Drawing – Animated packaging line and packaging cylinder

I am trying to draw the following situation with a graphics program, but could not because I do not know how to create the animation. Your help is therefore greatly appreciated.

So my picture consists of two objects:

At the bottom of the page is a torus with an animated "irrational" line surrounding the torus
likes this video

And above this torus a pipe (cylindrical line)
Simultaneously animated with the packaging line in the tours. (For example, like this video
but in our situation the pipe does not close!)
Thanks in advance!

To increase the sales of your product by improving the packaging – everything else

Tea is not just a herb; it is a whole paradigm of taste and luxury and has health benefits in some forms. Tea packaging is a great tool to impress buyers. New tea brands start their business every day, but few get the identity because of their choice of the tea packaging company. Loose tea leaves are vulnerable because they are easily crushed and can lose their aroma due to moisture and oxygen if not properly packaged.

1st stand-up pouch

Customized tea boxes are also made in the form of stand-up pouches. There are many types of these boxes, such as: B. zips, zippers, hanging holes, spouts and vent valves. This packaging is also attractive because individually printed tea chests are considered quite trendy and innovative.

2. Materials for the packaging of tea

The advanced materials currently used are kraft paper, cotton paper and rice paper. Since tea has a distinctive scent that needs to be stored safely, a foil wrapper is always used. However, it is still better to expose the tea leaves through a cutout window in the wholesale tea boxes so that the customer is sure of what to choose. An elegant tea packaging model is indispensable for a high quality tea brand. It is inevitable to design a model that gives your tea bag its own identity and influences the thoughts of tea lovers.

3. Drafts for single or multiple tea blends

Tea boxes in the UK are often packaged in single packs in the form of a unique flavor tea. However, there are few people who prefer a combination of different herbal teas and scents. Many brands are selling tea chests for sale, which are given several tea combinations to achieve a certain taste.

4. Lun Yau obstructs the packaging

The packaging of tea baskets includes many ideas for packaging tea and allows flexibility in designing and labeling tea-paper boxes. These are simple bags with a black area to mark the packages with chalk pens. Small businesses use these types of boxes or bags and give the customers a personal touch.

5. Box of teabags

Teacups are the best way to keep these crispy leaves. Tea manufacturers combine film roll packaging with beautifully designed boxes made of cardboard or kraft paper. They are quite inexpensive, as these tea chests are cheap in the wholesale and easy to obtain from the right packaging provider.

6. Paper bags with divine tea enjoyment

For use in travel and office environments, tea packaging suppliers offer individual portions for a single cup, packed in sachets, to provide the same fresh taste and smell each time a person prepares the usual cup of tea. The tea packaging template is printed on each fragrance to give the feeling of a complete tea experience.

7. Glasses and jute bags

Tea brands often use glasses to store certain high quality tea leaves. These glasses cost a lot, but the product is also expensive for the customers. Jute bags are fashionable these days and give the tea an earthy and stylish look.

8. Kraft paper boxes with cylindrical cardboard rolls

A trendy design for tea packaging to ensure the divine teas is the use of kraft paper boxes, which are attached with a thick paper roll to stow the round tea bags or loose tea leaves. It works when you open the box. In the process, part of the opening in the roll slowly becomes visible. So the moisture content of fresh, crispy tea is preserved.

9. Cut out the tray for easy access

A troublesome trend in the packaging of tea crates is to use secure access boxes that customers can place on their counters and pick up the tea bag from the bottom of the crate when they need tea.

10. Tea ready to drink

Cans and boxes of ready-to-use tea are also available from wholesalers of tea packaging.


Product packaging and 3d mockup for $ 5

  • Make the product Packaging Design and 3D Mockup

Are you looking for a professional and high quality product package?

I'm here to help you design product labels / packaging boxes

3D model for your product packaging.

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High quality 3D images for your product in JPG.

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Product Packaging Design and 3d Mockup 2 for $ 5

Are you looking for a professional and high quality product package? I'm here to help you design product labels / packaging boxes

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Game Design – Why does iOS packaging fail when I enable Apple ARKit plug-ins in Unreal Engine?


Use Unreal Engine 4.21.2

1 – I created a new third-person game from the Unreal Engine template called FaceARSample

Enter the image description here

2 – I imported a skeleton net with mixed forms
3 – I added this to my DefaultEngine.ini:

bEnableLiveLinkForFaceTracking = true

4 – I packed the project for iOS and it was successful. I could deploy it on my iPhone.
5 – I have activated Apple ARKit and Apple ARKit Face Support plugins

Enter the image description here

6 – I grabbed the project for iOS and it failed (error log below)

Enter the image description here

Factory for cosmetic packaging

Xi & # 39; to JiFeng Medicine Packing Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing flexible packaging company that develops and produces a variety of packaging for food, medical and personal care applications. With its extensive know-how in laminated film rolls and bags, PTP aluminum blister film, seal liners, bottle labels, film strips, etc., Xi & # 39; s dedicated to providing customers with products and services for the safety of food, medicines and pharmaceuticals Personal care etc., which enable the success of our customers in their own business.
Xi & # 39; s Jifeng was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Xi'an, China. We are located in a 53,000-square-meter facility with more than 25,550 square meters of clean room space that complies with the GMP standard for printing, laminating, slitting, testing, characterizing and long-term aging, as well as PE film bubbles.
Xi & # 39; s Jifeng strives to provide our customers with reliable, high-performance packaging products and first-class services. Together with our customers, we work closely together to deliver customized packaging solutions that help our customers innovate, grow and succeed.
Factory for cosmetic packaging
Website: http://www.jifengpack.com/
website2: http://www.jifengpak.com/

How we can make products attractive by using special packaging – everything else

The packaging of products is not only essential for the protection of the products. It's also a great source of marketing. The packaging has become a fundamental aspect for every brand. The adaptation is the most important feature of the packaging. Everyone demands individual designs. It also supports manufacturers and print designers. You can design them according to the requirements of the buyer. The products can be made attractive in many ways. Some of them are listed here.

Unique shapes

You can order unique shapes custom boxes, The stamping has solved this problem. You can shape the packs in different shapes. Now the days of traditional square boxes are over. You can get triangular, rectangular and circular shapes. The diecut also provides the inaccurate size of the package according to the products. This reduces material waste and additional costs. You can order custom shapes. The customer-specific large containers can also be ordered.

Simple custom packaging

Simplicity in packaging and designing is always preferred. The simple one custom packaging has its own beauty and attraction. You can design the packaging with a color. The light color becomes more effective. The simple designs and the pictures printed on them are suitable. The color mixture and too many color combinations give no aesthetic impression. Many customers love simple designs. It will give them a cool look when they visit the store.


The text printed on the products enriches them. The information about the goods can be communicated to the buyers by imprinting. the size of the text, the position and the color of all matter. You should choose an appropriate text style and a suitable size with an appealing hue. The small description will also be advantageous for communicating to customers the message about the goods. The typography on custom box It will show perfect and beautiful. The text in gold, silver and black is distinguished. Your goods will be popular and attractive. The special slogans and symbols will also be important in this regard. You will demonstrate your products more clearly in an amazing way. The customers play easily on their packaging. You can also print the text of your choice. The brand name, the product description and special symbols can be ordered by you. The custom text designs and styles highlight your brand.

Shine your packaging

It is a very fast and technical age. The shelf of a shop is filled with hundreds of products. You have a great diversity in one place. For the customers it is confusing which product should be selected. The glossy packaging can play a remarkable role and customers can address at a glance. The glossy colors and design can impress the visitors. Buyers can dress immediately and make the purchase decision. You can emphasize your goods among the bulk of the products. This is the best way to give your brand a beautiful look. the custom glossy designs can also be ordered. You have the choice to choose the color and the print design. It's up to you how much shiny you want your packaging to be. The beauty of the packaged goods is hidden in the glossy packaging designs.

Customized packaging

The custom packing can be more beautiful by wrapping. The packaging is perfect and complete with packaging. You can use ribbons, ribbons, and shoelaces to wrap them. It improves the beauty and the impression of the products. It is a very decent way to present goods. Customers really appreciate this way of presenting. The products become valuable and adorable. You can also wrap the gifts. The decoration of the gifts is not complete without packaging. The colorful ribbons and ribbons make your gifts breathtaking. It's a really amazing way to pack the gift. The appearance of the gift makes your product valuable and sexy.

any packaging / shipping companies in the Netherlands? …

any packaging / shipping companies in the Netherlands? … | Web Hosting Talk

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var sidebar_align = & right; & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. any packaging / shipping companies in the Netherlands? …

    I have this headache with my DC claiming that they have no packaging material, short story. I'm looking for a packaging company that visits DC and packs my server, or a courier who can pack it and send it to the UK. ,

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