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Start: 31st August 2019

Legit Roi


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Be the owner of financegen.com – almost 10 years old domain name / (4,685 unique visitors)

Dear friend,
I want to sell financegen.com

You get the domain name, logo and website with 83 unique posts. If necessary, you can use the existing hosting until November 2019. Although I have not advertised for many years, it has some search engine traffic. In the last 30 days, 4,685 unique unique visitors have been registered by Cloudflare.
See the logo here …

Be the owner of financegen.com – almost 10 years old domain name / (4,685 unique visitors)

Retired ecommerce owner

Hello everybody,

I wish I had found this community earlier in my journey.

I happily sold my e-commerce business a few months ago before the competition destroyed it, and am now retired.

In my free time, I build new projects, mostly online.

Glad to be here

Have a nice day!


Windows 10 – Resetting C: Local User Owner on TrustedInstaller

I hope you have a nice day.

I'm a little disturbed now, however, when my older brother accidentally changed my C: owner to my current local account, ignoring any lessons that are important when making changes to credentials, permissions, policies, and so forth. & # 39; I tried a long time to tell him something.

I let him borrow my computer to play a few games because he had technical issues that I did not have time to look at, as he apparently thought it would be a good idea to make such a critical mistake, although in good intentions I suspect that his problems are due to related configurations that he has imposed on me without even talking to me at all.

Since I currently have too much in stock (see text below for a brief overview of the reasons), I'd like to ask you how you can solve this ownership problem, as I would prefer not to format my comp so How I Did It I've just worked through each service individually for performance and security reasons, did not have time to fix all user and group policies, and unfortunately I did not ghostly check my operating system for yesterday's mishap.

I'm self-taught and currently have an apprenticeship with a good IT consultancy while receiving 3 years of current financial support for my schizophrenia and hormonal imbalances such as testosterone levels
the normal nmol / ml values ​​in healthy women slightly exceed (here 3.5 nmol / ml, in women 2.4 nmol / ml).

I look forward to joining Superuser this month, and if I can get support in this matter, even if the best / only approach is to start over, I would still be grateful for any advice.
If this question is not neglected and ignored, I will contact you early next week.

TL; DR Relative has messed up my property without my permission, though the damage was done with good intentions.
Which action should I use to regain ownership of the property?
Previous version, TrustedInstaller, or is there another better solution to fix this?

Thank you for reading my question in advance, and I wish you all the best of luck.
Best regards, Notepadrules

Permissions – What happens if there is no owner for duplicate recovery?

Similar to this answer, I want to know what duplicity is when a file / directory owner does not exist during the restore. And what happens if the owner does not exist in the backup? For non-existence, I refer to the lack of an entry in / etc / passwd.

Background: Docker binding media load paths on the host system sometimes have only a UID, but no username if a user exists only in the container (for example, as described here) Option 0., The question is whether duplicity can restore the UID / GID even if there is no matching / etc / passwd entry.

Setting up the device owner on purpose PROVISION_MANAGED_DEVICE_FROM_TRUSTED_SOURCE

The device owner setup stops and says the device owner can not be set because it has already been set up

DOintent.putExtra(PROVISIONING_DEVICE_ADMIN_COMPONENT_NAME, new ComponentName(PackageName, ClassName));

    if (provisioningChecksum != null) {
        DOintent.putExtra(PROVISIONING_DEVICE_ADMIN_SIGNATURE_CHECKSUM, provisioningChecksum);
        TAG.info(PROVISIONING_DEVICE_ADMIN_SIGNATURE_CHECKSUM + " : " + provisioningChecksum);
    if (ProvisioningEncryption != null) {
        DOintent.putExtra(PROVISIONING_SKIP_ENCRYPTION, Boolean.parseBoolean(ProvisioningEncryption));
        TAG.info(PROVISIONING_SKIP_ENCRYPTION + " : " + ProvisioningEncryption);
    if (ProvisioningEnableSystemApps != null) {
        DOintent.putExtra(PROVISIONING_LEAVE_ALL_SYSTEM_APPS_ENABLED, Boolean.parseBoolean(ProvisioningEnableSystemApps));
        TAG.info(PROVISIONING_LEAVE_ALL_SYSTEM_APPS_ENABLED + " : " + ProvisioningEnableSystemApps);
    try {
        startActivityForResult(DOintent, REQUEST_CODE_ENABLE_OWNER);
     TAG.info("android.app.action.PROVISION_MANAGED_DEVICE_FROM_TRUSTED_SOURCE Intent Fired");
    } catch (ActivityNotFoundException e) {
        TAG.info("ActivityNotFoundException :" + e.toString());

Testimony of the suspect who murdered the owner of a restaurant in Saigon

Suitable for the inconsistency of conflicting colleagues, the whole bottle of water is beaten and is rich in good products.
On May 31, police from Thu Duc County, Ho Chi Minh City, temporarily arrested 51-year-old Nguyen Tan Hop for the purpose of investigating and investigating slaughter behavior. The victim of the suspicion of murder is Ms. Thi Thuy (60).
In that location, they released the bricklayer and inn near Ms. Thuy's home in Lane 520 of National Highway 13, the appropriate army of Binh Phuc and the County of Germany. The first half of the victim's water proved suitable for the withdrawal of dragon temples. Click to close

Recently, it is appropriate to owe Ms. Thuy more than 200,000, but did not seem to be the owner of the water. Suspected angry rage that occasionally targets killing, which sums up a good production

On the afternoon of May 29, it was appropriate to go to Ms. Thuy's house to clean the glass wall and beat her head with a bottle of water. because of the opportunity to be killed as a victim of a civil war and to recede into the background.

Hiep then used the bottle head to head to come out. I suspect that the continent searched the victim for 2.7 million, a golden patience, a gold necklace and left.

The assets should flash up, correspond to the foot of the foot as a debt-set and spend the return of the loyalty of the plate.