sharepoint online – Clear People picker field in Powerapps

I am trying below code to clear people picker field but this does not work when i submit form

On People picker i set defaultselecteditems below so if user select Approve its set value blank in Peoplepicker


and on Submit button i written below

    {ID: VarID},

But it does not clear value for people picker

sharepoint online – Get to know which field/column got update/edit in a list

Using SharePoint online.

I have custom form (CSS + JS) that add/update/delete item from a SharePoint list. This form is linked with multiple master list to provide drop downs.

Now my customer need an email notification whenever any data get added or field get updated for any existing record. That email should carry the details about field in which data get added or updated, along with the previous data.

I am not sure how to build this solution, should I create a sub-transaction list which carry replica of existing records and on every update workflow will compare it with newly update record field by field.

Or there is any solution for using SharePoint version history to achieve this.. any suggestion on it !

Do any of your family or friends know of your online sites? | Forum Promotion

It occurred to me that if anything happened to me no one would be able to get into my sites and let people know so I would just disappear. I don’t really want to give out passwords to anyone. If anything happened to you would your family or friends be able to tell people? If it was a long illness I guess you would be able to prepare others but not if it was a sudden accident.


powershell – How to check permissions per specific user for all sites in SharePoint Online

How can I check (create csv report) all permissions per specific user for ALL SharePoint site collection on SharePoint Online tenant?

Is there PowerShell script for that as I’m not aware of a report in SP Online admin centre..

I see there are scripts for SP2010/13 and I used before ControlPoint (Metalogix) to do so, but cannot find anything for SharePoint Online.

Your help is much appreciated!

sharepoint online – Can’t drag & drop files into library and users cannot download files

I have a document library that contains about 8000 files in various folders in SharePoint Online.

Up until today, I haven’t had any issues, but starting today, I can no longer drag & drop files into any of the folders. When I drag a file over the library, it says the normal “Drag the items to any location” but dropping them does nothing.

I can use “New -> Item” and upload files individually however.

Another user who needs to get the files now goes into the library and does not have a Download button on the bar at the top of the library. She only has “Delete Item” and “Move To”. That’s it.

I created a new test document library in the same site, and I can drag & drop to it without a problem. Did MS roll out some restriction today?

europe – Is it cheaper to book Dutch train tickets online in advance compared to paying on the day?

I am going to the Netherlands and might need to get a train. (Between Eindhoven and Amsterdam). On (the large train operator that does that route), they list the price as €17.90ish. That’s for booking it online.

However, I’m not sure what price it’d be if I were to turn up on the day and buy a ticket for the next train going that way.

Here in Ireland if you book train tickets online in advance, it’s much cheaper than if you arrive in the train station and want to buy a ticket for the next train. (e.g. €20 online vs. €60 last minute in some cases). Is this the same in the Netherlands with NS or is it the same price regardless of when you book?

Update I don’t care what sort of train to take, I just want to get from Eindhoven to Amsterdam.

Money isn’t too much of an issue, I just don’t want to be asked to pay €50 per ticket when I could have got it for <€20 had I only booked online!

learning – SharePoint Online Site for a Hospital Service

I have been tasked with developing a SharePoint Online site for my service at my hospital. I am an RN and in no way familiar with web and technological jargon.

Is there a location where I can find very basic and beginner information about how to create a SharePoint for my service?

Or do I need to already have a higher level working knowledge of information technology?

I have tried to read the beginner SPO information and do not understand the jargon.

Our IT department has not been mandated to support our individual service level needs related to SharePoint Online. However an SPO site for each service will still be created.

Thank you in advance for any information and/or direction you are able to provide.

How do I apply more than one conditional formatting rule using JSON to a SP Online List column?

You cannot apply multiple JSON formatting codes to single column. So, you have to manage multiple conditions/rules within same JSON.

For changing color to red when number is negative, add below code in your existing JSON:


"style": {
      "color": "=if(@currentField < 0, 'red', '#323130')"


Documentation: Use column formatting to customize SharePoint

Safe Online Payments

I remember the time when my friends were betting on sports in the stadium during the match. Yes, now there are many bookmakers that work online, but unfortunately, there are also a lot of scammers. I advise you not to use sites with a bad reputation and those that don’t work legally. Also here you will find a lot of useful information on how to increase your cybersecurity when entering personal data online and how to check the reliability of a bookmaker’s site on the Internet.

authentication – Suddenly failing to authenticate against SharePoint online after the weekend April 10-11

After the weekend (10-11 of April) I suddenly started failing to authenticate against multiple Sharepoint Online tenants with an app hosted in Azure using an AppId and Secret.

Through fiddling with the code i found out that raising NET framework (4.5 -> 4.6.1) and redeploying seemed to fix this for some tenants (and reverting back to 4.5 leading to error), but what i can´t figure out is why this is happening (and even some tenants seemed to not have any problems with the 4.5 versions).

I have not been able to find any news about changes other than there was a security update on the 14 of April for Sharepoint Online (so that does not align with when the problems started).

Has anyone else ran into this problem or has any idea whats happening?

The code is relying on “SharePointContext.cs” and “TokenHelper.cs” to authenticate.