns of dynamic PL / SQL for practice only. What I have written so far is:


sql_stmt varchar2 (1000);
v_student_id number: = 12;
v_new_stname varchar2 (1000);


sql_stmt: = & # 39; Refresh Students
set student_name = & # 39; & # 39; Happy Birthday & # 39; & # 39;
, age = 28
Where student_id is: = 1 & # 39;
& # 39; returning student_name, age in: 2 ,: 3 & # 39 ;;

with v_student_id
Return to v_new_stname, v_new_stage;

Dbms_Output.Put_line (& # 39; new student name is & # 39; || v_new_stname ||
# New student age is & # 39; || v_new_stage);


and when I run the query, I get the following errors:

ORA-000920: Invalid comparison operator
ORA-06512: in line 15

An error has occurred – SharePoint 2013 – Display Document Library Web Part from the subsite to the parent site

I have a document library in the subsite.

I want to display the OOTB web part of this library on the parent site.
To achieve this, I have used the solution given in the following link:

View SharePoint Online lists for parent or child sites.

Which works well until I add another library webpart from another subsite. If I add library Web Parts from different subsites to the same page, the following error is thrown when you open the folders in the Library Web Part:

Sorry, something went wrong.

Does anyone know how to fix this error? or how does the document library Web Part appear from the subsite to the parent site?

SharePoint 2013 workflow "An error has occurred. To try again, reload the page and start the workflow."

"An error has occurred. To try again, reload the page and start the workflow."

I've been looking for answers and as many have suggested, I've restarted services, recycling pools and Workflow Manager, but here's the seemingly unique problem at my end.
Even though service bus is installed according to the Web Platform Installer, the service bus AND Service Gateway Services are NOT listed under Services. It's like they're not installed.

Workflow server status – Workflow is connected
Both Workflow Service Application and Workflow service application proxy Are started".

Snapshot of what I get when I try to execute a SharePoint 2013 approval
Snapshot of what I get when I try to execute a SharePoint 2013 approval

Sharepoint Server – An exception occurred during a Web client request

I have a bug when I try to start a web service that gives me weather updates. I was able to beat it with SP2010 with Visual Webpart. Now I get the exception: An exception occurred during a web client request. Internal exception: "The ServicePointManager does not support proxies with the https schema." If I look at the URL of the Web API, it has changed from http proxy to https, but I'd like to know how I would force my app to accept the https scheme. Here is something of my code

protected void GetWeatherInfo (String URL)
//txtCity.Text = "Cape Town";
// var city = "Cape Town";
// string appId = "";
string url1 = string.Format (url);
using (WebClient client = new WebClient ())
WebProxy proxyObj = new WebProxy (URL);

proxyObj.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

client.Proxy = ProxyObj;
To attempt
client.Encoding = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8;
String json = client.DownloadString (URL);

WeatherInfo weatherInfo = (new JavaScriptSerializer ()). Deserialize(JSON);
lblCity_Country.Text = + "," +;
imgCountryFlag.ImageUrl = string.Format ("{0}.png", ());
lblDescription.Text = weatherInfo.list[0].Weather[0].Description;
imgWeatherIcon.ImageUrl = string.Format ("{0}.png"), weatherInfo.list[0].Weather[0].Symbol);
lblTempMin.Text = string.Format ("{0} ° С", Math.Round (weatherInfo.list)[0]min, 1));
lblTempMax.Text = string.Format ("{0} ° С", Math.Round (weatherInfo.list)[0]Max. 1));
lblTempDay.Text = string.Format ("{0} ° С", Math.Round (weatherInfo.list)[0].temp. 1));
lblTempNight.Text = string.Format ("{0} ° С", Math.Round (weatherInfo.list)[0]Night, 1));
lblHumidity.Text = weatherInfo.list[0].humidity.ToString ();
tblWeather.Visible = true;
catch (exception ex)
String excep = ex.Message;
Console.WriteLine (ex.Message.ToString ());


c # – An error occurred while converting the report to PDF

This is the message I get

ReportProcessingException: The definition of this report is invalid or not supported by this release of Reporting Services. The report definition may have been created with a later version of Reporting Services or contain content that is not in the correct format or that is not valid under the Reporting Services schemas. Details: The report definition contains an invalid target namespace "" that can not be updated.

This only happens if I add a parameter to the report, but if I have created a new report without any parameters, the code will work fine

ReportViewer Report = new ReportViewer ();

                                report.ProcessingMode = ProcessingMode.Local;
report.LocalReport.ReportPath = Request.MapPath (Request.ApplicationPath) + @ "Report  Report.rdlc";
report.LocalReport.DataSources.Add (new ReportDataSource ("Hora_Extra", dt));
//report.LocalReport.SetParameters (parameterReport);

byte[] report = report.LocalReport.Render ("PDF");

Adb – I am new Android Studio user! When I run my code, the following error has occurred. Can someone help to fix it?

Installation failed with message session could not be established.
It is possible that this issue is resolved by uninstalling an existing version of the apk, if any, and then reinstalling it.

WARNING: Uninstalling will remove the application data!

Do you want to uninstall the existing application?
If I press OK, the following happened

$ adb shell pm uninstall com.example.helloworld
Unknown error: cmd: Service: Package can not be found
Error installing APKs