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Views – How do I place the bid opportunity in Drupal Commerce Auctions so that it appears next to the product information?

I use Drupal Commerce and Commerce auctions in Drupal 7. By default, the user must click on a tab associated with a new node to bid. This is awkward and all I really need (and what users really want) is the ability to place the bid next to the view that displays the product information. How can I do it?

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BFX team

dnd 5e – Are there balance issues when allowing an opportunity to attack a creature?

As shown in this question and answer, the concepts of enemy and enemy confuse me. So I was wondering if in my own game I could just remove the "hostile" requirement from the onslaught of opportunity, because I think it's particularly useless there. PHB p195:

You can perform a casual attack if: a hostile Creature that you can see moves out of your reach.

I think attacks against allies are allowed, why attacks should not be a chance.

Are there any balance problems when I use this particular text like this homerule? Any spells, effects, or others that now look unexpectedly different?

You can make a casual attack when a creature you can see moves out of range.

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Unity – Can I find a website like Sensortower that will give users more opportunity to use the game?

Can I find a website like sensortower that shows more of the country where users are using the game?

Sensortower, in its latest free version, liked to have a chart showing that it uses the game or app from Google Play or the App Store most often. It is very interesting to find a website with such a tool.

Do you have an idea please?

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Anaconda Mining sells 5,251 ounces of gold in the first quarter of 2019 and generates $ 8.8 million in revenue

TORONTO, April 11, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Anaconda Mining Inc. ("Anaconda" or the "Company") (TSX: ANX) (OTCQX: ANXGF) announces production results and certain financial information for the three months ended March 31 , 2019 ("Q1 2019"). All dollar amounts are quoted in Canadian dollars. The Company expects to submit its annual financial statements and management discussion and analysis by May 2, 2019.

Highlights of the first quarter of 2019

• Anaconda sold 5,251 ounces of gold in the first quarter of 2019, up 16% from the first quarter of 2018. With an average realized gold price of $ 1,671 per ounce1 sold, gold revenues of $ 8.8 million were achieved. As of March 31, 2019, the Company also had 749 ounces of Gold Doré bars sold in early April.

• The company produced 77,367 tonnes of ore from mining at Stog's Tight Mine in the first quarter. The transported material also contained 45,120 tonnes of waste for a planned demolition of the Pine Cove pit for ore mining in the second quarter.

• The Company ended the first quarter with over 30,600 tonnes of ore at an estimated average grade of 1.73 grams per ton ("g / t").

• Pine Cove Mill processed 79,758 tonnes in the first quarter of 2019. This equates to a 27% reduction from the first quarter of 2018 due to lower mill availability resulting from planned maintenance on the main ball mill, unplanned mill ground maintenance, and the decision to accelerate other maintenance programs to minimize future downtime. The regrind mill was in operation again in the first week of April and the company expects a normal mill operation for the remainder of the year.

• In February 2019, the company announced the results of a 3,434-meter drill program that commenced in November 2018, including drilling at the Pine Cove and Stog's mines, with which the mineralization near the edges of the existing mineralization was completed Mine outlines successfully filled and expanded at both sites.

• The Company continues infill drilling at the Argyle Deposit, with the first 525 meters in the western part of the deposit approximately the same thickness as the previous holes in the area, but with approximately 25% higher grade.

• In March 2019, the Company launched a US $ 5 million two-year term loan with a 4.6% interest rate from Royal Bank of Canada ("RBC") to increase its financial flexibility and complete all pre-construction activities at its 100% Goldboro gold project in Nova Scotia ("Goldboro").

• As of March 31, 2019, the Company had a cash balance of $ 10.7 million, a preliminary working capital1 of $ 4.3 million, and additional available liquidity of $ 1,000,000 from an undrawn revolving credit facility.

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dnd 5e – buy a magical item downtime activity – opportunity to buy later

I use the downtime activity rules in Xanathar's Guide to Everything and wonder if there are any rules (or suggested solutions) that will allow my players to buy one of their discovered magical items at a later date.

For example, one of the players has rolled around a cavalier's saddle, but none of the participants has a horse. Do the rules allow the player to locate the dealer at a later time to buy the item? Or is this more at the discretion of a DM?