Run Onpage SEO Audit for each website for $ 20

Complete onpage SEO audit for every website

Complete onpage SEO audit for every website
On-page SEO is very important!
Best keyword research is also important !!
I will make sure that your website SEO is USER friendly
I will send you a comprehensive and clear report on your website

Some of the things that I will examine and which you will include in the report:

  • Title, Meta, Heading Tags
  • Old attributes
  • backlinks
  • link structure
  • Broken links
  • Friendly URLs
  • Robots & Sitemaps
  • Mobile & Tablet Rendering
  • Page size, objects and loading speed
  • Compression and image optimization
  • Social profiles connected
  • Social profile activity
  • SSL security
  • Malware
  • Canonical edition
  • Double content
  • Duplicate meta

Get Onpage Yoast SEO for your $ 5 Woocommerce website

Provide Onpage Yoast SEO for your Woocommerce website

I'll use YOAST to implement on-page SEO for your Woocomerce website and improve your Google search ranking. 20 pages of products provided.

– 5 keywords researched (per product category group)
– Embed relevant keywords in product title / description
– 1 focus key phrase
– Cornerstone link to linked blog posts of your company
– Meta description
– Alt tags for pictures
– Schema markup

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Website SEO Audit & On Page SEO recommendation for $ 20

Website SEO Audit & On Page SEO Recommendation

Comprehensive website exam

Search engines rely on many factors to rate a website. I review and review these factors and identify any issues that might keep your site from its potential.

In addition, I provide a clear, actionable, prioritized list of recommendations designed to improve.

If you are a small business owner, I can help you to improve and promote your website without
the high cost of the agencies.

DIY SEO searches your entire site for problems, recommends clear, easy-to-follow tasks
Instructions for your website type. In addition, I will monitor your on-page search engine optimization and keep you up to date on the performance of your website.

Beautiful white label PDF reports with branding

Perfect for small business owners, digital agencies
SEO experts, web designers or anyone who needs to improve a website!

WordPress on page SEO of your site for $ 10

WordPress on page SEO of your website

If you are looking for a high quality On page SEO service That can rank your website high on Google SERPs with pure white hats OnSite Optimization Then you are exactly right with us.

I do a thorough keyword research on a local, national or international level and then I am optimizing your website so that the keywords can be classified correctly …

On Page SEO optimization includes:

  • High quality keywords in the SEO titles.
  • Generate XML Sitemaps & Robots.txt with the correct settings
  • Integration of Google Webmaster and Analytics
  • Internal linking
  • Structured data
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • URL structure
  • Tags and meta descriptions
  • Image alt tags
  • Problems with duplicate content.

Onpage SEO Audit

Hello friends,

I'm looking for the best onpage SEO advice for the sites listed below.

I have to rank this page in Australia. Someone told me that my onpage is not perfect.
I post these pages here in the hope that some experts will help me here.

assignhelp4me dot com / write-my-essay dot html
assignhelp4me dot com / essay-help dot html

Thank you in advance.

I'll do the on-page search engine optimization of your website content for $ 5

I'll complete the on-page search engine optimization of your website content

In the world of S.E.O, it's no secret that you're unlikely to kill the organic search game when you're not on page 1. A recent study shows that the first three organic search ranking positions account for nearly 40% of all click-throughs, while up to 30% of all results on pages 1 and 2 are not clicked at all.

That costs money. All the best, right?

SEO is relatively cheap in a big way, and the payoff is most likely to be considered in terms of the value and bottom line of a brand.

It costs nothing; This is a real business investment. A good SEO implementation will last for years. And like most things in life, it only gets better with more attention (and investment).

Hello potential customer

Have you been looking for an expert who can do it? onpage SEO?

Well, do not search there anymore, in this very much professionel SEO Optimization Gig, I will provide you with all kinds of SEO services, I am an expert in Yoast SEO. backlinking. keyword research. Lead generation, and Write content,

Services that you receive from this appearance.

  1. Title optimization.
  2. Excerpt and category selection
  3. Optimization of meta tags, meta description.
  4. H1, H2, H3 tags optimization.
  5. image Enhancement,
  6. Optimization of internal links,
  7. hyperlink & Anchor text optimization.
  8. S.E.O Friendly URL (100%)
  9. Analytics and Webmaster Tool Setup.

(tagsToTranslate) SEO (t) Onpage (t) Offpage (t) Keyword (t) Ranking (t) Google1s

On-Page Review Please!


I recently selected a customer and would like to ask other experts to review the on-page optimization and make suggestions I missed.

Really looking for an opportunity to learn so generously with the positive criticism.

Thank you all!

Targeting 5,000 keywords Budget – Offsite SEO for $ 165

Targeting 5,000 Keywords Budget – Offsite SEO

Ste-B-B2B – Rooted since 2008 in B2B, E-Commerce, SEO + Digital Marketing

5,000 targeted keywords – Budget Offsite SEO Campaign Plus

For only 165 US dollars/ Month Ste-B-B2B would aim for a huge total of 5, 000 keywords with our Powerful and proven Budget – Offsite Only SEO Plan,

If it also requires your website Onsite Web SEO Optimization Importance configuration Please have a look at our other services,

Our SEO services on site are from a single payment of only $ 25

We are also able to offer a lot SEO advantageous FREE BONUS GOODS with our Budget – Offsite Only SEO Plan, Look at ours Top 10 free bonuses Here we can give you one Global Value for Money Guarantee,


  1. 5,000 Longtail Type Keywords Research = = £ 65 Value
  2. 5 million tiered SEO Ultra-Safe Backlinks = = £ 105 worth
  3. 40-80 Daily Tiered SEO Ultra Safe Deeplinks = = 25 GBP / month
  4. 100,000 – Keyword Organic Web Visitors = = £ 65 / v
  5. SMM Networks / Bookmarks Indexing = = 20 GBP / month
  6. Search engine submissions = = £ 10 / wk
  7. Directories Submissions = = £ 10 / wk. value
  8. Forum contributions = = £ 10 / wk
  9. Websites Postings = £ 10 / wk
  10. Blogs Postings = = £ 10 / wk

Ste B B2B We are able to provide you with as many free bonuses as we can provide our own resources, which puts us ahead of our competitors' agencies and leads the industry Buzz Lightyears

PLEASE NOTE: With our * Top 10 free bonuses – Some extremely unscrupulous customers would ideally abuse this and terminate their account early after the first payment.

For exactly this reason and our inappropriate costs Free bonuses will be issued 2 months following the first payment,

This service is especially suitable for Longtail keywords, We can not guarantee Trending keywords to reach the first page of search engines.

We would research your long tail keywords for free. However, the results may be limited to you Budget – Offsite SEO Plan,

It is very rare that we can not meet Long-tail keywords, The results are, however, niche-specific No webmaster knows every niche market,

Our Budget – Offsite SEO Plan is most strictly only monthly subscription service,

Thanks alotto open our SEOClerk's exclusive offsite SEO service and read the content.


On-page optimization techniques? | Proxies-free

  1. Kajes

    April 3, 2014
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    Here are some basic onpage optimization tips
    1. Content – Unique, well-written content
    2. Meta tags
    3. Internal links
    4. Loading time of the website
    What should I put attention on?

  2. brave knight
    New member

    December 29, 2014
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    you are right with this 4 point but you leave the important one to this "the title with meta keyword" the goal

  3. Mobile Optimized is very important nowadays.

  4. EmmeD
    New member

    May 26, 2015
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    Here are some others:
    – Keep your URL short
    – Use keywords in the headings
    – Add long-tail keywords
    – Use images with keywords in the alt tag

  5. she is devil
    New member

    December 3, 2015
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    I recently learned a few others:

    • Use two backlinks for every 500 words
    • Sprinkle LSI keywords in the article
    • Use your main keyword at least three times (title, first paragraph and last paragraph)
    • Do not use the main keyword more than once
  6. Brilliantly share everyone!

  7. saisaanvi
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    June 13, 2019
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    Here you will find the most important optimization techniques on the page
    1. keyword research and optimization
    2. Content optimization
    5.Internal link
    6. Image and Alt Tag Optimization

    Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

On-page SEO mistakes

The biggest problem I can think of is a lack of appropriate semantics or logical document structure. Semantic Markup – a sick euphemism for "using HTML properly" which is used not to offend the mouth breathers who still vomit HTML as if their skulls had wedged the rectum of 1997 – exists to say what things are, so that the "user-agent" can best convey that meaning within device limitations and potential handicaps of the user. Whether the end user is sighted or not seen with TTY or a giant high-resolution display, the base HTML should be accessible to everyone. This plays a good role in the search because search engines just do not have eyeballs. As such, search engines 99% of the time, unless you abort things for tricks like "content cloaking," could give a flying purple fish about your layout and / or your color choices. It's about the content of the quality, the logical order and the meanings that are conveyed by the selection of HTML tags.

As Matt Cutts told us over a decade ago, you write for the user NOT the search engine.

For this purpose, "keyword stuffing" is not only a bad thing from the standpoint of professional writing, but also a way to beat your ass for abuse! Too high a "keyword density" can actually offend you, as this is not natural or even high quality content. Sure, in the short term – for a month or two, a maximum of three – it can give you an artificial boost, but that may mark you for review, and an actual person says, "Well, they're doing everything they can to abuse the system." You can get Pimp-Slapped with an instant De-Rank.

But that's why many SEO scammers love keyword tricks. It's a way for them to make it look successful, take the money, run and never worry about you again, "Well, I got paid." Worse, in combination with things like "magical perfect matches," they can make you THINK they know what they're doing with card-stacked lies, and if / when that rank decline occurs, they'll say, "All right, the market has changed so we continue to lick money from you. $$$, which you would never have had to spend if, instead of filling it with "keyword density", it would have been the content that best suits the needs of the USER.

But that's like the majority of SEO bullshit. Yes, Bullshit! Most of it does more harm than good, and what's actually helpful should be, at least from the page's perspective, a natural part of building websites and content if you take the trouble to comply with the bloody structural rules of HTML and Professional follow norms. It does NOT guarantee to be an industry in itself or to be something for which you hire a few "experts" for whom you want to optimize.

However, it exists as such, as the front-end developers who are unable to write a single line of HTML or CSS are paired with the fraudster's SEO experts, who spread 100% blatant lies to be able to hurt the ignorance and hopes of those who just do not know better. A situation aggravated only by nonsense garbage like Bootcrap, JQuery, Turdpress and all the other shortcuts that do more harm than good and are nothing more than monuments to ignorance, incompetence and incompetence.

Content of the value, semantically marked, with a logical document structure. Anyone who tries to tell you that you should do much else on your pages sells manure.

Find the enemy and shoot him. Everything else is garbage! – Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen