Install MS Office fonts on Windows Server

A number of fonts are installed with MS Office that are not available in Windows Server 2019. We have a web application whose functionality is to convert Office documents to PDF. If these documents contain fonts that are not on the server, the resulting PDF will not render properly. The solution is to ensure that the MS Office fonts are installed on the server.

I know how to install fonts. It's about capturing the fonts and getting a full list of Office fonts missing from Windows Server 2019.

Is there an easy way to install the fonts that come with MS Office on Windows Server without having to install Office yourself?

Is there an MS Office font package?

Is the only simple solution here to install Office on the server?

Don't try to avoid buying a licensed copy of Office. Try to avoid unnecessarily installing applications on the server that could affect the security of the system.

sharepoint online – Add a new internal user to Office 365 who is considered an external user

We recently added a new team member to our organization with our domain name (@ourcompanyname). I gave him the Office 365 E3 license. When I try to add it to a SharePoint group on a random website, I am told that this is not possible. Add it until I change my external sharing policy (these are only members of the organization).

I can not understand what is happening! The user is in my organization!

Thanks a lot

An attempt to open Excel in SharePoint 2016 via the Office online server failed

I am trying to open an Excel document in SharePoint 2016 with Office Online Server. I installed and configured the Office Online Server on a separate server and configured SharePoint to use the OOS.

I think the configuration is correct because I can view Word documents in the browser.
When I try to view Excel files, blank files appear and there are some errors in the browser console.
The mistakes are

Redirects are not allowed for CORS preflight requests.

XMLHttpRequest: NEtwork Error 0x80070005, Access is denied.

Error messages in the console

Enter the image description here

There are no errors when I try to open a Word document.
Let me know if more information is needed.

Active Directory – How can I integrate users from two different Office 365 accounts into a team instance?

Our company has approximately half of our users in an Office 365 account and all in the domain (e.g. and the other half in a completely separate Office 365 account,

We want to use MS Teams and need a way to "link" these two accounts. I am aware that it is possible to invite users as "guests" from one to the other, but this would be painful and there are serious limitations.

(It is also worth noting that it is NOT really practical for us to combine the two Office 365 accounts into one that hosts both domains. Of course this would be the easiest solution, but it is not feasible.)

Is it possible to get the Active Directory servers to collaborate for each account so that we can present a single, unified MS Teams environment with all features to all users?

Authentication – Office 365 client denies access to documents in SharePoint 2016

We are currently in the process of migrating our users from Office 2016/2019 clients to the new Office 365 Client Suite in order to prepare them for Microsoft 365.
Some of our users (but not all!) Are now having trouble trying to access documents stored in our on-premises SharePoint 2016 environment.
When opening a Word / Excel file in your Office application, you receive the following message:
"Cannot open"
Office errors
One strange thing I noticed is that it ALWAYS works when I try to debug it in Fiddler and Fiddler authenticates with our SharePoint.
After doing some registry searching, I found that it works exactly once after deleting the key with the URL of our SharePoint web application in HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Office 16.0 Common Identity ServiceAuthInfoCache CredStoreKeyToAuthScheme
Office just re-creates the key and stops working until I delete it.

Any advice on how to find the cause would be greatly appreciated.

Microsoft Office 2003 – Download Windows updates for old software

How can I download all updates to Office 2003 (if Microsoft ends support via Windows Update)? When I try, I go to "Page Not Found" and "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" and my google foot is not enough to find / download most of the updates. I have found some with names like office2003-KB925256-FullFile-ENU.exe but most elude me I tried it on my Windows 10 system and on an old XP system. I have found how to download Office XP KB updates on Windows 10 that are no longer on the Microsoft website. Suggestion for using the Wayback machine, but not how it works.

Where / how can I download a full set of updates? And if possible in both English (ENU) and Dutch (NLD).

Background: With every release, Office seems to become more secure (good) and smarter (in my opinion, not good). I happen to have a legal copy of Office 2003 that I'm still using and it gets about 35 updates when I install it on a new PC. But how long does this support last? So I tried to download all the updates to burn them to a CD. A long time ago I did a similar trick with Windows 98, but I have no success with Office. I have Office SP3.

Routing – Allow computers in the office to ping VPN clients

We use OpenVPN to enable employees to connect to the office network. The office uses, the VPN clients use Our VPN server is a QNAP NAS. When the connection is established, clients can access any IP in the office network. How can I do the opposite? I want to be able to 1] ping a client from the office network or even 2] a client from another client.

I tried to add a route on my PC to forward all traffic for to the IP of the QNAP. However, this had no effect. I remember there is an option in OpenVPN or Linux that you need to enable to allow this backward routing, but I can't remember what it was and it doesn't show up in the QNAP GUI.