Picture library slideshow webpart SharePoint 2019 On-Premise

I am using SharePoint 2019 On-Premise. I have created a new picture library. Add some pictures inside of it. After this, I add a picture slideshow webpart on my home page. I selected my picture library and the default view. I got this error:

This library either no longer exists or has no images in it. Please select a different library.

“Why do I got this error? I try also other views, but got the same error. I created a new view and selected it in my slideshow webpart, and got the same error.
In my virtual (VMWare server) workspace works great, but in test server environment i got described error.”

I found similar post here:
Picture library error: This library either no longer exists or has no images in it. Please select a different library
I cannot found any related information in event log.

FYI: I tried upgrade sharepoint to the newest version and not helped me…
I go step by step from this tutorial: https://sharepointmaven.com/add-slideshow-sharepoint-site/ and more others tutorials…
I just found only a small discrepancy in field preview picture(Field Internal Name= “PreviewOnForm”). This field not showing in server environment, it can be error, but I don’t know how to repair it…

How can I query on-premise SQL Server database from Azure SQL database using stored procedure?

I have a Azure SQL database and it has a stored procedure from where I am trying to join a table which resides in on-premise SQL server database.
Essentially, I am trying to query a table which sits in on-premise SQL server’s database.

Are there any options to make cross-server queries from Azure SQL database?

Search result not showing in SP 2019 on-premise modern site to anonymous user

The search result does not show when an anonymous user searches in SP 2019 on-premises modern site. Site is fully anonymous access enabled. I have done this literally 100s of times for classic. And it works for anonymous user if he searches from classic search page but the only problem comes when he searches from modern page.


Console errors before clicking in search text box on home page
enter image description here

Console errors after clicking in search text box on home page
enter image description here

Can’t open Excel file in a browser SharePoint 2013 on-premise

I’m using:
Office 2016,SharePoint 2013 on-premise,Ax 2012 R2

I want to open Excel file in Sharepoint folder, but I have an error

We’re sorry. We ran into a problem completing your request. Please try that again in few minutes.

Searching for an answer and find this article But is is not help me.
That I want to see my logs and there I find errors, but I don’t know how to fix them

06/01/2017 17: 46: 52.60 w3wp.exe (0x0E80) 0x1CF8 Excel Services
Application Excel Calculation Services d51d Medium
MossHost.CreateServiceChannel : Failed with the
following exception:
System.ServiceModel.Security.MessageSecurityException: The HTTP
request is not allowed For the client authentication scheme
“Negotiate”. The authentication header “NTLM” is received from the
server. —> System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an
error: (401) Unauthorized. In System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse ()
in System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpChannelFactory`1.HttpRequestChannel.HttpChannelRequest.WaitForReply
(TimeSpan timeout) — End of trace of internal exception stack —
Server stack trace: in System.ServiceModel.
Channels.HttpChannelUtilities.ValidateAuthentication (HttpWebRequest
request, HttpWebResponse response, WebException responseException,
HttpChannelFactory1 factory) … 1968f79d-ffc6-c09e-71e7-ebd58601bd96

sharepoint server – Sign Out is not complete on Sharepoint2019 On-Premise Via Non-Claims ADFS

I have Configured the Authentication of SharePoint 2019 Kerberos and Created a Non-Claims Aware Relying Party Trust on ADFS behind Web Application Proxy with Kerberos Constrained Delegation.

now the sign in page and authentication Works as expected, But the Sign out from the SharePoint web site is not getting completed,

Read some post on the internet and found to use the below PowerShell , but it is not working on the SharePoint 2019 On-Premise

Read Some post related to Sharepoint2010 and SAML Authentication but that does not help


Please suggest how to fix the sign out issue

sharepoint on prem – User profile picture do not show in OOTB People webpart for Sharpoint on-premise 2019

The out of the box People webpart does not show the User image, that has been uploaded in the User profile for SharePoint on-premise. My site configuration has also been done for the same. Still when the webpart is published, the image are not displayed in the webpart.

enter image description here
enter image description here

The picture has been uploaded for the user profile as shown below.
enter image description here

URL for saved Picture

enter image description here

powerapps forms – Can SharePoint 2019 recognize users thru On-Premise Data Gateway?

We have a SP2019 setup for test purpose. Then we install on-premise data gateway in the environment. We can successfully connect the SharePoint data on-premise to Power Platform. Users can login PowerApps (vai userID@myfirm.com) can read/write/delete the data on-premise thru PowerApps.

However, we see the the “modified by” are the service account (mydomainserviceaccount) we used to setup data gateway. Is it possible SharePoint 2019 can recognize the user who is using PowerApp to update the data?