Why is America so racist now? I see many comments defending Trump and the police officer?

Trump very likely has nothing to do with this and the police officer, while wrong, didn’t intend to kill anyone. He was operating with the same level of disrespect that any of them have for any other human being, which I mean you kind of have to have in the business.

He deserved to be fired. He and his group killed someone. He’ll probably be rehired, which I would vehemently disagree with, but burning down a store isn’t going to fix that. That just gives us a very good reason why officers like that exist. Not one person can make a reasonable, causal connection from fires and violence to softer police.

air travel – If I provide info to an immigration officer, does he enter it into a database?

If I provide info to an immigration officer, does he enter it into a database?

Yes in some case, no in others: there a millions of combinations of your citizenship(s), country of origin, country of entrance, time of day, type of border crossing, equipment available, mood & attitude of the immigration office, many more.

dnd 5e – What is the reward of an officer of the Flaming Fist?

They are even more expensive than average skilled mercenaries.

According to AD & D 1st edition Campaign Set "Forgotten Realms" (P. 61), discontinued in the mid-1360s DR:

The fist is expensive even by mercenary standards, due to its number and the fact that NONE of its front troops have less than the 5th tier. This makes the fist one (sic) incredible weapon on the battlefield, but only to be done by nations or the very, very rich (and very, very angry).

The cost of renting the fist is 10,000 per day plus a share of looting. Since there are approximately 2,000 members, it costs about 5gp per member per day to rent the company. That chronologically later Gold & fame For AD & D 2e (pp. 8-11), which was discontinued in the early 1360s, DR updates its number to 1,600, but it still costs 10,000 gp per day to recruit the entire army, or almost 6gp per member per day.

This figure includes the company's travel and maintenance costs, and we can expect standard-ranked members to be paid less than senior officials. However, this is only the wages you would personally earn if you were a member. In terms of the cost of renting it, Gold & fame notes that hiring a subsection costs a reasonable amount; Hiring 10% of the group would cost 1,000 gp, so the price per man would be the same. You would also expect, as mentioned earlier, to be paid in part of the looting, effectively increasing the total cost.

A considerable amount of time has passed since then, but the group remains largely the same and monetary inflation does not seem to exist. According to the D&D Next Playtest adventure Murder in Baldur's gate, p. 32 (1482 DR):

Aside from tripling its size to almost six thousand members, the mercenary company has not changed significantly since its first few years.

The statistics in this module suggest that the lowest ranked members are below the 4th level. Private and lieutenant ranks are level 1 and 3, respectively. This indicates that much of Faust's current growth has been the recruitment of mercenaries at a lower level. Baldur & # 39; s Gate: Descent into Avernus, p. 162 (under the "The Flaming Fist" section in Baldur's Gate Gazetteer) could be interpreted to support this:

The Flaming Fist offers employment and a sense of belonging to anyone who can raise a sword and follow orders.

However, they are at least trained mercenaries. Descent to Avernus p. 177, table B: residents of the upper town, recommends the extras a knight's block for the officers of the fists and the veterans for their soldiers. This suggests that they are usually well trained and not just a peasant militia. Page 207 states that soldiers have to register for training once a day, which indicates that they are qualified. Page 195, Table H: Outlying City residents, notes that they also have guards, which at least suggests that some subordinate members exist. Tomb of annihilation, p. 199, "Flaming Fist" agrees; A patrol is led by an NPC with the statistics of a knight or veteran with 2d6 guards, an acolyte and a scout.


In the past, all Flaming Fists were elite mercenaries, and hiring them would cost 5 gp per person per day or more. Today, they are more numerous and have recruited fewer exceptional people to fulfill their duty to guard the Baldur Gate. However, there are still many exceptional high-ranking officers, while even the low-ranking members are regularly trained and could be considered qualified mercenaries.

Usa – Does the US Immigration Officer seal the passport when entering the US as a permanent resident and Global Entry?

Name my passport, which does not bear a stamp for my return to California, after I spent the last Christmas in England. I have my permanent residence and use Global Entry.

My entry is stored in the CBP Travel History Database, so there is an official record, just not in my passport.

Passports – Ethnic Questions of the Immigration Officer

I experienced a disturbing situation when I entered Morocco as a tourist.
I am a French citizen with obvious facial features and names in the Middle East and a French passport.

The Immigration Department immigration officer initially thought I was a Moroccan citizen who was a Moroccan citizen (it seems like a lot to happen) and asked for my Moroccan identity card, which I did not have because I'm not one of their citizens.

Then he asked about my "country of origin" and found that at least one of my parents came from the Middle East (which is true). He then wanted to know the nationality of my parents.
I then answered the questions as I did not want to have any problems with the local authorities. Then he wrote the answers to his notebook.
The same situation occurred when leaving the country and with a number of other French citizens I know.

I find such questions very intrusive and not part of the officer's business.

How should one behave in this situation? Is there an international convention that I can rely on to avoid such ethnic profiling?

Should Stand-Your-Ground laws be applicable if the attacker is a police officer?

Thank you for a very interesting question.

Yes obviously yes.
The police must be trained to follow our constitution and to respect the privacy and privacy of the individual. You have no authority under your roof, unless a judge gives you this right with sufficient evidence of a crime.
Even then, they have to legally terminate before entering the country.

Why did Warren and Harris refer to the shooting of Ferguson by a police officer as murder, even though they obviously knew it was a justified shootout?

They both try to win more minority votes.

I was expecting that from Harris, but was a little surprised when Warren did that. Given that she lied about being a Native American, I should not have wondered. I would not vote for one of the two for a number of reasons.

Why are liberals so wounded when a police officer shoots a black person?

The whites do not care so much about each other. lol

Seriously, white people usually do justice, and blacks have not done so historically and disportionally.

But the blacks usually protest and make noise and the white liberals want to be part of the action to quench their craving for anti-establishment.

And the media just want to be part of the craving for food, like sharks.

Officials – Can I call the 112 to verify the identity of a police officer in the Czech Republic?

Yes, but it's better to call 158.

Pretending to be a police officer is a crime (at least in the Czech Republic). If you suspect a crime, you are expected calling the police. If you suspect that the man next to you is a fake police officer, your property or your health may be at imminent risk. You therefore have the right to call the emergency number.

However, the main emergency number for the police is 158so it's better to call that directly. 112 is an alternate number that connects you to the central emergency call center (actually operated by the fire department), which in turn connects you to either the police (158), the fire department (150) or the ambulance (155). The result will be the same, but going through 112 will take a little longer.