outlook – Deleting messages from Gmail’s All Mail over IMAP?

The last time I engaged this problem is messily documented at:

Fix IMAP inconsistency, “All Mail” vs. Inbox?

The description of hat usage case, however, was complicated by the fact that I was copying messages into another gmail account. Hoping to re-confront a similar problem under a simpler usage context.

I am accessing my gmail account over IMAP using Outlook 2019 desktop installation (not Office 365 Outlook web app). I use the All Mail folder almost exclusively, as it lets me see both sent and received messages. I’m very diligent in deleting messages and threads, including messages whose text are contained in the email trails of later response. I delete such messages by dragging them into the Trash folder.

When I look in the Inbox folder, however, many messages are present which are not in All Mail. Some are plain email messages, some are appointment invites, and others are appointment acceptances. Using the Gmail webmail interface, I ensured that the Inbox’s “Social” and “Promotion” message bins were empty, then resync’d all folders over IMAP. Therefore, the explanation cannot be that messages in “Social” and/or “Promotion” show up in the Outlook Inbox folder and not the All Mail folder.

All the time spent ensuring a clean unbloated mail account has been wasted. My Inbox seems to be littered with messages that I supposedly cleaned out. It would take a lifetime to go through that vetting process again.

What am I doing wrong? How can I properly delete messages from All Mail without creating this nonsensical disparity with Inbox?

Hotmail / Outlook block my business email


Since some years ago hotmail block my emails each 6 months – 1 year, and my clients no receive my notifications.

I’m not sending spam, only notifications to my clients: orders, services, account access, etc.

Now I configured SPF, DKIM and DMARC but hotmail/outlook still not unblock me.

Gmail always work correctly, but hotmail always have problems.

Can you tell me recomendation for solve this and not happen again?.

Thank you very much.

Emails sent via application on RDS server stuck in outbox – Outlook

We currently generate and process documents via an application hosted on a RDS server. Users access the application via remote desktop applications and do not login to there desktop on the server.

Some users email large amounts once or twice a week (~200-300) in a batch, which defaults to Outlook as the sender, and outlook runs in the background as the user does not utilise outlook on the server other than sending emails from the application.

We are encountering an issue where all emails become stuck in the outbox, until you login to the users server profile, open outlook, and “send all” emails from the outbox. This has never been the case before and only recently over the past few months become an ongoing issue.

I have tried, with no success;

  1. Change the outlook profile to store emails locally, instead of online. (This does not work, it causes an error which i cannot recall off the top of my head)
  2. Leaving outlook open on the users server profile. This also does not seem to be consistent and the user will show two seperate logins under task manager. (One for remote apps, one for server profile)

Office is up to date, i’m unsure where to look from here. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

synchronization – Export google calendar into outlook

I have a Google calendar that I want to sync into Outlook (web application). So I reach Google calendar -> Settings -> Settings for my calendar -> Calendar integration -> Secrets address iCal format.

Once I copied that link I open Outlook -> Add calendar -> Subscribe from web, then I paste that URL.

This works because Google’s events are imported but, if I add a new project in Google this is not reflected on Outlook.

Is there something wrong with this?

I have set Chrome’s default protocol handler for web calender to calender.google.com and yet ical files open Outlook

I have set the default protocol handler in Chrome for Web calender to calender.google.com and yet whenever I click on .ics files in Windows explorer (Win10) they try to fire up Outlook. Is there a way to fix this? See Screenshot below.

e.g. For email the workflow works correctly: If I click on a mailto link it does open in Gmail’s web browser in Chrome.

Of course, I can import the .ics files manually, and that does work. I would just like to automate this.

enter image description here

email – Exchange2013 only works with phones, webmail and Windows 10 mail client, everything BUT MS OUTLOOK

Therefore, we recently updated our local server exchange 2013 to the latest roll-up. I also think it is important to note that we use Office 365 for different purposes (but obviously not via email).

Handy Mail, Web Mail Client (OWA) ALL WORK !? Use the on-premises Exchange 2013 server so I know it is working.
The mail client integrated in Windows 10 also works !?

This is a serious puzzle for me. I have been working on it for days, the boss is NOT happy and every day I pass I fear for my life (joke).

Seriously though, there must be a reason why this is happening. Why does it work for everything except MICROSOFT OUTLOOK ?!

Why are we asked twice for passwords and it works like this:
The first time we are asked to enter an email address and password and it is not a problem
Second prompt (looks to me like a Microsoft Account prompt) that is not running
and prevents us from accessing our email.

Please help me asap, I will be grateful forever!

Rip out your hair – thanks