networking – Using the Internet of Operating System 1 by Operating System 2 in VMware

Yes, set up networking between the systems using vmware networking options (google), tell OS to “share the internet” to OS 2, and make OS 1 use OS 2 as default gateway.

There are plenty of variations for this, like having the vmware host the internet connection, and then making both the OS use the host as default gateway.

What linux operating system works on chromebook with sound?

I’ve tried over ten linux operating systems and each of them when I install doesn’t have sound. I’ve done the updates and still no sound. Besides galliumOS which one works. My whole goal is to get virtualbox installed but I’d like to have sound I’ve been at this for two weeks now. Or can I just install virtualbox by way of gallium?

operating systems – page table size in a 1 and 2 levels page table

Consider that virtual page numbers are 36 bits, and page table entries, as well as pointers to other page tables are 4 bytes each.
First , if we need to calculate how much memory would a single level page table require , my answer is that we have 2^36 pages and since every page entry is 4 byte , therefore the answer will be (2^36)*4 bytes. Is that right ?

Secondly , can someone help me to calculate how much memory would a two level page table require and assume the bits are divided evenly between the two levels?

operating systems – What is now the most active penetration os

kali was closely based on debian – it gave kali consistency and dependability. Kali is now based on debian bleeding edge testing distro, that makes it a bit more unstable than previous editions and as debian testing makes changes, kali will continue to have problems keeping up with package conflicts and architecture issues. (example ) there are far more documented issues than with a similar debian or ubuntu install. Compare similar custom iso tutorials or instructions to see a larger average number being experienced with kali.

Kali community has changed over the last few years spurring many new penetration operating systems to be created. (per admin- most current pen-test distributions have been developed in the last 3 years than during the rest of backtrack-kali history) Kali community now routinely deletes posts and restricts the reporting of (see above-documented) bugs. History says when a community begins to ignore bugs that is usually the time a new front runner is gaining rapidly. (per admin i.e. Windows overtaken by linux, and windowsCE discontinuing due to too many problems compared to android and ios)

So….who is the new front runner? Which os has the largest TESTED repo of software (per admin- i.e. Arch Linux repository for security professionals with tons of tools.(source: techviral{dot}net). Since the community behind the os is almost more important to the future of the os than the software installed (ie the success of linux is largely attributed to the strong involved and open community)….Which os has the strongest, deepest, most accepting community?

Dracos Linux
ArchStrike Linux
Live Hacking OS
Fedora Security Spin
Knoppix STD
Parrot OS (seems to be moving rapidly to the top as many started to migrate from kali to parrot years ago and that migration seems to be continuing)

please share good/bad experiences with both the operating systems and the communities that support and maintain.

MySQL Memory Management, Memory Allocators and Operating System

When users experience memory usage issues with any software, including
MySQL®, their first response is to think that it’s a symptom of a
memory leak. As this story will show, this is not always the case.

Pls clink below link to learn detail solution:

boot – need to revert to windows operating system ,but got stuck in ubuntu

i tried installing Ubuntu on my windows 10 acer PC and , when the installation process was done i was told to remove the USB drive and allow the PC to restart ; but to no avail , the pc got stuck on a boot loop because it couldn’t repair the windows system automatically. i tried all sorts of videos on the subject , some of which made me use the command prompt and after every input of commands i either get this message ;access denied, or the file specified is not found so with no luck in the command prompt i tried a video that told me to change somethings in the bios and select f12 to go into the boot screen and with my USB still in the PC i booted Ubuntu through the boot manager , now i want to use windows 10 but don’t know how to revert to my windows settings

dual boot – grub2: Booting operating system booted last time, the “saved method”, throws “error: Diskfilter writes are not supported”. How to resolve?

I have found excellent solution to dual boot configuration selection of default OS to be last saved OS (great for update restarts). Editing and update of grub file went without any problems, but after reboot, right after unchanged grub menu selection

error: Diskfilter writes are not supported

is reported and OS selected in grub menu (or default OS) is booted (not the last saved).

I have Ubuntu 20.04 LTS as default on /dev/sda1 in Linux LVM (Bootable) partition and Windows 10 on separate disk /dev/sdb1 with NTFS/exFAT/HPFS (Bootable) partition. How to make it work as descibed in original post?

python – Is there way any way I can use a data URL when operating under the URL validator restriction in flask-WTF?

When filling out an input in a form, one can place a URL validator on the given input to ensure the user enters in a properly formatted URL. This URL validator, however, does not account for the specific format of Data URLs. I was wondering if there was a method out there to make it account for a data URL, or will I just have to come up with a custom validator for the Data Url myself.