sharepoint online workflow content approval doesn’t send email for some reason

I have a list and i have set it to use the require content approval.
I created a workflow SP 2013 to send an email when

If Approval Status = "Pending"
 - Send Email 

When i run the workflow manually or when an item is created it doesn’t send an email.
But when i use SP 2010 designer workflow it works.
Why is SP 2013 designer workflow isn’t sending emails. Am i missing something with the content approval with SP 2013 designer?

Thanks in Advance

sharepoint online – newform.aspx Source= URL has query parameters with &

Currently, I have a filtered SP page with parameters (FilterField1=Title&FilterValue1=XXX). Adding a new item to the NewForm.aspx – My Source url is

After I hit Save the Redirect removes the & and everything after it, so returns this-

I want to have the redirect keep the parameters so the plan page is filtered again.

How can I all the parameters to stay in the source redirect?

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sharepoint online – Locking out a file in Power Automate

I have a Power Automate that updates the properties of a Document

The problem that I am having is, if a user say User A has the document open in the browser for editing, and the Power Automate is started after that by some other user say user B, all the fields updated by the Power Automate are lost when user A makes some changes to the file and saves it, after the PowerAutomate is completed

Is there a way to handle this?