uk – What are the odds that some active personnel which may have a hand in processing my immigration-related applications may see my queries on this site?

We have a number of quite knowledgable members here. I’ve always been curious for reasons of candid interest where many of their knowledgebases come from, but have rarely asked due to reluctance to be too intrusive or rude. One has disclosed that they had been an immigration officer in the past, but what are the odds that disclosures on TSE could influence, either consciously or unconsciously, the processing of one’s immigration applications?

ag.algebraic geometry – What are the odds of finding four, four leaf clovers and a five leaf clover on the fifth time in the same clover patch?

the odds of finding a four leaf clover are 1 in 10000 but the odds of finding a five leaf clover are 1 in 1000000 adding to the odds are the sequential
order of finding four, four leaf clovers and a five leaf clover on the fifth time in the same 15’x10′ foot patch of clovers where each foot contains 800 clovers.

statistics – Are odds even at head and tail for random range?

I’m not a math guru. So treat me like a layman and excuse my informal language, I’ll be as precise as I can be given my limited vocabulary.

I want to know whether or not the odds are even across an entire range of picks that, given a randomly selected sub range, any picked number will fall within that sub range.

More concretely, if I pick real numbers at random between 0 and 1 (floats), would all such numbers including those close to say the head and tail (0, 1 respectively) have the same odds of occurring within a randomly selected sub range of a particular size?

I suspect the answer is no, because if I picked a sub range size that was more than 50 percent of the real numbers, some numbers between zero and one would have a 100 percent chance of falling within that range every time while others would not. Would it work if I constrained the sub range size to less or equal to than fifty percent?

At the end of the day, I want to randomly and evenly select data points that are within a small proximity to each other and I happen to be working with floats that were randomly generated between 0 and 1.

Thanks, I hope my question isnt a disaster… even being pointed in the right direction for research would be helpful.

Football odds checker news for everyone

To achieve a goal, a group must put the show on the street in the network of the opposing groups by kicking or beheading it. Players are not allowed to use their hands (unless they are the goalkeeper in their general environment) and when a handball occurs, a free kick is given to the next group. Offside occurs when an attacking player faces the last rival when the pass is played. If an attacking player does not stand in front of this last protector, he is considered offside at that time and the protection group is granted a free kick. A player cannot be offside in his own half or when the ball is played upside down.

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Betting odds football currently online – Cryptocurrencies Corner

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Probability – Can the odds of winning 4 games be greater than 3 games?

The California ice hockey team visits Florida to play a five player series
In every game, assume that the Californian has a 70% chance of winning.
Suppose the matches are independent of each other
Probability that:

on. The Californian wins 3 games in a row
b. The Californian wins 4 games in a row

For me, the solution to the above problem is:

• Probability that the team will win 3 games:
5C3 (3/10 * 3/10 * 7/10 * 7/10 * 7/10) = 10 * 3087/100000 = 0.3087

• Probability that the team will win 4 games:
5C4 (3/10 × 7/10 × 7/10 × 7/10 × 7/10 × 7/10) = 5 × 7203/100000 = 0.36015

It turns out that 4 games are more likely to win than 3 games. That doesn't sound very confusing, because for a layperson, the chances of winning 3 games should be greater than 4 games.

Is the above solution correct at all? Am I doing something wrong here?

Probability – probabilities improve if the odds remain the same (for repeated games)?

Study for the finale. My teacher's answer to a sample question from the study guide on Vegas games is hard to understand. The question is, "If you play a Vegas game multiple times, you declare which of the following changes you made: probability, chance of winning, and / or expected value?" His answer: "Opportunities improve, but probability and expectancy are not." I thought the chances are P (A) divided by P (not A). From this simple formula, for me, if the probability is fixed, the probability is also established. Can you explain why the teacher believes that opportunities can improve?

dnd 5e – Does my DM stack the odds against us?

So I will prepare the stage. We are a group of 4, currently level 8, with an allied NPC. In our recent encounter, we came across the following:

  • ~ 20 "Minions" (<35 HP, +4 Hits)
  • 1 Winter Wolf (75 HP, +5 Hits)
  • 3 cruel wolves (37 HP, +6 Hits)
  • 1 modified Huskarl (<105 HP, +7 Hits)
  • 1 druid (~ 40 HP)

All these enemies, except Druids, have received at least 2 attacks. About half of the minions had a harpoon attack, which they caught on hit, so we were held pretty well.

Remember, this was narrated to be a "challenging" encounter. It was set up as a raid camp for which we were far inferior in numbers. But every encounter is narrative designed to be a challenge. So, if the norm is something we should not beat, it feels a bit inappropriate. If the smart answer is just to move away from history, it seems to me that we're failing.

Am I overreacting or was this fight a bit tough? We won that one, but I also lost track of the number of attacks that failed DM criticism, and he almost always rolled minuscule damage. I have only really experience with this DM and it has always been like this. I just want to know if this kind of setup (about 820 hp for looping, 26 mooks with 35 hp, etc.) is a good way to set up an encounter, or if it's just deliberately difficult, for the sake of difficulty.