sharepoint online – object Object error in SPfx

Trying below code to read Sitecolumn but getting value as (object Object) OnClick Function


              public render(): React.ReactElement<IAutomationProps> 
                return (
                  <div style={divStyle} >

                    aria-label={items.RatingCount} styles={cardStyles} 
                    <DocumentCardImage height={150} imageFit={ImageFit.cover} imageSrc={items.Picture? items.Picture("Url") : ''} />
                      <DocumentCardTitle title={items.Title} shouldTruncate />
                       <label >{items.RatingCount}</label>
                  </DocumentCard> );

sharepoint online – How to customize the tooltip when user hover mouse over title of a webpart ContentEditor

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Any online service to develop android apps like this?

Any online service to develop android apps like this?

I just need a URL from my website shown in a webview of android app.
This is fairly simple, the code is freely available on internet.
My problem is that I cannot use google studio, does not works with screen readers.

So I am either looking for a website where I can enter URL, and they create the webview app,
or someone who will do this for me in google studio and give me finished & signed apk to upload to google play store, for a small fee (its pretty easy work).

I’ll provide the splash screen PNG if needed.

Anybody knows a website where I can build this app,
or someone who can do it for me?



sharepoint online – Multiple IFS in Sharepoiint Calculated columns

I am trying to write a formula in a calculated column that would populate shift hours base on shift name.
The Shift title column is names “ERSShift”.
The different shifts available are “Night Shift”,”Night Shift Weekend/Holiday”,”Day Shift”,”Day Shift Weekend/Holiday”, “Supervisor Coverage” and “Day Shift”.
The Shift “Night Shift” when entered should auto populate “3pm-7am” in my calculated column
The Shift “Night Shift Weekend/Holiday” should auto populate “7pm-7am” in my calculated column
The Shift “Day Shift Weekend/Holiday” should auto populate “7am-7pm”
The remaining 2 shifts have no shift hours associated and can be left blank.

I came up with this formula but it is broke, can you tell me what i am missing?
=IF(ERSShift=”Day Shift Weekend/Holiday”,”7am-7pm”,IF(ERSShift=”Night Shift”,”3pm-7am”,IF(ERSShift=”Night Shift Weekend/Holiday”,”7pm-7am”,””))))

Coinness app | Proxies-free – We Help Each Other to Make Money Online

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How to use Multisig feature on Bitcoin Core RPC in an online exchange?

I’ve craeted a small online exchange based on Bitcoin Core. The features in this application are:

  1. User send request to get a new address, and the Bitcoin Core generate a new one with defined passphrase.
  2. User can receive BTC on his own address.
  3. User can send BTC from his own address, and for this purpose, I’ve used sendtoaddress after unlocking account with walletPassphrase.

In this scenario, there is one complicated passphrase which is able to unlock all accounts. But after reading about multisig feature, I thought about implementing a scenario in this regard on my application. But there are some questions in my mind:

  1. I have used a fixed passphrase in my codes while sending transactions. Regarding to multisig concepts, I need to use different private keys to sign data instead of using a passphrase to unlock that account. Am I right?
  2. As the operation in an online exchange should be do automatically, I think I have to use all required private keys in the final step of my codes. In this case, I think I did not add any new security mechanism to my application as everything is located beside each other. Can I cound on security impact of multisig accounts in my application at all?

I hope you can help me so solve these issues in my mind.