❕NEWS – China Opens Digital Yuan Whitelist for Ten Million Citizens | Proxies-free

The Chinese government is expanding its digital yuan experiment. After applying to join a whitelist in chosen state banks, ten million users will be able to test and utilise the currency. This new test step tries to detect potential issues in a broader testing environment. China is building its user base and digital yuan technologies for the forthcoming Winter Olympics in 2022…

applications – How to stop Mac from jumping to a program when a new window opens?

This seems like a very specific weird question that I can’t find an answer to anywhere else.

I am making hundreds of figures in MATLAB. I plot each figure and then save it as a png to look at later. I am doing this in a for loop so each figure pops up for one second, saves, and then closes. On a Windows machine, I used to start the for loop and then go work on other things in other programs while the MATLAB program ran. However, I am now working on a Mac and every time a new figure is opened in MATLAB, my computer jumps back to MATLAB as the active window. So it’s impossible to do anything while the script is running because every 1-2 seconds, MATLAB pops back up and I have to navigate back to whatever other app I was using. I’ve tried minimizing MATLAB, and I’ve tried creating a new desktop in Mission Control. But it just keeps jumping back to MATLAB every time a new figure window opens.

I’m not sure if this is a Mac question or a MATLAB question, but I haven’t found any answers on any MATLAB help so thought I would ask here too.

Any help is appreciated.

I am using MATLAB 2021a on a 2019 13-in MacBook Pro with Big Sur 11.3.

Chrome Android now opens the desktop version of sites by default on my tablet. How to reverse it?

A couple of months ago I read a piece of news that Chrome is now bringing in the default desktop version of websites instead of the mobile version for some tablets with specific screen size. Since last week my Lenovo tablet has the "desktop version" selected by default every time I open Chrome. I’d much rather have it default to the mobile version & go back the way it was to select the desktop version only at my discretion. But I cannot seem to find a way. Is it possible to go back the way it was?

Is it possible to create a link that opens a Google Chat?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a link such that when the user clicks on it, they get taken to Google Chat, and a chat window to a particular person opens up? Something like: https://mail.google.com/chat/u/0/new/webmaster@mydomain.com

I’m aware that this is possible with Hangouts using URLs like: https://hangouts.google.com/chat/person/[my Gaia ID], but with Hangouts being replaced by Chat, I was wondering if this functionality is replicated?

sharepoint online – Create a link from a document (in a library) which opens directly in client app or browser

I am using MindManager and sharepoint online (often embedded in MS Teams).

I intend to store maps generated by MindManager in a document library. I want two things:
I’d like to open the maps in MindManager directly when I click onto the document. But sharepoint just refuses to relay the link to MindManager (which is capaple of operating on document libraries) and always downloads the file, so everybody will work on copies, which is stupid. Perhaps sharepoint doesn’t want to deal with non-MS-apps. What can I do? Can I recode the link to the file in the document library, so it will trigger MindManager to open it?

The other thing is: For all people who don’t have MindManager installed I want to provide html5-exported maps. Those exported maps work well when I load them directly inside my browser. However the same problem seems to prevent opening it (it takes eternally to load), when loaded into a sharepoint document library.

Can I manipulate the link to the .mmap or .html files to let my browser relay it or display it directly?

Chrome opens to new page on latest tab

As of the last week Chrome on my motorola E4 phone has begun this new behavior that I will try to describe.

Previous behavior: Chrome starts on last used tab. Normal header view, meaning that the url is visible, and the open-tab-count-square to the right shows next to your google account image/letter icon.

New behavior: Chrome starts with a new page, but that new page is on the last tab used, essentially redirecting it. This new page does not show the normal header, meaning there is no url text box, the open-tab-count-square/button is not there at all. Just a search box and your google image/letter icon, then the normal ads/etc down below. It looks like what I would guess you would get if you had no tabs open. The only way I’ve figured out to get to my open tabs is to open a new tab, then I can see the open-tab-count-square/button. This only seems to happen when I’ve been away from the phone/browser for a while. It happens whether Chrome was left open or swiped closed.

I’ve read a number of posts/articles, but none that seem to describe what I’m seeing. I’ve gone through settings, changed the home page, turned it off/on, tried switching the default search engine, but those don’t seem to affect this. I have not installed anything new (apps, plugins).

I also have a Galaxy S8 that is not displaying this new behavior, so I think it must be tied to a recent update on the Motorola.

Hopefully that is succinct enough for someone to understand what I’m trying to convey.