Linux – How to Open MobaXTerm Terminal in VSCode?

Hi, I'm using a Windows 10 computer. For my work, I connect to MobaxTerm with a Linux server. For my work, I am currently modifying my files with Notepad ++, then deploying the file with Filezilla on a Linux server and compiling my file with MobaXterm on Linux server,
Now I started using Visual Studio Code as an editor
I wanted to know if there is a way to transfer and compile my files to a Linux server
with only VsCode?

Note: I can not change any settings on the Linux server

JPEG image file from a Nikon camera does not open

I have exported image files from a Nikon D3200 camera and they can not be opened. I tried to open them with every tool I wanted to know, whether or not the image is corrupted. I tried to check the file format from the command line and it was returned VISX image file I do not know what that is and how I open it, but the picture name is DSC_0009.JPG I also tried to open it with advanced text editors like Visual Studio Code U Sign has anyone ever encountered this? Or any suggestions? I've added a Dropbox link to the file, if anyone can just try to restore it or just tell me what's wrong with that, or if I ever get a chance to restore it, I'd appreciate it. thank you in advance

Image Dropbox Link

Device Recommendation – Are there digital (industrial) cameras with open APIs (software interfaces) for Ethernet communication?

Dear photo community,

I realize that some SE sites do not allow specific product recommendations, and that's fine.

I am worried that after my unsuccessful search I may miss some matching keywords or even entire segments of the industry. I definitely have to learn more.

With the statement:
I belong to a small company that needs to capture digital color images under the following conditions:

  • Color images, 1.5 to N megapixels (where N <10). Our current solution is 1.5 MP.
  • Camera-to-subject distance of approx. 150 – 300 mm.
  • Minimal image / edge distortion. Can prune in the mail …
  • Field of view as a few inches horizontally and vertically hoped for.
  • Adjustable focus distance by remote input (possibly via communication interface). The autofocus was problematic for us, since the motive can be quite strange.
  • Ethernet interface with an open protocol / API for use with our software (the operating system is Linux).
  • Integral lighting (preferably), natural light color temp.
  • Small, rigidly mounted, form factor. Like 2 "x2" x6 "or so.
  • Low image capture rate: we only need one image every 5 seconds.

We do Not I need many of the & # 39; Smart Camera & # 39; functions found on many industrial camera models, such as:
Part counting, detecting, measuring, learning, commenting, web connectivity, offsite server …

Often, these "features" make the camera (and associated expensive software) less accessible.

Our goal is to get a nice, relatively flat / undistorted true color image of an object that is only a few (inches) away.

I would be overjoyed specific solutions. Search suggestions, general guidelines and notes,

Thank you so much!

[ Politics ] Open Question: Is not it ironic that Trumpers did not want him imprisoned for his crimes, but spent eight years trying to arrest Obama and Hillary in vain?

[Politics] Open Question: Is not it ironic that Trumpers did not want him imprisoned for his crimes but spent eight years trying to arrest Obama and Hillary for nothing?