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1. What is Ola City?

Ola City is a performance-based advertising platform (Performance Marketing Platform) where businesses can promote their products and services to millions of customers at the lowest cost, bringing the highest efficiency. Ola City is also a platform that helps millions of participants take advantage of their free time to earn extra income by making simple tasks: downloading apps, watching ads, playing games, doing surveys, recommending products, services, … Or save money on daily purchases through the cashback program.

2. How to join Ola City system?

Steps to join Ola City:

  • Visit the website: https://olacity.com/ref/425646802
  • Select “Sign up now for free”.
  • Fill out the registration information.
  • Find the registered mail to activate your account and log back into the system.

From here you have completed the procedure to join Ola City.


3. How to make money with Ola City?

There are 3 main ways to make money with Ola City:

  • First way: Participate in the implementation of tasks given by Ola City such as download the app, complete a survey, view an advertisement, share articles, play games…
  • Second way: Use the Ola City cashback feature to shop at e-commerce sites as well as offline stores affiliated with Ola City to get a 3% – 50% cashback depending on the partner.
  • Third way: Introduce your friends to make money with Ola City and receive a 3% bonus on the total sales of all members in your 7 levels system. For example, if you introduce 10 people, then these 10 people introduce 10 more people each, you will have 110 people in your team. For every person earning from Ola City $50 each, you will get a team bonus of (110 % x $50) x 3% = $162

KYC Verification

1. What is KYC? How long is the KYC review time?

KYC is the process of authenticating your account to increase security, helping Ola City protect your information comprehensively. Along with that, Ola City can easily assist in solving the problems you are facing during the visit. KYC review time will be from 1-5 days.

2. Why did I KYC many times but failed?

In case you have KYC many times but failed, it may belong to one of the following errors:

1. Full name provided is incomplete/inaccurate.

2. Error of ID card/Passport

3. Wrong date, month, year of birth.

4. Incomplete address provided

5. Wrong Province/City name

6. Provide missing front/back photo ID

7. Passport expires

8. Provide missing portraits of your portrait with your ID/Passport with “Ola City” text and date of KYC

For support regarding the failed KYC issue, please send an email to (email protected) with the following content: Title: KYC Failure, Ola City account email, ID/Passport number.


1. How do I withdraw from Ola City?

You can choose to withdraw your income by BUSD,USDT or OLC (Ola Coin) from Ola City to your Wallet.

Step 1: Sign into Ola City, choose “My Wallet”

Step 2: Choose the desired cryptocurrency to withdraw, either OLC or USDT.

Step 3: Insert your wallet’s address.

Step 4: Input your desired withdrawal amount (minimum withdrawal: $5)

Step 5: Click on the confirmation link in an email sent upon clicking “Withdraw”.

Note: After confirming your withdrawal through the email, your withdrawal order will be in your account within 48 hours.

This is my proof:


☑️NEW – olacity.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? | Proxies-free

Yes, this is making money online site in Vietnam, and now extending into the world! It’s really legit!
You have 50 ads to view per day. And you can get 0.001 to 0.003$/ads depending waiting time.
Minpay 5$ and you can withdraw by worldwide wallet (it will be coming soon detail)
Other ways you can earn by shorten link and Affiliated campaign!
Everyone interesting let joining here: https://olacity.com/ref/307164808
See my payment proof:
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