sharepoint online – How do I set a date / time field that is required when a person / group field contains a value?

I'm working on a custom list within the classic classic Sharepoint interface. and in the custom list I have 2 fields: –

  1. "ResponsibilityOwner" -> people / group that allow a single value.
  2. "ResponsibilityAssignedDate" -> Date Only.

Now I want to force the "ResponsibilityAssignedDate" if "ResponsibilityOwner" is not empty.

So I've added this script to the New / Edit Lists forms to check if "ResponsibilityOwner" contains a user value: –

function PreSaveItem () {
var result = true;
var owner = $ ("Enter[id*='ResponsibilityOwner_']");
var attr = owner.attr (& # 39; value & # 39;);
Alarm (attr);
if (typeof attr! == typeof undefined && attr! == false || attr! == "[]") {

Return result;


However, I have not found a way to verify that the ResponsibilityAssignedDate contains a date value or not. If I select a date from the calendar, I can not find how to save it in the associated input field "ResponsibilityAssignedDate".

Here are the 2 fields: –
Enter the image description here

So someone can ask for advice?

sharepoint online – Filter list data after retrieving the list using JavaScript

I'm trying to do a bunch of queries on a sharepoint list. I know that you can use CAML queries to filter the list so that only specific information is displayed. However, I want to get the entire list first and then run my filters. Can you do that anyway?

For example, retrieve the list and filter the list to see how many entries under a particular category (selection box) have been logged, such as: Complaint, feedback etc.

I want to be able to run the queries after retrieving the list so I do not have to write separate functions to basically retrieve the same list over and over again.

Sell ​​- Naruto Online Game Guides

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sharepoint online – Retrieve users' e-mails and save them in a text box in NewForm

I have a field on my SHarePoint online site with multiple values ​​for people or groups and a field with the name for multiple lines. On NewForm I would like to retrieve the e-mail of all users and save them in a semicolon-separated multi-text field with Javascript / Jquery.

Can someone help me please?

Add a background image to the SharePoint Online Site

Go to the settings and select "change template". Choose a template (any, it does not matter). You can also change the wallpaper in the upper left corner.

If a .png or .gif – it must be less than 150kb.

You can also change the Master Page logo (the logo that appears next to the menu in the upper-left corner of your site) by going to Settings, then Title, Description, Logo.

sharepoint online – Exclude specific folder from SP sync

After many online searches, I believe that the answer will be "no," but I wanted to exhaust all possibilities just in case, My question is: Can you exclude a specific folder in a DocLib from syncing? The use case is that multiple Web sites have the same folder whose contents are GIGANTIC and fully exploit memory when a user is synchronized locally. I know that after syncing you can choose from the "Settings" of the Systray which folders should be used for further synchronization. Is there a way to disable this huge folder before syncing to avoid memory issues? Thank you in advance.


sharepoint online – How do I get a list item and an ad in the textbox over js?

I have an SP list with a line for system variables, counters, etc.

I have a text box and a button on a page. When I press the button I want:

  1. Get a counter value from the system list
  2. Display value in the text field
  3. Increase meter reading in the system list

Can not I find out Javascript / jquery / jsom /? to do this. Online examples relate to much more complex scenarios.

Can someone show me the right direction?