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An online resource for traffic will be forum promotion

Creating a new website, forum, or community is exciting and allows you to share your thoughts or even inventions with the world. However, so many webmasters and site administrators with the best ideas have trouble persuading people to read, watch, or share their content. Maybe it's the overwhelming number of websites that appear on the Internet every day, or maybe they are doing something wrong in their marketing efforts. Whatever the reasons for your challenges, there is an extremely effective way to counter some of the most common issues that may arise when promoting your website. With timeless and useful content, you can give people around the world stronger reasons to bookmark, share, and value your content.

What are online resources?
Of course, I'm talking about creating online resources for your website. If this concept puzzles your mind, do not be afraid – There are many examples of online resources for just about every single niche. From service reviews and top 10 lists to compilation videos on YouTube, there is so much content that you can "piggy back" on to increase the usefulness and traffic of your site. For example, a website can offer reviews or tutorials about technology. A forum community can use polls to provide short and sweet articles that discuss the original question and survey results. A service or product can display comparisons between own offers and similar businesses. I remember creating a video that compared two game modes. I discussed the pros and cons of each, showed the viewers how each in-game addon worked and was installed, and encouraged a healthy debate in the comments. I did not think much of this video because it only took an hour to record, edit and upload. At the time I did not know, but I had created an online resource. Since uploading the video, I've received over 75,000 unique views on YouTube, earned over $ 80, and most of all, triggered video traffic to my site.

I could write for hours about all the online resources I've created over time, but I just want to emphasize how easy and simple it really can be. You do not even spend an hour creating a unique video like mine. A simple breakdown of 5 similar services or products that relate to your website can be an incredible article. If you're a real webmaster invested in the niche of your website, this article should be pretty easy to write. The content you create should not promote your own website. It's just meant to sit next to your content to attract more traffic to your site. If you manage a forum or blog, no matter how big or small, you may have noticed that individual thread / article links on social networks are shared more frequently than links to your main page. Imagine this: When you're on Facebook, do you see any links that lead directly to Medium or CNN? No, you're more likely to see a specific link to one of their recent articles. Do your friends often associate with or send you a direct URL to an interesting video? Most likely the latter. In short, if you're hoping people will link directly to the homepage or the forum section of your website, you probably want the wrong thing. What you really want is a variety of content (articles, videos, surveys, guides, etc.) that are more likely to be shared.

Followed rules for high-traffic content
Hopefully, you have begun to understand the benefits of creating online resources, but you may still have difficulty deciding what to create. For one thing, you know that the content has to be unique and of high quality. It must be useful and hopefully able to answer a question that potential visitors have in mind or even in their Google search bar. Second, you should focus on a topic that is not dealt with comprehensively. Do we really need another article comparing XenForo and vBulletin if neither version of the software released a new version? Perhaps a better article would compare two similar XenForo plug-ins to help administrators improve their own communities. The question to which your content responds, or the topic should be somewhat disseminated for maximum effectiveness, but dark enough not to be drowned out by the millions of other websites you are competing with. Let me give an example of how I created an online resource page to answer a question, but made the mistake of being too specific with a question that the general public is hardly looking for.

Dark content – not available
I've created a tutorial titled "How do I fix the bug X in Visual Studio version Y". I spent some time because I experienced the mistake myself and spent more than an hour searching the Internet for an answer. It was an obscure question with few to zero online resources to help programmers find the update. According to our rules for creating online resources to increase traffic, my troubleshooting tutorial could have been extremely effective. However, the topic was far from widespread. My content was relevant only to Windows 10 users, to the particular version of Visual Studio I used, and only if the project required a specific module. Although I have received some words of thanks from other programmers looking for the fix, the content has not brought any significant traffic to my content and could be considered a failure. This brings me to my last point: Creating online resources can be very similar to fishing. You may throw many lines into the sea of ​​potential site visitors, but once you find the right bait or methods, your time to create high-sharing content will be much easier.

Persistent and high effort
I can promise you, whether it's your exact phrase for SEO purposes, the topics you've selected, or your marketing strategies that cause your content to go unnoticed. If you keep trying, you will find out what your ideal target group wants. and what content you need to create to get massive accessibility improvements to your website. If you follow the rule of promoting content that is so dark that it offers little competition, but is widely enough to be searched for, you have a great advantage over authors or webmasters who focus on the most famous and exaggerated topics focus. If you can answer a question or give insight into a topic, make your website useful to every visitor. And if you do all this with a great deal of skill to prove your skills, you will stand out from your competitors. Keep in mind that people barely share links to homepages and category lists (for example, forums, WordPress category page). It's the individual videos and articles that are shared. So it's your job to create them. There is no excuse for making your website sterile with just a blog or forum install. The promise that a community is great is no longer enough. You must eject your lines if you want to catch a fish. At the present time, it is simply not enough to display a landing page or website statistic and a welcome message. Enter the work and you can take advantage of it.

Sharepoint Online – Verification for this page is invalid and may be corrupted. Use the back button on your web browser to try again

I work on 2 classic online team sites. One site is the root directory that contains the real list, and the other is an infrastructure site that contains some custom scripts and pages that I refer to using the modern embedded Web Part within the root directory site.
Inside the root site, I have a custom list called "CommentBoxSource," and I'll create a simple HTML form + Javascript to submit feedback. but when I submit the form, I get the following error: –

Verification for this page is invalid and may be corrupted. Please use
Click the Back button of your web browser to try again

Here is the HTML code: –

suggestion box:
You have a suggestion to improve our working environment below. Fill out the comments box below.
If desired, leave the Name / Department field blank to submit proposals anonymously.
All entries are reviewed regularly and reviewed by the HR team for their ability to operate.


Name / Department:

and here is the javascript I refer to in the HTML above: –

I am not sure why I get this error? and could this be the reason the above code was executed in a different site collection than in the CommentBoxSource list?

TO EDIT Due to the response from @BigRaj, I modified the script as follows:

            $ ("#submitfeedback") .click (function (e) {

e.preventDefault ();

var namedept = document.getElementById ("NameDept"). value;

var commentcustom = document.getElementById ("CommentCustom"). value;

var itemType = GetItemTypeForListName ("CommentBoxSource");
var item = {
"__metadata": {"type": itemType},
"Title": namedept,
"CommentBoxComment": commentcustom

if (commentcustom.trim () === & # 39; || commentcustom.trim () === & # 39 ;|| commentcustom.trim (). length <= 5) {
$ ("# commentcustom"). css ("background color", "rgb (256, 0, 0, 0.5)");
$ ("# commentcustom"). attr ("placeholder", "Please enter value here");

// Reset the text area by clicking again
$ ("# commentcustom"). click (function () {
$ ("# commentcustom"). css ("background color", "white");
$ ("# commentcustom"). attr ("placeholder", "");

Return; // <--- This prevents the Ajax call if the Custommessage text box is empty or contains only spaces
$ ("# customloader"). show ();
$ .ajax ({
URL: "/ _api / web / lists / getbytitle (& # 39;" + "CommentBoxSource" + "& # 39; / items",
Type: "POST",
contentType: "application / json; odata = verbose",
Data: JSON.stringify (element),
Headlines: {
"Accept": "application / json; odata = verbose",
"X-RequestDigest": $ (& # 39; #__REQUESTDIGEST & # 39;). Val (getDigest ())
Success: Function (Data) {

$ ("# customloader"). hide ();
$ (# S #). find (& # 39; input, text area, button, selection & # 39;). attr (& # 39; disabled & # 39 ;, & # 39; disabled & # 39; disabled);
$ ("#s") .replaceWith (" Your feedback has been submitted successfully");
Error: Function (data) {
$ ("# customloader"). hide ();
Alarm (data);



Function GetItemTypeForListName (Name) {
Return "SP.Data" + name.charAt (0) .toUpperCase () + name.split ("") .join (""). slice (1) + "ListItem";
Function getDigest () {
return $ .ajax ({
Type: "POST",
URL: & # 39; / _api / contextinfo & # 39 ;,
dataType: & # 39; json & # 39 ;,
Headlines: {
Accept: & # 39; application / json; odata = verbose & # 39;
}). then (function (results) {
return result.d.GetContextWebInformation.formDigestValue;

but still I get the same mistake …

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sharepoint online – How to fill out document templates automatically?

I have a document library dedicated to a particular PROJECT. I've linked 20 content types to it (for my 20 different project templates).

All of these templates have "common properties" such as name of the project, sponsor or department.

How do I find a way to display this recurring information (name, sponsor, department) in each template, if I know this information for my particular project? I do not want the project managers to manually copy this information and paste it into each of the results.

Is there a way to automatically populate the templates provided with this known information?

Many thanks