Awesome now perhaps revamp the Rsgoldfast OSRS gold

Awesome now perhaps revamp the profitable guides … a lot are obsolete and almost all the methods recorded as "F2P" involve using members-only features to actually achieve the listed profit, with no mention of the change if you are really confined to F2P . So could add a few strategies for btw. It's obvious these haven't been looked at in years, and as somebody who took a break from RuneScape and recently returned, it is somewhat disappointing not to see any of the content listed in there. The list is really how I recall it, unfortunately. Pretty sure Zulrah is not the boss in RuneScape anymore lol.

New OSRS player feels that the pain of Underground Pass

I have never seen him as mad as he was during tune of the elves. Holy shit that he was reverting back to his native speech. As soon as I went ahead and got 269 quest points I was immediately met with two brand new master level quests. It took me a couple of months to discover the inspiration to perform both Song of the Elves and The Fremmenik Exiles.

I gotta do exiles but that I rushed the majority of the big quest lines simply to make them out of the way and to not worry quite as much about pursuit requirements for any material. Setting aside a big chunk of your day to do mm2 or sote fucking sucks but when you finally finish it nothing compairs to the sense of relief and the power to call everyone else that has not went through this hell a noob.

Afterwards occasions I did it I realized that it wasn't really bad, overall a pretty "cozy" quest-line. Eleven quests are a few of my favorite for sure, tied together with the storyline. I have yet to find an mmorpg with quests than RS.

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News.Learn OSRS Twisted League Changes & Bugfixes with Update – Forex Training

There has been some feedback on OSRS Twisted League since the launch of the brand new game. In order to improve and perfect this game mode, the OSRS team made some changes in several aspects. At the same time, some problems that occurred in the game were fixed.

Updated OSRS Twisted League bugfixes

The developer has made several bug fixes for OSRS Twisted League since its release. The exact details can be found in the following sources:
– Some farming contracts tasks that have not been completed successfully now can be completed by selecting a new contract.
– Fixed an issue where you could get the wrong agricultural contract if you were raised.
– The problem that cactus, potato cactus and celastru trees cannot be selected by unnatural selection has been fixed.
– Fixed an issue where players in the Endless Endurance group would not be able to restore hit points while changing prayer.

OSRS Twisted League changes updated

Based on your feedback on Twisted League, the OSRS team made some changes to relics and tasks, for example:
– You can receive a notification that how many resources are in the bank when Arcane Courier Relic sends the same resources to the bank.
– The Arcane Courier Relic no longer automatically places geodes, bottles, and nests with information scrolls on benches.
– The relic of Hardcore Harvester now has a message in the game filter stating that you cannot get triple resources for the entire inventory.
– Completing tasks to serve 20 stews and 20 pizzas now requires an estimate of 30% or more.
– There is an updated description of the relic of the unnatural selection, stating that the same agricultural contract, unlike the tasks of the hunters, may not be selected consecutively.
– Ranks with current brackets have been added, including Dragon with 5170 points, Rune with 3410 points, Adamant with 1810 points, Mithril with 880 points, Steel with 400 points and Iron with 80 points.

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The OSRS Fremennik Exiles – Forex Training

"Exile, you have to leave our province. Our people will no longer see you as their brother … "
Bride the chief
The Fremennik exiles

The Bards of Fremennik often sing stories from the past. From big battles, deadly enemies and heroes that are long gone. In recent years, however, it has been much quieter in the province of Fremennik, and the bards had little to sing. But all that will change, for what starts out to be a simple investigation soon leads to one of the biggest threats the Fremennik have ever seen.


The prayer bonus of the Neitiznot Faceguard was reduced from +5 to +3 because the original +5 value was unintentional.
The Fremennik Exile Quest instead of the Fremennik Islands is now a requirement for wearing the Neitiznot Faceguard.
Explanation of Attack Bonuses of the Neitiznot Faceguard.

Here are some words from the developers of The Fremennik Exiles:

"The Fremennik have been a beloved group of people in the old-school universe since their release on November 2, 2004. Many of the Fremennik quests have given the game iconic elements of the old school, such as Fremennik helmets, god books, kingdom management, moon magic, and the Helmet by Neitiznot The tradition of Fremennik interweaves parts of Norse mythology and our own tradition from the old school to my personal favorite quest series – which resulted in my own Chob account being named after one of the 272 randomly assigned named names after completion of the Lastly, your adventurer has stopped the rivalry between the islands of Neitiznot and Jatizso and, above all, diplomatic negotiations over the tense feud between the Moon Clan and Rellekka have taken place in Fremennik Exiles, where you will get to know the history of the clans before they split in the 2nd age and one Meet the Prophets it is the future that will come … "
~ Mod Wolf

"The search for Fremennik Exiles is an unusual project, Mod Wolf had already presented the idea to me in early 2017 before I even started content development, and a few months later I started working on it in my personal project time, becoming a big chunk Completed before personal projects were canceled in mid-2018, since then, search has been in the limelight, waiting for an appropriate gap in our schedule, and with the completion of work on Song of the Elves, we finally have the time available to the Fremennik exiles Returning to the Fremennik exiles is an interesting experience for me, as it is the tenth quest I have released (assuming, of course, there is a poll) .It actually was one of the first I worked on with my very first cutscene and my first real I nterface It was very entertaining to look back to where it all started (although I've made some changes to my previous work, which is not surprising: my skills back then we're a bit rough). After working on this project for so long, it's great to finally talk a little bit more about it, and I hope everyone enjoys what we've made of it. "
~ Mod Ed

The search

The Fremennik Exile is a master quest and the next part of the Fremennik series. Take on new challenges, make difficult decisions and ultimately prove your value. They are the only chance to save Rellekka from the threat of the basilisks. is a team of extremely demanding and experienced players that has for years specialized in offering various types of RS products, including Gold, Accounts, Items, Power Leveling and more. In recent years, we have processed millions of orders for hundreds and thousands of customers and built a solid customer base. We wholeheartedly thank each customer for their long-term support and trust, and we strive to further improve our website and service in order to provide reimbursement to all customers, both old and new.

Get to know OSRS Sins of the Father Quest – Forex Training

The RuneFest 2019 revealed some details of the upcoming quest OSRS Sins of the Father. Read the following information to learn the quest requirements, rewards, and more.

What are Sins of the father Conditions?

As a continuation of the Myreque quest series, OSRS Sins of the Father is a master-level quest to be released in the future. The players will meet Lord Lowerniel Drakan in person and unlock one of the rewards to access the capital of the vampires, Darkmeyer. The requirements of the OSRS quest "Sins of the Father" include:
Perfection of a touch of hope
Completion of the vampire hunter
62 woodcutting
60 fletching
56 crafts
52 agility
50 attack
50 hunters
49 magic

What are rewards from Sins of the father?

Fulfilling the sins of the Father will reward you with:
2 quest points
Access to Darkmeyer
Improved Ivandis Flail
New Drakan's medallion teleported
3 volumes of experience (3 x 15,000 XP)
Darkmeyer is the capital of Morytania in the Sanguinesti region north of Meiyerditch. It is inhabited by vampires and ruled by Lord Drakan, his sister Vanescula Drakan and his brother Ranis Drakan. The vampyric inhabitants derive most of their blood from the blood that flows in the run-down neighboring ghetto Meiyerditch.

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Get to know OSRS Zalcano on August 8 – Forex Training

Several changes and adjustments have been made this week to improve the content of OSRS Song of the Elves. Here you can find out the details of Zalcano, the Gauntlet and other changes.

Adaptation to OSRS Zalcano

1. Zalcan's symbols now take a little longer before dealing damage.
2. The damage done to Zalcano after the rebound has been reduced.
3. The quick pass option for the Zalcano Prison Barrier has been removed.
4. The falling stones during the Zalcano encounter now cause damage when they hit the ground instead of the player agreeing with other similar mechanics.
5. Zalcano now needs an equal amount of time to destroy the glowing stone.
6. Zalcan's Death Animation has been expanded to prevent her from reappearing for a brief moment.
7. The golem drops are now only given to the player that deals the most damage.

Adaptation to the glove OSRs

1. When creating items in the Gauntlet, the UI remains open as long as players have the ingredients to create other items.
2. Killing a level 2 double creature inside the glove now has a guaranteed chance to drop another powerful weapon component. This was a 1/2 change before.
3. The Gauntlet Lobby Scoreboard has been expanded to show player deaths and worldwide deaths for each version of the Gauntlet.

adaption to crystal weapons

2500 weapons (or brand new) crystal weapons and shields are now stacked on the bench. These are not automatically stacked in the bank after the players log in, but are converted as soon as they are equipped or receive / lose fees.

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1-99 OSRS Fishing Guide (Free and Paid Game Methods) – Forex Training

Fishing in Old School Runescape is the quick access to 99 skills, if ever there was one. While the road to your skill cap is not exactly glamorous, it's actually one of the easiest to train skills and fun to talk to other players. But what is the best way? Rags and swords or trout and salmon? RSorder offers the best tips and tricks for fishing in 99 with our OSRS fishing guide for 1-99 (for both free-to-play players and pay-to-play players in Old School Runescape).

From levels 1 through 20, the free-to-play methods and pay-to-play methods are the same. Stage 1 – 20: shrimp / anchovies. So, at levels 1 – 20, shrimp or anchovies are what I would recommend. You can fish them at Catherby, Draynor or Lumbridge, and it will not be long before you come from level 1 to 20. Pay-to-play players can actually perform the Sea Slug Quest, a requirement for Proselyte, which is a must for major accounts. This will take you from level 1 – 24 to fishing in about 20 minutes.

Level 20 – 40: Trout / Salmon

From level 20 to 40, trout or salmon is what I would recommend to all Free to Play and Pay to Play players. You'll get around 30,000 XP per hour and need a fly fishing rod and feathers. You can fish them in Barbarian Village or Lumbridge if you can play freely, and in Seers Village I would recommend fishing if you are pay-to-play. Now trout and salmon are the fastest possible EP rate you can get in the game's "Free to Play" section. But it is really, very bad money. So if you want fast XP, you should fish trout or salmon up to level 99 if you are a free to play player. However, if you are a pay-to-play player, this is definitely not the fastest method.

Level 40+: Lobster

From level 40 players can fish lobsters in both pay-to-play and free-to-play modes. You can find them at Catherby if you are a member or at Karamja if you are a Free to Play player. In Port Sarim there is a locker where players who can play for free should lay their fish while fishing on Karamja. Note that you get a slower XP per hour – about 20,000 XP per hour at lower levels and then up to 25,000 XP per hour at higher levels. With this method you get about 65,000 coins per hour, which is a pretty good method for making money for free to play players.

Level 50+: swordfish

But that really is not much compared to swordfish, which you unlock at level 50. It's the best money for a free-to-play fishing player and can take you up to 30,000 XP per hour at higher levels. It is recommended that you drop the tuna when you are in Free to Play mode because banking takes so long and you really only want to focus on the swordfish as your main source of money. They are fished at the same point in Karamja at Musa Point, and the Port Sarim storage box is the best place for free-to-play players. Pay-to-play players can fish them at Catherby and simply run to the bank for much faster XP and GP rates. This will give you about 70,000 – 100,000 coins per hour, and this is probably the best way to earn money with Free to Play players.

Pay-to-play methods

Level 48 – 99: Barbarian Fishing

Now, when you move to the "Pay to Play" section of this guide, level 48 unlocks barbarian fishing. For this you need Otto's Barbarian Training. In barbarian training, you must ascend to the part where he tells you to go into the old cave, and then you can use the method of barbarian fishing. Barbarian Fishing also requires Level 15 agility and agility and is the fastest in-game fishing EP. It brings you up to and over 50,000 XP per hour. But, there is no profit, as there are no banks nearby and it is pointless to confine these fish, because you can not do anything with them. The shift-click makes this method so much faster than it used to, and I recommend it to anyone who only targets 99 fish, not profit.

Profitable methods

Levels 62-99: Monkfish

Now, as you move on to the profitable methods in the game, you can go fishing at Level 62 and, after completing the Swan Song quest, start monkfish fishing for around 40,000 XP per hour. Well, these are awesome AFK, so it makes it a really, really good method to do homework or similar things in real life. If you come from level 62 – 99, you'll get 32,000,000 and about 100,000 GP's per hour. If you want to make more money using this method, you can cook the monkfish for about 80,000 extra coins per hour.

The fishing guild (level 70 fishing)

Once you reach level 70, you unlock the fishing guild. I recommend fishing here if you do not run Barbarian Fishing as it is really, very close to a bank.

Stage 76 – 99: sharks

At levels 76-99, you can fish sharks for very, very slow XP per hour. But you will make a ton of profit at level 99. You will get about 20,000 XP per hour and get 90,000,000 – 100,000,000 if you come from level 76 to 99. The profit of 100 000 000 comes from cooking the sharks.

But you will make 90,000,000 profit if you sell it raw. I recommend switching between Barbarian Fishing for a few quick XP and then going to Sharks if you want to do a GP.

Level 82+: Monkfish

At level 82 you unlock monkfish, which requires 100% Piscarillius favor on the new Zeah section of the Runescape map. Now these are even better money than sharks and bring you about 200,000 GP per hour, but only 20,000 XP per hour, which is the same as sharks. But the 100% Piscarillius favor is really, very tedious to get.

Level 85+: Dark Crabs

Starting at level 85, you unlock probably the best GP and a little better XP per hour compared to sharks and monkfish, and these are Dark Crabs. These are in the wild. This is very risky as it is usually a PK hotspot. They would produce about 300,000 coins an hour and about 30,000 – 40,000 XP per hour, which is very good given the profits. Players can record their fish at the type outside the Wilderness Resource Area. However, this increases the risk considerably, because if you are killed, you drop all the notes you have taken instead of being able to bring them to the bank. The nearest bank is the Mage Bank, which only takes a few minutes, and I would recommend it if you want to profit. With the Wilderness Elite Diaries, you have free access to the Resource Dungeon, while the underlying ones – like the Hard and Medium Diaries – only take a little money off the price to get into the Resource Dungeon. But there are only about 900 coins and a dark crab is about 1400. So, if you count, it does not matter how much you pay to get there. You will make a lot of money no matter what.

Anyway, guys, I hope you liked this full 1 to 99 fishing guide. If you enjoyed it, be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to it if you want to see more old school content. If you have suggestions, please let us know. As always, you can buy cheap gold from us.