Complexity Theory – Why are Oracle separations considered proof of unconditional separation?

In particular, we already have some oracle separation results such $ mathbf {BPP} ^ A neq mathbf {BQP} ^ A $[Simon]. $ mathbf {NP} ^ A not subseteq mathbf {BQP} ^ A $[BBBV], and $ mathbf {BQP} ^ A not subseteq mathbf {NP} ^ A $[Aaronson], But since most problems are not relativizing, how can such an oracle separation be seen as evidence of non-conditional separation? Or do we have to discuss it on a case by case basis?

Oracle Materialized View – Is it safe to use only ROWID as the record identifier?

This is a question related to Oracle 12c.

I am currently trying to create MVs as data sources for Golden Gate replication. We need Fast update because we have to replicate 60,000 lines at once, and deleting and reinserting all lines seems inefficient.

The base tables have unique columns that act as composite primary keys, but in which no primary key constraint is defined. They are Peoplesoft tables, so we prefer not to add any pk restrictions, if possible, as they are used in so many applications.

I just built the MVs WITH ROWID Clause for the materialized view logs and they seem to work correctly. But I do not know if this is a good course of action. Should I instead add PK restrictions to all master tables? or maybe there is another way?

Feedback is welcome. Many Thanks.

Does not Oracle break the blockchain principles?

In my understanding of Blockchain, the search for a peer-to-peer exchange without mutual trust, without a trusted third party, so a trustless exchange, the main motivation, the basis of this technology.

The purpose of an Oracle, however, is to provide external data that is invertible. It is therefore necessary to have faith in this oracle while it can provide false data (knowing voluntarily that it may or may not be useful by a simple measurement error (for an IoT sensor) / algorithm error / human error …) ,

Does an oracle in this context not violate the previous principle? Where can I find trustworthy oracles?

Thank you all.

spatially – Oracle GIS database replacement

My company has a huge Oracle database of GIS / time information (hundreds of millions of records). We are trying to switch to an open source alternative.

If it helps, we have come up with the following requirements:
1. horizontal scaling (such as elastic search)
2. completely SQL compliant. We do not think we can use NoSQL, etc., because we would have to rewrite all our queries.
3. No license fee

Oracle 11g How to delete a data file that does not exist on the operating system page

I have inherited an Oracle 11g application for which there is a table space that references a data file, but the data file is not physically present. It is offline, but is considered to be available without bytes in a locally managed data file configuration

Can the data file be moved or changed in the table space so that queries no longer search for it? (I inherited this without backups.)

Suggestions would be very grateful.

Using "regular expressions" to separate specific strings in oracle pl / sql

I hope you are well.
I have a string (1: 30.2: 4.52: 0.8: 1) and I have to use regular expression to have this issue:

Field1 Field2 Level
1 30 1
2 4 2
52 0 3
8 1 4

Query I have written so far

Choose Clear Trimming (regexp_substr (# 1: 30,2: 4,52: 0,8: 1 & # 39 ;, & # 39;[^:,]+ & # 39 ;, 1, level)) repfield, level lvl
from dual
connect by regexp_substr (& # 39; 1: 30,2: 4,52: 0,8: 1 & # 39 ;, & # 39;[^:,]+ & # 39 ;, 1, level) is not zero
Order by lvl

Oracle 11g r2 – ORA-00904: "GET_JAVA_PROPERTY": Invalid identifier – 11gR2

In Oracle DB, Linux 6.7 single instance

Select get_java_property (# java.version) from dual;

SQL> Show users
SQL> Select get_java_property (# java.version #) from dual.
Choose get_java_property (# java.version) from dual
ERROR in line 1:
ORA-00904: "GET_JAVA_PROPERTY": Invalid identifier

I can not find anything on this ORA-00904: "GET_JAVA_PROPERTY": Invalid identifier, does anyone know why this happens?

That works fine

SQL> SELECT dbms_java.get_ojvm_property (PROPSTRING => & # 39; java.version & # 39;) FROM dual;

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------


Many Thanks

oracle – DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE shrinks automatically after shutdown

I am using Oracle database 11gR2.

I enlarged db_recovery_file_dest with the alter command

old system set db_recovery_file_dest_size = 60G scope = both;

When I shut down and reopen the database, db_recovery_file_dest_size is automatically changed to the default 10G size.

Now I get a mistake

The database is not available due to the following conditions stuck archiver

How to fix this error

virtualbox – How to enable a digital Windows 10 license in Oracle Virtual Box on Lubuntu

So I have a Windows 10 digital key from my old PC that broke down years ago, and I thought I was trying to create a virtual Windows 10 box because there are a few programs that I like to run, not those work with wine, but it's easy.
However, when I try to use the troubleshooting method -> Hardware Change – this is the device I am currently using -> to activate, I am denied the following message. Windows can not be activated. No windows can be reactivated on this device.

I use Oracle's virtual box on Lubuntu 18.04. I'm ready to test another VM if it's free and you think it will work.

Here is a screenshot of the error: