need a proposal for individual packaging

Hello, I'm courtney, I recently started a home-based business, I need a custom packaging with my logo. After searching the internet, I found this website

I'm new to the business, so I need a strong proposal for customized packaging. Please suggest a good company that offers customized packaging at reasonable prices.

Wholesale Pillowcases

Wholesale Pillowcases

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  1. Wholesale Pillowcases

    Custom pillow boxes at wholesale price with your own design. Cushion packaging with free shipping and fast processing. Get printed pillow cases in all shapes / sizes / colors.

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18.04 – Ubuntu snap packaging with Qt: fonts missing

I have packed binary and all resolved Qt dependencies in tar.gz. I'm using the next yaml file for the snap:

name: example_name_lol_1
Base: Kern18
Version: & # 39; 1.0.0 & # 39;
Summary: sample_summary_lol_2
Description: |

grade: development
Restriction: Devmode

Plugin: dump
Source: MyApp.tar.gz
Stage packages: [

My app:
Command: MyApp
$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH: $ SNAP / usr / lib / x86_64-linux-gnu / blas: $ SNAP / usr / lib / x86_64-linux-gnu / lapack

A normal application run (for example, tar.gz's regular unpacking) would contain information about all fonts available on the system. However, the snap-run (sample_name_lol_1.MyApp) does not display system fonts but only a few (just 3, to be exact – sans, sans-serif, monospace). I found the path after installation / snap / sample_name_lol_1 / x1 / usr / share / fonts and / snap / sample_name_lol_1 / x1 / etc / fonts. These posts are read-only and I can not figure out exactly what should be done so that the Qt application can display the default Ubuntu font.

How can I create a graphics network from the image of the granular packaging?

I have a picture of experimental data of granular packaging. I have to characterize the packaging as a network. The network consists of nodes (center of the granular particle) and edge. Two nodes are connected when a contact point consists of two granular particles.

I've tried to create a skeletonization, but it does not work because there are two (even more than two) nodes in a particle.

Can I extract the network from this image?granular packaging

Common defects in packaging machines and remedies

Packing machine in long-term continuous work, overload work and use time is too long, often lead to a variety of mistakes, such as material removal, packaging film is not flat, packaging bag closure is not tight, color calibration positioning is not allowed to a variety of problems, there is also in the process Working with packaging machines due to the technical skills of the operators Problems caused by the vacuum packaging machine can not work normally. If there is a mistake, it is not terrible. It is terrible that we know there is a mistake and are unwilling to correct it. Once we have found the mistake, we will repair it immediately.

In the case of various errors, the packaging machine Anhui afripack has found the cause of the problem in good time and taken various remedial measures. The packaging material is mainly broken because the packaging material has joints or rough edges with too large a breakage point. An error has occurred in the paper feed motor and the unqualified paper segment needs to be removed. The lead of the paper feed motor must be repaired in time and the paper feed switch must be replaced.

The automatic closing of liquid packaging machines is not strict, especially because the inner layer of the packaging material is not uniform, the sealing pressure is not uniform or the sealing temperature is low, should remove unqualified packaging material immediately, adjust the sealing pressure, improve the hot air temperature. Color Calibration is not allowed because the value for the pocket length is not appropriate. The value for the pocket length should be increased. The actual size of the bag is the standard length of the color standard. For the problems of the operators qualified operators should be replaced in time to reduce the occurrence of errors.

Storage – Is it worth preserving the original packaging for devices such as lenses and camera housings?

Yes it is. Including the box when reselling items increases the perceived value. You will often see LNIB in listings meaning Like new in the box, It tells you that you are a careful owner.

This is especially important for cameras or bodies In the case DSLRs and SLDs, which have many small parts (cables, caps, manuals) and quickly lose value. I agree, it takes a lot of space. I have 7 boxes that hold USB and A / V cables, CDs, and foreign language manuals that I never use.

As the lenses tend to gain in value, the box makes less difference, but is nice to have. My main camera bag usually holds 4 or 5 lenses. The remaining 20 lenses are in their boxes. Whenever I change lenses before a session, I take the lenses out of the camera bag, put them in their boxes, and retrieve the others I need. So I have at most 5 empty boxes, which take up more space than absolutely necessary. So, Using the boxes as a repository for their content reduces space requirements.

For camera bags I have actually disposed of their boxes, which I do not regret, because these are huge. I wish, however, that I had kept the protective plastic bag around her. Without them, many of my bags are very dusty and textured, spongy materials are not easy to clean.

Use display boxes to brag your product – everything else

No matter Wherever you go, whether you visit your nearest department store or visit an exhibition, you will always come across packaging that will grab your attention. To be perfectly honest, there are so many products on the market. As a manufacturer, it is crucial to make your packaging unique and highlight it among hundreds of products as packaging plays a leading role in marketing and promotions.

With a decent exhibition box displaying your products, your packaging will look more interesting and unique. As new products enter the market every day, new packaging should also be generated to attract new consumers every now and then. If you run a business today, adjusting your packaging is the perfect way to make your packaging interesting. You can easily purchase custom printed presentation boxes from your local wholesaler and make your products more interesting.

Whether you have a home-based business or a business-level business, packaging is critical. It is said that if you have a small business from home, it is recommended to stick to personalized printed display packaging, as the customization and customization will make the packaging unique and classy. Here you have the opportunity to change what you want, you can change the shape, size, color or material of your printed boxes.

Interesting exhibition boxes!

Is your business looking for ways to increase sales? You may want to consider using display panels. They can help promote items that increase sales. Here are a few ideas!

Counter Display

These boxes are placed in a supermarket or shop from the pay out area or placed in a bundle on a counter. These printed display boxes are open from the front and have imprints on both sides of the box. Being at a person's eye level or just slightly lower, they allow the person to touch and check the object, prompting the person to pick up the item and buy it. You can contact the companies and ask them to print some custom things for you on both sides of the box.

Showcases on the floors

Yes, that's one thing and no, they are not laid exactly on the floor as you would expect, but they are big stands that depend on it and do not need support from other stalls to sustain them. Their height can be from a few feet wide and as tall as 4 to 6 feet. They are open from the front and printed on both sides, just like the counter displays, only that they are much larger and wider or contain a large number of articles. This in turn encourages people to touch the items and increases the chance that the product will be purchased. Simply contact your nearest, individually printed display packaging company and have a few things printed on the product and maybe even a keyword. This type of wholesale shelves is used in supermarkets as chip holders and even in exhibitions.

Endcap display boxes.

This type of display box is located at the end of an island after the main shelves of a facility. They are extremely robust and usually very wide and big. You can also record many large items. They have printed on their pages Showcase and sometimes on a small header above. These are also used in exhibitions and festivals to display the items sold by the sales team. The efficient use of this type of technique can really help your sale. Of course you can have these simple boxes converted into individually printed display boxes to get more attention.

Image result for display fields

Sidekick display boxes

The name of the product describes the product pretty well. These boxes are also referred to as power wings. The boxes are located right next to the main shelf of a presentation box and are hung or placed at eye level to promote the sale of products. They are usually printed on one side only because the other side is connected to the main shelves.

Where can I buy the best display boxes?

Purchase in wholesale

A great and cheap way to buy exhibition boxes online is to buy wholesale. As a manufacturer you need more than a few boxes. Buying wholesale display boxes is a great alternative to saving money. This makes them ideal.

Most wholesale boxes are made according to your order, so you can customize your boxes according to your needs. You can print them, just leave them, holographic designs or anything you want. A good way to make printed display packaging is to stick to designs. This theme can be anything that represents your product, and there is a wide range of colors to choose from.

Image result for display fields

Shopping online

We live in a world where buying online is just a click away. So you can easily say that you can easily access your custom printed display boxes. There are so many websites that deal specifically with packaging and boxes. You just have to search for a trusted website because the internet is full of scams.


When you run a business, you definitely need display boxes to pop up your products. It is also important to consider many different ideas and designs for your packaging as this is the first thing a consumer sees.

Stay stylish and keep the packaging!


7 Retail Boxes Designs for 2019 – Everything Else


The first retail coin to focus on $ 23 trillion

Watch video

What is Fluzcoin?

Fluzcoin is an independent, computer-aided retail coin

What problem does Fluzcoin solve?

Fluzcoin solves the problems of speed, cost, compliance and
Excessive volatility leads to a real mass coin.





Supported by the existing strong interest of global retailers

Fluzcoin usage for online commerce, web and mobile payments

The Fluzcoin team will provide an integration framework and pre-built extensions that can be integrated with popular ecommerce platforms such as Magento, Hybris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (ex-DemandWare), Shopify, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and others.

Fluzcoin POS payment stream

Consumers are provided with a free Fluzcoin wallet and additional features such as: This includes the tracking of free coins distributed to Fluzcoin holders, the search in nearby shops where Fluzcoin is accepted, and the Fluzcoin-only special offer.


Fluzcoin, a patent pending intelligent trading currency

● Elastic retail coin by Pump & Dump
● Not speculative by design
● Algorithmic market intervention
The Fluzcoin artificial intelligence (AI) stabilization algorithm will constantly adapt to provide a smooth revaluation pathway, eliminating speculative volatility that affects cryptocurrencies and hinders their confidence.
Through machine learning algorithms, coin validation by stakes and Fluzcoin owners, Fluzcoin aims to convey the confidence required for broad acceptance as a medium of exchange and, moreover, as a value store.


Legally Compliant Coin – All users are tested for KYC / AML

No transaction fees

Privacy activation algorithm that protects the purchase history

Blockchains are transparent, but coin users want their buying history to be hidden, while at the same time allowing the blockchain to be transparent to its coin balance.
Fluzcoin builds on the SNARK algorithm, which allows to store the transaction statement without revealing the transaction itself.

Data Economy – Buy History belongs to the users

Proof of Concept is LIVE! A retail platform coin is rising

Proof of Concept is LIVE – the system is based on Hyperledger Fabric and can sustain daily transactions of up to 1,000,000,000 residential customers worldwide.
Further research and the advancement of blockchain technology will increase this number to bring retail coins to the world market.




Commercial Manager

Stefan is the co-founder of Fluz Fluz, the global cashback network. Previously, Stefan served as CEO for Latin America at Cdiscount, part of the Cnova Group and the sixth largest e-commerce company in the world. Stefan also co-founded Farmalisto, Latin America's fastest growing online pharmacy for pure players, operating in Colombia and Mexico.


Director of Corporate Development

David has years of experience in developing and scaling companies from startup to initial public offering in Silicon Valley, Wall Street and Israel.
David's experience spans technology, finance, energy and healthcare. Previously, he served as managing director at Blackrock and as founder of Quickenloans at Intuit.


IT Director | Scandiweb CEO

Antons grew a company with two employees to a hundred times this size and an industry leader for the best retail companies. He brings very adaptable and growth-oriented corporate governance strategies to Fluzcoin.
Responsible for the blockchain technology at Fluzcoin, Antons benefits from Antons experience in setting up workflows for delivering business to Walmart, Jaguar, Land Rover, the New York Times, Peugeot, and many other brands and startups since 2003.




For the initial ICO 3.233 billion Fluzcoins are to be created
65.78% of the coins are sold, 34.22% are distributed as follows:
● 12.04% bonus coins for ICO participants;
● 9.31% ICO bounty marketing + incentive coins for the ICO dealer and consumer goods
● 6.30% Fluzcoin Global Inc.
● 3.29% FluzFluz Network Reward when drawing coins
● 3.29% Team and Distributor coins


● 50% marketing
● 30% reserve
● 10% IT development + POS integrations
● 7% administration effort
● 3% Legal & Compliance



Nov 2017 – Idea Design
Jan 2018 – Idea sharpening and preparation
Feb 2018 – White Paper & Refinement and Backtesting
March 2018 – Beginning of retailer onboarding
Apr 2018 – Start of private placement via ERC 20 Fluzcoin Tokens in selected jurisdictions and selected audiences
Apr 2018 – Patent Application
Jul 2018 – Positioning of the representatives of the Fluz Foundation
Aug 2018 – Sep 2018 – Fluzcoin token replacement by JP Morgan Blockchain powered Fluzcoins
October 2018 – Start of trading of Fluzcoin
Q1 2019 – Start as a form of payment in retail







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