Xamarin Android Bindings – stack overflow

I am trying to create bindings for the Android SDK, which is provided here https://www.nmi.com/sdks-and-apis#CDNA. The binding project is created and I can add it to my Xamarin Android project, but once I embed it, the following error appears.

Error: Package com.creditcall.chipdnamobile does not exist
com.creditcall.chipdnamobile.IApplicationSelectionListener ChipDnaSample.Android
C: Users mikee Documents GitHub ChipDna ChipDnaSample ChipDnaSample.Android obj Debug 90 android src mono com creditcall chipdnamobile IApplicationSelectionListenerImplementor.java 8

Error: Package com.creditcall.chipdnamobile does not exist privately
native void n_onAvailablePinPads
p0); ChipDnaSample.Android C: Users mikee Documents GitHub ChipDna ChipDnaSample ChipDnaSample.Android obj Debug 90 android src mono com creditcall chipdnamobile IAvailablePinPadsListenerImplementor.java 33

There are 64 errors of the same kind that only refer to different classes. I placed all of the code on GitHub here

When I go to Obj / Release / generated / src, I can find IApplicationSelectionListener so that it creates a binding that doesn't work. Could someone point me in the right direction of what I have to do to correct such errors?

Thank you very much

Eloquent Laravel 6 – stack overflow in Spanish

I was looking for a way to ask this question with eloquent de laravel

SELECT * FROM `procedures` WHERE `service_id` = 1 AND (`sex` = 'male' OR `sex` = 'all')

I found it difficult to continue with my exercises. I did it that way

DB::SELECT("SELECT * FROM procedures WHERE service_id = $id AND (sex = 'male' OR sex = 'all')"); 

I tried some documentation methods but couldn't find a solution

Postgresql cluster in Ubuntu – Stack Overflow in Spanish

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Buffer overflow – an ROP chain cannot be created

My ROP exploit crashes with segmentation errors for unknown reasons.
This is a vulnerable code:


char string(100);
void exec_string() {

void add_bin(int magic) {
    if (magic == 0xdeadbeef) {
        strcat(string, "/bin");

void add_sh(int magic1, int magic2) {
    if (magic1 == 0xcafebabe && magic2 == 0x0badf00d) {
        strcat(string, "/sh");

void vulnerable_function(char* string) {
    char buffer(100);
    strcpy(buffer, string);

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
    string(0) = 0;
    return 0;

I followed this example: https://medium.com/@nikhilh20/return-oriented-programming-rop-chaining-def0677923ad

In addition, there are no matching gadgets from pop pop ret Pattern (actually there is, but pop (some reg) pop ebp ret, which messes up both the stack and the gadgets with the leave statement).

I tried two different fill-ups for an exploit: the first is identical to the primer in the link above. The second is (upper – higher addresses, lower – lower addresses):

address of exec_string
garbage value
add esp 8; pop ebx; ret <-- gadget
address of add_sh
pop; ret gadget <-- gadget
address of add_bin <-- compromised instruction pointer after BoF
112 'A's to overflow the buffer and overwrite ebp (108 + 4)

Let me explain that add esp, 8; pop ebx; ret Gadget. There are no gadgets like that pop (some reg); pop (some reg, not ebp); ret In order to chain add_sh calls to exec_string functions, I tried to do a little hack. I have chosen add esp, 8; pop ebx; ret Jump out gadget 0xcafebabe and 0x0badf00d about add esp,8 then garbage not referenced value via pop-out pop ebx and then ret to exec_string. Does It Accept To Work At All? Correct me if I'm wrong.

When I started debugging, the following also happened:

Cool, it looks like I had an instruction pointer. I have to replace it with the address of the add_bin function to jump to it and start an ROP chain.


SIGSEGV in 0x91c2b1c2? I have entered a correct add_bin address, ASLR, PIE and Canaries are deactivated. I thought there might be an undefined reference to a string that vulnerable_function gets, but it was ignored in the primer of the link above, which confused me a lot.

Packing static C # files – batch overflow

I have a Visual Studio (2015) C # project that creates a Windows service.
There is an XML file in the project with several KB of static data.
The executable must read the XML for it to work.
Currently, the XML file is a static resource that is outside of the compiled executable binary and is simply read from the file system

Is there any way to compile or package the XML file into the executable?
I come from Java, where in this situation you would pack the XML together with the class files into a JAR file and read it from the class path.

Is there a functionally equivalent way to pack a static resource in C #?

square – nested expansion panel – stack overflow

Hey guys! I use Angular material. I want to know if someone has done something similar or if it is possible to properly nest the Expasion Panel component.

NOTE: I could nest in my code, but the parent expander hangs on the first child.




Filho 01

Tipo: teste02
URL: GET:teste


Son 02





Nested expander