Partitioning – Elementary operating system hard drive not recognized

I have a single boot option for the basic operating system. I have both a hard drive and an SSD. I have booted this operating system in SSD. I am now in the operating system but cannot find my hard drive. There is no hard drive option in the> Application> Files> Devices tab. It only shows 128 GB SSD.Cannot Find hard disk

What's the problem? Lead me.

Virtualization – How do I configure a VM to protect my entire hardware fingerprint from the guest operating system and software?

This question was original. Does Firefox in VM have a sufficiently common fingerprint so that I don't need a browser? in the gate community.

I want to know what a web browser's fingerprint looks like in a VM, though
VM runs a common operating system and has standard system settings. Can be VM
configured to not have a fingerprint of the host computer?

(Here I just want to ask for the fingerprint, ignore IP addresses, web
Scripts and tracking cookies)

Here is the VM software we are discussing, better FOSS, like Virtualbox or qemu.

This question could not only refer to a web browser, but also to other types of software.

Operating systems – Why can't operating systems keep audio and video recordings in sync?

It seems that any program that supposedly records webcams does not keep audio and video in sync. In addition, there are likely millennia spent by people trying to correct this while editing.

While it is understandable that operating systems need to cache incoming audio and video raw data before compression, gigabytes of RAM are required when needed, and it is less understandable that they cannot keep the two in sync while recording.

This indicates an architectural flaw that is common to the main operating systems. What's the problem?

Linux – How to maintain a good boot speed with multiple operating systems on one PC?

It would be very convenient if I could switch to Linux from time to time with my second operating system installed. But the last time I switched to GRUB, the super-fast system start was gone. Instead, every time I opened my laptop, I had to wait for the entire startup and then select the operating system from the Start menu – much, much longer. Is there a way to keep the same immediate boot loads and only switch to a different operating system when necessary? How do you reboot the system, press a key during reboot and have the start menu? Something like that.

PS I only have one SSD on my laptop.

Bitcoin core – question about operating the Elektrum wallet with a full node

can you please help:

1] How can you run a full node wallet with Electrum? What do you need? Or please link me with an understandable guide

2] Do you always have to be online or can you set it up, top up your wallet and keep it offline for months, and only use it for transactions from time to time?

3] Is electrum the only software you need? Or do you also need Bitcoin Core?

Thank you very much

windows – Install an operating system on Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2019

I downloaded and installed Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2019 on a laptop i use Hyper-V manager in the another laptop and created a virtual machine in the Hyper-V server.

Now you will learn how to deploy the operating system to the virtual machine as it is neither read a USB drive I still have one Operating system DVD to load it into the Hyper-V server device

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Why are you selling this site?
I'm a bit financially strapped and decided to sell my hard-earned business web services. I am doing my life to complete this page. I personally have great potential for this web service now and in the future and there will always be people who need it as long as there is internet.

How is it monetized?
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Does this page come with any social media accounts?
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What are the challenges of running this website?
It is already a HQ platform in terms of UX and UI. Just have to maintain the server and improve the quality of the services, which is very minimal.

Dedicated game server with Windows operating system

Hello, so I have a specific problem and I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum.

In any case, I need a backup gaming server with a GPU and sound card. I use this as my primary server:
soyoustart-com / ca / ​​en / game-servers (I use it to continuously stream live radio on youtube 24/7) now I can't use soyoustart anymore because they don't support windows 8.1 or win 10 (I have asked customer support) and they said that it is no longer possible to have a Windows 8.1 server like I did on the main server) because I need graphics card and sound to render live video in OBS Studio, Windows Server is not an option for me as it doesn't work. ..

So I am looking for suggestions for dedicated servers that have the same or a similar price as this one (8 GB RAM also work with a slightly weaker CPU, since it is a backup server): soyoustart-com / ca / En / game-servers supports Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 OS and is in the same price range, all ideas and thanks!

Kernel – If I install the "ubuntu-desktop" package on a vanilla Debian operating system, will I get the same operating system as when installing Ubuntu directly?

I don't know much about the Unix / Linux meta operating systems and various distributions.

My understanding so far is that you take the Linux kernel and install a certain combination of packages to get different distributions. I'm sure there are more shades, but I don't know what those shades are.

So my question is – since Ubuntu is a Debian based operating system if I:

  1. Install Debian directly from the download page on a VM and without a desktop environment.
  2. Install the "ubuntu-desktop" package with aptitude

Will I have the same operating system as if I would install Ubuntu directly on the VM?

What is important is which services / packages differ between the two operating systems? Or is there more in history?

Glad to have a discussion in the comments. Feel free to train me. I don't know what I don't know here.