Security – How do companies store private keys offline, but do they still sign with them?

With a Chain of trust:

  • The master key itself is located in a secure air gap protected by the evil Internet.
  • Once in a blue moon, this key is removed from the vault and used to sign an intermediate key.
  • This intermediate key is used to sign code daily.

When confirming the code on an end-user device, it asks: "Was this code correctly signed with a key that was itself signed with the passkey?" The advantage of all this is that a dangerous intermediate key can be easily revoked and a new one generated without You need to change the end user devices – all that matters to them is the root of trust, the master key.

(Small Disclaimer: I do not really know how big software houses do that, but that's how the SSL Certification Authorities work and they solve the same problem.)

Word of mouth recommendations in the offline business? | Proxies-free

If you work offline, it may be beneficial to receive the verbal recommendations. That way you can get consistent leads. I also try to base my business on the local customers. Considering that I have the most gigs online, it may be harder for me to take the recommendations offline. So I hope that with the offline recommendations some of my garbage days can be filled with the offline business.

How does the oral transfer work in the offline business?

Why is online marketing more preferred than offline marketing?

Attempt to download a Flash application for offline execution


As Flash Support will close one of my favorite tools, (Good old flash version), it's likely to shut down soon.

Tried solutions

File tree: File structure of the downloaded copy Page in IE: What happens if I try to run it in IE after allowing ActiveX controls?


How would I create an offline copy of this useful tool? I like being able to walk without internet and for free. Do I need to change a setting, wait longer or download the page from the Wayback machine if I'm doing it right?

How can the digital effort for offline sales be measured?


My question is a bit unusual – I hope someone can give helpful comments.

I work for a FMCG SME and for the first time we think about hiring a real digital marketing agency. The budget is steep for us and I try to be as careful as possible to make sure that we actually get a good return on our spending.

We are working on two strategies: – Offline – Sales Strategy | – Online sales strategy
What this means is, we have e-commerce (it was not too big for us and we plan to revise the store front, product pages, etc.).

However, most of our revenue is generated through offline channels (retail stores). We do not own any retail stores, we sell through large hypermarkets and supermarkets that are totally unwilling to share customer data for privacy reasons.

Here's my question – it's easy to measure the effectiveness of a digital mktg strategy for online sales. But how would you measure whether your digital mktg efforts work for offline distribution in this situation? Since it can not be direct sales – what else could it be? How would you decide for something like that? What are the KPIs we should pursue?

This is seriously confusing for me. In order to give you an idea, we are currently working on an information campaign. Then we go to a commitment campaign and then to the conversion (basic equipment).

A bit of background about us – we are a dairy company (for now). Organic dairy is our core. You can visit us at

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    Okay people! Think about the current offline business. What ideas do you have? I think all ideas have to be invested and additionally financed. For the offline business, it is therefore necessary to take out new loans and credits. Again banks and their review … How can we reduce that in our offline lives?

Free offline website builder

Does anyone know free offline website builders? I want to create a simple site and I can not code, write HTML or anything like that. I just want the site to be set up and when finished, upload it to the server I pick. I also do not want to spend a lot of $$$$ on commercial builders. Thank you in advance.

Offline Marketing vs. Online marketing? | Proxies-free

Newspaper ads are still very profitable. Yes, of course you can integrate online advertising with offline advertising. All you need to do is refer the customer to your email address, social media page, or domain name. However, when it comes to emails, it may make sense to order an autoresponder so that the customer can be put on a list. However, if you do not want to include them in a list, they should be directed by the responding email to a social media page that can act as an email list.