Magento2 can not add a new option (section Custom option)

I will try to explain how it happened
3 options have already been created for a simple product (custom options).
Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
When I removed size 1 and saved all options, all options disappeared. Then I tried to create a new one by clicking Add new option, but the click did not work anymore

Can anyone tell me how to fix this error?

main.CRITICAL: Warning: Foreach () has an invalid argument in /home/xxx/public_html/xxx/vendor/magento/module-catalog/Block/Adminhtml/Product/Edit/Tab/Options.Option/Option.Op/ 3 in 320 [] []

Cpanel license option | Web Hosting Talk

Hello. The main question is whether there is a difference between Cpanel VPS and Cpanel Dedicated licenses, with the exception that one license can only run on one vps and the other on a dedicated license. If not, then do not skip a dedicated server and buy a VPS license for $ 14 instead of a dedicated one for $ 28.

Is there a drawback to virtualizing a dedicated machine other than time-consuming?

Passwords – John the Ripper: OpenMP vs. Vs. Using the option "–fork = N"?

Clang on OSX does not support OpenMP by default. Therefore, I could not compile JtR with OpenMP support without another Clang installation.

However, after looking at the following option, I wonder what the difference to OpenMP mode is:

--fork = N fork N processes

When I call JtR with --fork = 2is JtR then executed with two processes running on different physical cores (like OpenMP)?

Schengen visa application form – accommodation option

I will attend an academic conference in France next month. The University of La Rochelle will host this conference. Although I will give a presentation during this conference, I will spend the night in a hotel and make my own payments.

You want me to fill in the Schengen form. In the form you ask me a question about "person or organization of the host". There are three radio buttons as follows:

  • A person will accommodate me

  • A company, organization or institution will accept me

  • My hotel or place of accommodation (if different)

I can tick each box, d. H. One, two or three at the same time. Since I will stay in a hotel, I ticked the third box. However, since a certain person does not host me, I did not tick this box. However, I'm not sure about the second box.

Should I also tick the second box in addition to the third field? The University of La Rochelle will start the organization. As already mentioned, I will live in a nearby hotel, which has no connection to the university. If I also tick the second box, the information about the organization such as address, e-mail address and other contact information will be entered. Or should I just leave this box empty?

Website Design – Design of an admin panel with the option to add / edit / delete products

I'm creating a custom admin backend for my site in Laravel.

I have several categories and subcategories of products that I want to add / edit and delete in the backend.

I now have about 10 categories. Each category contains several subcategories. Products under one category / subcategory have completely different options / specifications than a product under a different category. The form for adding a new product is therefore unique for each category / subcategory.

These are the two workflows that I imagine:

Workflow 1

Admin logs in

Click on the Products tab on the left

View the list of products using the Add, Edit, and Delete buttons.

When you click Add New, a separate page opens with a drop-down menu labeled "Select Category."

When selecting, for example, Category A, a second drop-down menu appears below the first one, automatically populating all subcategories.

Subcategory selection displays a form with options such as product name, price, specifications, and so on.

Workflow 2

The administrator logs in

Click on products

Clicks Add a new product

A separate page opens, displaying the product categories.

Selecting a category opens another page that displays all subcategories.

Selecting the subcategory displays a separate page with the form for adding a new product.

Which of these workflows do you think are more user-friendly? In the first workflow with all the ajax material, I worry about confusing the administrator as the number of categories and products increases in the future and the code becomes complicated.

Hide / disable microphone option on the Android soft keyboard

I want to hide the microphone in front of the soft keyboard in my current application.

I've tried these possible solutions for the same thing.

Disable the speech-text (micro-phone) key on the keyboard with the soft entry in Android programmatically

However, this solution does not work at all.

I found an unexpected thing when addType = "textFilter" is added, then it works for me, I mean, the microphone is hidden.

But if possible, I would like to have the exact solution to the problem, because if I take over the mentioned "textFilter" thing, it can break down later.

I tried it on below. versions

  1. Pie (API-28), device – Pixel2XL
  2. Marshmallow (API-23), Device – MotoE3Power

GUI design – What problems are resolved when the search option (s) are nested under "Edit" in web browser applications?

That really got me looping when I was looking for Safari on macOS for the Search option.

For example, in Chrome, searches on Windows and macOS are at the top level of the three-dot / hamburger menu (although for me inexplicably, Chrome on macOS also has a second search option nested within macOS under the Edit menu's menu bar).

Firefox is the same way – Hamburger Menu -> Search is right there.

On the other hand, Microsoft Internet Explorer somehow also has searches under the "Edit" menu. With Edge, however, Microsoft has decided to move Find to the same place as Chrome / Firefox – just below the three dots / hamburger.

Apple is generally referred to as a great UI design, so I'm wondering, what am I missing?

boot – irq 17: nobody cares (boot with the option "irqpoll")

Hello people, new here and new in this OS 🙂 (used it less than a week).

I restarted my system and the following message was displayed:

irq 17: nobody was interested (try to boot with the option "irqpoll")
irq_default_primary_handler thread[[[[<000000000ad92af84>]usb_hcd_irq

irq_default_primary_handler thread[[[[<0000000000eff424f7>]ath_isr [arh9k]

Disable IRQ # 17

Currently with Ubuntu Studio.

The lappy:

Packard Bell Dot S2
Intel Atom N450

I searched the Internet for solutions and found none!
Can someone please help me / help me to solve this problem!
Thank you in advance !