Mobile data offline or timeout while hotspot only works

How can I fix the following situation:

  • For mobile data, my phone often experiences a timeout of 100% (ERR_TIMED_OUT), or Chrome indicates that it's offline
  • There are no issues with my hotspot-connected laptop

On my phone the full connectivity and the presence of 4g is given.

This leads to my hypothesis that a configuration or a malicious app is flooding the local network stack on my phone.

Is there a way to further diagnose this? I really want to restore my mobile data connection!

Phone: Lenovo P2.
Operating system: Android 7.

Edit 15-09-2019
I reset my phone to factory settings, but to no avail. The problem persists. I also exchanged the SIM cards with another phone. No effect. The second SIM card in my phone does not solve the problem. And my SIM card in another phone works just fine there.

Run me to solve the Brother Printer Offline problem in a simple way – everything else

With the aim of keeping my Brother printer in working order and in a suitable condition, I would like to fix the problem Brother printer offline Problem. That's why I'm looking for reliable support to help me fix this bug in a simple way. Please help me to find someone who can give me the results you want.

Offline transactions – Bitcoin Core signing with signrawtransactionwithkey returns null

I am trying to sign a transaction to spend money from a 3 of 7 Multisig address.

Drawing transaction with key 0200000001df84bf87bee6e5ef37252bee0aefffff015704000000000017a914ab7810c333815366e268a8e21cdd516a73e353348700000000 "(" L19iWVPKJLUm316Z1ZWUWUS
) "
"txid": "a9d4599e15b53f3eb56bda871e8b34f2f430c",
"vout": 0,
"scriptPubKey": "a9142371a0f091d72061f52b3a87",
"RedeemScript": "53210386c5bb843616d7e504997778707701b5245904a48d0e2e7b64e0fe346bee975d321023bd5cef26304c25450933da1dd50d6d39625ae8154319e14884c76b0300336a22102ed48db7649ae65433f6c46bbdbf143927411c9c12878f85b64815183a458b5ea210379371734a424889ded7f8de018d7e4c6f1ce7196980c80e9d6f3bb748668415d2102051d068ac8dee4aa46af230ea46d96a860c4c65f000831e748b866ffdfb74f3d21029c7cc1f53494ae3ce3f44adbdf9bee34ce5f8e70cb099b9c72ba31f71cf1617c57ae"
Amount: 0.00001234

I've edited a bit of the private keys, etc. – though there are only a few sats, so if anyone suspects that there are cracks, enjoy it.

The answer I get is "null" instead of the expected output from signrawtransaction (including the signed transaction).

Is offline browsing bad for SEO?

I know that "how often a page is visited has a good impact on search engine optimization."

Suppose we have an article in our PWA. If a user repeatedly uses the cached item on different days, it can not be tracked because it is offline. What about SEO, which depends on how many people visited this page? and how much time do you spend on this site?

Wallet – If I send a BTC to an offline repository, does the transaction appear in the blockchain when I send it, or when I receive it, or not at all?

It seems you have a misunderstanding about how Bitcoin transactions work.

Transactions are not things that are sent directly to the recipient. The recipient does not need to be online to receive Bitcoin, as he does not have to do anything to confirm a transaction. If you are a Bitcoin person, the transaction you create is instead sent to the entire Bitcoin network. Whether the recipient receives the transaction is irrelevant.

Once the transaction has been sent to the Bitcoin network, a miner should include it in a block and become part of the blockchain. Being in a block means that the transaction has been "confirmed". While it is not in a block, it is "unconfirmed".

If the recipient is offline when sending the transaction and the transaction is confirmed (i.e., contained in a block) while it is offline, it sees the transaction in the blockchain while synchronizing the blockchain.

In your example, the transaction is sent to the network, and a miner inserts your transaction into a block. It will not be displayed in the blockchain when you send it, but it will be displayed in the blockchain shortly thereafter. It does not matter if your cold store wallet is offline or online because the recipient does not have to do anything to get Bitcoin.

Block Explorer generally listen to unconfirmed transactions in the Bitcoin network. Once they receive your unconfirmed transaction, they make it searchable. If they do not see it, once it's in a block and they get the block containing it, they'll show it too.

Offline method with ringtones | Money Maker discussion

Create a special ringtone card that looks chic, hip, sexy, sharp and modern, appealing to younger people. Do it very well, but of course you have to put your ringtone domain on the ringtone special card. If you make this ugly and disorganized, it will not work so well at all.

Okay, you have the design? When formatting, make sure you get 8 to 10 cards per page. Okay, print out these fuckers at the printing office in your city. I'm sure there are many. Now you will have them laminated. Then cut them out one after the other.

Try to find popular high school kids and teens (maybe someone who plays in the football team, or the cheerleaders or the school president), and let them spread these things throughout the school.

This can also work with these Cush offers as teenagers really love them on your ringtone domain now. Make sure you frame them and make them look free. This will really increase and the conversions on the card are of course free for the cool people

Now, as an alternative, you can do what I am doing right now: buy ads from the schools, it will be much cheaper and give you a little money to have the bulletin link to your so-called amazing, free, hottest ringtone club.

Is Newspaper Supplement a Great Way to Offline Marketing?

In the face of falling newspaper sales, I recommend that you refer to other people with the inserts and inquire about their ROI. You can also determine if they will achieve a good ROI if they continue to place the flyers there! I'm not sure what a "limited car insurance license" is, but consider creating a newsletter with good tips to help your target customer. ALWAYS make sure you provide your contact information and why you can help them. Send them to everyone you know! Think of other creative ways to promote your name. Think differently and you will notice. If you have a few clients, it is time to do so much for them that they are happy that word of mouth starts. Good luck to get these customers!

freenas – offline deduplication software for ZFS

I have a 300 TB Freenas server to back up multiple Linux nodes. Backup works with daily snapshot and rsync tasks.

The user often moves large amounts of data (2 to 5 TB) between servers. As a result, large files are often backed up multiple times on multiple servers.

Online deduplication would be too expensive (1.5TB of RAM …). Is there an offline deduplication software?

I mean, the files have the same name and often the same access times – fdupes would see them as identical with minimal effort …