document library – Need to convert “Grouped By” categorisation view to offline folders. How do I achieve this in power automate workflow?

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in sharepoint by any standard, but I am quite IT literate. My current situation is thus:

I have several sharepoint areas that the files inside are sorted by the “Grouped By” view and the files have been given 10’s of categorisations, otherwise they are just in a single folder behind the scenes.

I have been tasked so that these files are put into folders which are organised and titled by the “Grouped By” categorisation so they can be managed offline.

Someone else suggested:

“Create a power automate workflow. Manually triggered. For each file,
if Column1 = “123”, then put it into a folder named “123”, for

From the user’s point on view, nothing changes on SharePoint in the
web browser. From the file explorer/OneDrive point of view, the files
are organized in folders.”

I got as far as ‘Manually triggered’ but I do not see from the list of operations the most likely candidate to put things into folders. I see create folder, but not a way to implement this solution.

❓ASK – How many taxes do you pay to maintain your business (wether online wether offline business) in your country? | Proxies-free

There are many countries that tax every single cent entrepreneurs earn and even alleged returns, apart of to tax for the bureaucracy maintenance. No mind if the business is online or offline.

About Latin America (Mercosur) countries I know
There are countries like Argentina where companies end up closing because the tax system constitutes an heavy burden at the point it’s impossible to follow with the business. Uruguay looks like to face the same matter. Brazil stays in a somewhat better condition, but medium sized companies gets too burdened by taxes too. Small sized companies pay between 10 and 27% of taxes on the income, more or less as the Brazilian small sized enterprises.
In any way, to become freelancers in Argentina looks like convenient as to open an individual micro-enterprise in Brazil: in such cases, there is only a small amount to pay to social security in a monthly basis to ensure pension rights.

About south European countries I know
Italian entrepreneurs pay 70% of their income, apart of the VAT and other compulsory bureaucracy.
Spain: between 49 and 61%.
Portugal is very much better than Italy and Spain: small and medium sized companies pay 21% of taxes.

What about your countries?

offline transactions – What im supposed to do to run Core in airgapped computer?

What do you do? Just open it and leave it trying to sync indefinitely and just use it to create and store keys and sign them?

Can I stop it from trying to sync?

Also as you sign the unsigned transactions by opening the generated PSBT files in your online laptop, does this offline wallet save the history and record that this transaction was made even tho it isn’t reflected because its offline? just to keep track of it.

Guide to Google Ads offline conversions


Offline conversions are any valuable actions that you know have been impacted by your ad investment, but can’t be tracked by traditional conversion tracking.

Actions tracked may include:
– Trial to paying customer.
– Completed enrollment.
– Funded deals.
– In-store purchases.

UTMs are the most crucial component of offline conversion tracking. They ensure leads can be traced back to ad spend (provided you’ve set up proper tracking in your CRM/shopping client).

How to Set up Offline Conversions Through Existing Integrations?
Offline conversions tracking has two set-up paths:
– Import from an existing source.
– Uploads from files or connections.

If you’re using a popular CRM/ESP (email service provider)/shopping platform, the easiest path will be to upload from HTTPS. This will allow you to log into your “source of truths,” connecting them to Google Ads.

If you choose “Google Sheets,” be sure you download the right template. Whoever sets up the conversions should have minimum “Standard” level access, although “Admin” is preferred.


file system – How to add strong encryption to an SD card so that I can access it both on my desktop and phone using open source non tracking offline tools?

The question says it all. So far I was able to find out

  1. Default android encrypted SD card can only be read by the phone or by a skilled hacker or their non open source tools
  2. There are tools that are clunky to use or not open source (cannot be trusted) or riddled with bugs (cannot be used with important files)
  3. I know I can zip files but that’s so impractical.
  4. Most apps use weak encryption algorhithms that are not suitable anymore for anything but a kid who finds your phone in a park

Question: Is there no solution like examples: veracrypt (for windows) or luks (for linux)? Such as mounting a volume and accessing it in your file browser like I do now when I insert an SD card in my phone, it then mounts the volume, which I then am able to access in my file browser. That is what I want with encryption ideally, it’s the simplest most practical and natural way to do it, so I assume there is a way to do it…

banco de dados – Como cancelar uma escrita no Realtime Database do Firebase se o usuário estiver offline?

Estou desenvolvendo um app em React Native com o Expo, de automação. Gostaria de cancelar uma escrita no banco de dados do Firebase (Realtime Database) caso o usuário esteja offline, pois se ele deixar o App em segundo plano e voltar, mesmo depois de um tempo, o comando feito anteriormente ainda persiste e altera a informação no banco de dados, ativando o equipamento. Segue a parte do código:

acionar = () => {
      estado: 'on',

Desde já, agradeço!

bitcoind – I am working on a Bitcoin HD Wallet implementation in C#, Trying to build a HD Wallet offline for subscribed users following BIP44

I am working on a Bitcoin HD Wallet implementation in C#, Trying to build a HD Wallet offline for subscribed users following BIP44.

Is there a way use a remote node for looking at the Received Transactions in a particular HD Wallet parent address, mainly to track all the deposits in child addresses?

Looking for relevant functions to achieve this.

linux – Install gtk-common-themes on Raspberry Pi Offline

I am trying to install “gtk-common-themes” for Snap offline on a Raspberry Pi 2B. It is imperative the device stays offline. On another Raspberry Pi 3 (online) machine, running the same OS (raspbian buster 10), I used snap download gtk-common-themes, copied the files to a USB drive, and put them on the Raspberry Pi 2.
After running:

sudo snap ack gtk-common-themes_1515.assert

followed by

sudo snap ack gtk-common-themes_1515.snap

I get

error: cannot assert: cannot decode request body into assertions: parsing assertion headers: header is not utf8.

Can somebody please help me understand why this is happening? I have not had trouble with other snap packages.

firefox – How can I open a saved website using browser offline mode?

I had opened a site and closed my browser (i.e. Firefox). After reopening, I have enabled offline mode to load the saved website, but the webpage can not be opened.
I remember Internet Explorer could open recently closed websites in offline mode. Does anyone know how to load recently closed websites in offline mode in Firefox?

Offline commandline Thesaurus?

Online command-line thesaurus?

This here has answers for an Online thesaurus. I need an offline thesaurus for the commandline. If there is none, is there a library available in the repos containing something like a database for synonymns and antonymns that I can use to make an application with?