SharePoint Office Online Server: New-OfficeWebAppsFarm command

Windows Server 2016 does not include freehand and handwriting services. Therefore, omit them from the Add-WindowsFeature command. The working script for WS2016 is:

Add-WindowsFeature Web-Server,Web-Mgmt-Tools,Web-Mgmt-Console,Web-WebServer,Web-Common-Http,Web-Default-Doc,Web-Static-Content,Web-Performance,Web-Stat-Compression,Web-Dyn-Compression,Web-Security,Web-Filtering,Web-Windows-Auth,Web-App-Dev,Web-Net-Ext45,Web-Asp-Net45,Web-ISAPI-Ext,Web-ISAPI-Filter,Web-Includes,NET-Framework-Features,NET-Framework-Core,NET-HTTP-Activation,NET-Non-HTTP-Activ,NET-WCF-HTTP-Activation45


Please take a look at the links below

  1. Office Online Server for SharePoint 2016

  2. forum = SP2016


SharePoint 2016 and Office Online Server SSLOffloaded

We have SharePoint 2016 (SP16) and Office Online Server (OOS) behind a local reverse proxy (ARR) and outsourced SSL (SSL certificate installed only on the reverse proxy).

However, when users open files from SP16, they experience two problems:

  1. Warning: "Only secure content is displayed"> must be clicked on "Show all content".
  2. Subsequent requests sent by clients to (proxy) are HTTP and HTTPS in both types, instead of just HTTPS.

Please help with to clarify whether the following details or the additional configuration required for the proxy are faulty. Many thanks.

AllowHTTP: True
AllowOutboundHttp: False
SSLOffloaded: True

SP16 bond:
Server name: OOS.myinternal.COM
WopiZone: external-http

Microsoft Office 365 – Exchange Online: Internal message forwarding rejects messages as inadmissible, but submits them

We have a common mailbox "".
In this case, a forwarding rule will be sent to & # 39;' configured.

Set-Mailbox -ForwardingAddress -DeliverToMailboxAndForward $True

& # 39;' is configured to receive only internal e-mail.

If I send an email from "" to "", it will be sent to all members of "", but I will receive it the following message:

Status code: 550 5.7.133 This error occurs during distribution
Group, security group, or Office 365 group is configured to accept
Messages only from authenticated senders (sender in the same
Organization or those added to the list of allowed senders of the group).

The track shows:

Date event detail
—- —– ——

04.12.2019 10:20:02 Cause of error: ({LED = 550 5.7.133 …
04.12.2019 10:20:02 spam diagnosis
04.12.2019 10:20:00 Message received from: …
04.12.2019 10:20:01 Forward The message has been sent to
04.12.2019 10:20:03 Deliver The message was successfully delivered.
04.12.2019 10:20:02 spam diagnosis
04.12.2019 10:20:02 Cause of error: ({LED = 550 5.7.133 …
04.12.2019 10:20:02 spam diagnosis

If I have a message directly to & # 39;' Send, this works without problems.

Any suggestions on where to look to fix this?

Daylight Saving Time – Sync the Office 365 calendar with the Google Calendar

Does anyone know how to use the Office Power Autemate task to copy events from Outlook 365 to the Google Calendar with a summer time zone (for example, Italy)?

I followed this link, but events are copied to my Google Calendar with a one hour delayed start and end time.

Sync the Office 365 calendar with the Google Calendar.

Many thanks.

Authentication – VBA Authentication for SharePoint Office 365

I tried to follow the basic instructions with this post (as this was the only one I could find). Http:// -process-over-http-protocol / # comment-47401

However, if I go to step 4, I get an answer that does not contain "STSAuth" but just returns

Status: 4, Login: Username @, NameSpaceType: Managed, DomainName :, FederationBrandName :, CloudInstanceName:, CloudInstanceIssuerUri: urn: Network: MicrosoftOnline, IsFederatedNSSuccess: "true

So I do not know how to continue the authentication.
I use VBA from Excel to output the calls

Any help appreciated

Shopping – pick up mail at the post office in Japan

I have some small packages to pick up on the first day I arrive in Sapporo. Some of them are supplied by Amazon, but for some reason they can not be picked up at the supermarket. My Airbnb host is also away from home to receive her.

The instructions for Kyoku Dome can be found at, but since I can not read Japanese well and Google does not translate it well, I'm afraid I might make a mistake.

The nearest post office is

  1. Can I safely send to this post office or do I need to select another one nearby?
  2. Would that be correct?

    • Name: My full name (in Latin)
    • Address:

    Ich 琴 似 留 留 (I just added 留 to the post office name)

    北海道 北海道 市 二条 二条 二条


    • Telephone number: the telephone listed in the above link? I will not have a Japanese number!

Office 365 Developers – Setting up the development environment for SharePoint Online

I'd like to create a development environment for SharePoint Online based Agile on Azure DevOps with Sandbox for testing and code review purposes.

We switched to SharePoint Online and I'm new to SharePoint Online Development. What is the best approach for SharePoint Online? We've added scripts and custom templates and Wfc services to the page. We also had a code repository to publish our code with an approval process for an azure DevOps pipeline.

I've learned that I can put scripts in SharePoint Site Classic. I am new to nodejs. Is it worth it to implement our solution in SharePoint Online, or do we have to start developing stand-alone web applications for our tools?

Office 365 – Why can not the owner create a folder on the SharePoint Online Trial master page?

I successfully created a Map Network drive from my computer to my SharePoint Online site using the Connect to other credentials option.Enter image description here
However, when I tried to create a folder in this card drive, an error occurred even though the user has full control and permissions in SharePoint.Enter image description here

Could someone help or make a suggestion for this problem? Thanks a lot!