Text selection – How to remove the Skype call option when selecting a phone number?

When I select a phone number in a story, the following options appear:

  • Call on Skype
  • Copy
  • share
  • Select All
    • Web search
    • call the phone
    • SMS
    • Message on another app
    • add contact
    • Translate

How can I remove the Skype call option or otherwise control which options are available immediately and which options are hidden behind the "…"?

blockchain – Disables the local update of blocks with the bitcoind cmdline option

I'm using the blockchain2graph tool to import the Bitcoin blockchain into Neo4j. It uses JSONRPC calls to read block data. I have to have it for that bitcoind Service is running. Is it possible to disable the blockchain update while bitcoind running?

I use the cmdline and I tried it -proxy= and -debugexclude=proxy Options, but it is being issued continuously connect() to failed after select(): Connection refused, I do not want this issue either.

8 – HTML field Print Select option in the PHP header of View

The following code is used in PHP Block of Headers in View Page

condition('type', 'media')->condition('status', 1);
$results = $query->execute();
$year_options = ();
$print_html = '';
        foreach($year_options as $year_optionI=>$year_optionV){
            //echo '';
            $print_html = $print_html.'';
        //echo  '';

echo $print_html.'