File owner and write permission for plesk

My Apache web server is running as a user www-data and is in the groups www-data. psaserv and psasb,

I have created a subscription in plesk. All files from all domains in this description belong to the user karl and group psacln,

I logged in to my server via ssh and called a script as a user root: root, The script has created a file content.json as well as root: root with access rights 644,

Visitors to my site are allowed to change the content of the file content.json through my website (a php script). The script returns, however Stream could not be opened: permission denied,

I changed the user from content.json to karl: psacln and to my surprise, the script can now write to the file.

Why does my script have access to the file? Apache runs as a user www-data not as karl, Read rights are granted to the user only.

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Web Application – Exploitation of Allowed Wildcard (*) CORS Origins with Owner Token Authorization

I look at the following setup. A web application uses a REST API to communicate with the server. Contains all API responses Origin: *, For authorization Power of Attorney: Owner is used. Access-Control-Allow-Header: Authorization is also included for appropriate preflight requests.

As Origin: * If this option is configured, modern browsers will not send authorization data, such as For example, the owner token.

This makes it impossible to use API requests for domains that require authorization (

I'm having trouble justifying why this should be considered a security hole. It is a bad practice to admit an origin. This can lead to data loss, but not in this scenario.

Could this be exploited in a different way that I currently do not see, or is it really just a bad practice and not an actual threat?

If I post a request in this forum, will the FDC owner answer? (Urgent)

Hello, I am one of the customers on FDC servers. So I have this server that has a problem, Server Keeps can not recognize the drives and their staff have to re-use the drives, then it responds to the ping (if anyone knows why this server can not recognize the drives until they reboot I have just sent a pm to the founder of the company, saw a user named bummer6666, a similar username as lol I am not sure if this user is really the founder of the FDC. Rarely does one see how the owner publishes threads of his sales in forums.

One employee suggested changing the SAS cable to connect the drive to the backplane (not sure what that means). Two questions:

1) Everyone knows why the server can not recognize the drives (the best solutions)

2) Does the founder answer the question # 1 to other people?

3) Does it help to change the SAS cable to connect the drive to the backplane?

In the meantime, I'll contact Ticket Support now. This is the third time and it has cost us a lot of money as we are a live site.

Who has full owner information despite DSGVO?

Who has full owner information despite DSGVO? | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39);
var sidebar_align = & right; & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. Who has full owner information despite DSGVO?

    The EU GDPR restricts Whois information on who owns a domain, but the European Union has no global jurisdiction, and it seems that a registrar that is not related to any country in the EU has a more detailed Whois public database. I know one thing, but I suspect that it has to stop because it is part of a company with a location in the EU. Does anyone know such a whois service?

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design – Force state change of an object only from the owner

Suppose I have a Button class with a color attribute.
I also have a Canvas class that stores all the buttons.
Each time a color is changed, a minor action must take place (in this example, a counter is triggered for the sake of simplicity).
As follows:

Class Canvas {
Buttons: Array

For example, suppose buttons are private. To add a new button to the canvas, the create method must be used.

My question is, how can I force color changes to iterate through the changeColor function so that foo () is called?

My main concern is that a call be made directly to the button:

button.color = & # 39; red & # 39 ;;

Which will not check if the colors are the same and do not call foo ();

A simple application can be:

    canvas = new Canvas ();
button = canvas.createButton ();
Color = & # 39; red & # 39 ;;
canvas.changeColor (button, color); // I want this call to be possible
button.color = color; // but this call will work too

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