sharepoint online – JSLink for the same list view web part on a page hides some fields

We need to create a single jslink file for two equal list view Web Parts that are configured on the same page

Here are the rendering rules that are defined

  1. The first Web Part should contain some columns that you want to show or hide
  2. The second Web Part should contain some columns that you want to show or hide.

We found out something for conditional rendering
ctx.wpq == "WPQ3"

How can we render the view with such a condition?
Any help would be appreciated?

Is it possible to create a share link to a specific location in a Word Online document?

I would like to be able to send a link to a colleague who will take him to a specific location in the document when the document is opened in the Word Online web application.

For example, a programmer who needs to see a small section of a large document. I would like the document to be opened directly in the given heading.

Is that possible? To a headline? A bookmark?

sharepoint online – Creates a site from a saved template that is not available

The option to create a site template is not available to me.

Enter image description here

So, I went to SharePoint Designer and set "SaveSiteAsTemplateEnabled" to true on the Site tab under Site Options.
Then I navigated directly to "/_layouts/15/savetmpl.aspx" to save my template, and then downloaded it from the SiteCollectionGallery.

Now I want to create a site with this template, but my template does not appear in the template list.

Enter image description here

Note: If I go to Site Settings -> Site Administration -> In the Sites and Workspaces dialog box, click Build, then other templates appear for a moment before I get redirected to the page without my template. I copied the link before forwarding and received the following message:

An error occurred while processing your request.

Thank you for your help.

sharepoint online – Content Orgniser Automation with SPD Workflow

If a user enters the location incorrectly and the document lands in the wrong place. I wrote an SPD workflow that moves the document back to the submission library. However, if the document arrives at the delivery library again, the document will not be automatically forwarded. I have to go to the properties and click submit. Is there a way to move a document within Content Organizer without this extra step? Is there a REST URL I can use or a feature that automatically triggers the Content Organizer from a SPD workflow?

Is it possible to automatically connect to scheduled Google Meet Online meetings? (for hands-free operation)

I'm looking for a way to automatically connect to scheduled Google Meetings (or Hangouts) when they're started (to enable simple hands-free calling while driving).

If there is an option to get an "incoming call screen" that allows you to accept or decline the meeting, this is even better