I will create a modern landing page design with responsive for $10

I will create a modern landing page design with responsive

I will design your business, photography, blogging, agency, and multi-purpose that suit with landing page website.

· High-quality Design with pixel perfect graphics

· Fully Editable ( you can easily change the content)

· All Device friendly website design

· Compatible with all Browsers

· Attractive Fonts

· Useful design elements included

· Unlimited Revisions

· Professional, Classy, Beautiful

· 100% Satisfaction· High Converting

· Original & Custom designed only for you

· WordPress Landing Page

· Design with elementor
What can I do?
· Single Page WordPress website

· App Landing page

· Coming soon page

· Under construction page

· Responsive contact from

· WordPress Theme Customization

· Editable Mailchimp Template

Have a nice day.

Thank you


Guaranteed monthly off page seo service for $110

Guaranteed monthly off page seo service

If you’re looking to rank your website on the absolute best Google Rankings! then you’ve landed on the proper service. I’m an Experienced SEO Specialist with 3 years of Industry SEO Experience in giving the sole off-page SEO Service to the clients. After one month your website is becoming to be ranked on the primary page of Search Results receiving targeted organic traffic without ad spending or marketing

Why you choose me?

  • When you order me. At first, I review your site & keyword
  • White hat SEO
  • Good bonus & fast Delivery
  • I sent you the report
  • F&Q

Q1. Accept Any Website Language?
– Yes! We accept all language websites/videos.

Q2. How many URLs / Keywords accepts?

– Only 1 URL. Keywords: For best results, I recommend 2~4 keywords. (maximum 30 kW).

Q3. This backlink is safe?

– Yes! My links are created in a safe AND MANUAL way and natural!

Q4. Do the Backlinks have High DA/PA and CF/TF?

– Yes! The Backlinks will have DA/PA 30+ or TF/CF 15+. The Web 2.0 Blog accounts have DA 90~20. And the Profiles websites have TF 50~15.

Q5. Delivery time?

– 30 Days.

Q6. The Backlinks will be from Home-Page?

– Yes! You will receive SOME WEB 2.0 backlinks from Home-page and Post.

Q7. When the results will be seen?

– Usually, it takes up to 45-60 days to fully see the RANKING IMPROVEMENT results of the campaign AFTER DELIVERY.

Q8. This gig help keywords w/ high competition?

– Keep in mind that the distance from your website to the first page is directly related to the strength of the competition. Keywords w/ high competition require more SEO work and more Backlinks. This gig is very strong, but it is not guaranteed that only 1 gig is enough for the first page for high.

Q9. Guaranteed for the first page?

– I wanted to make this section extremely clear. This service increases your ranking. We are not selling guarantees that you will hit #1 or instant rank. SEO should be treated as an investment. Whilst we want it to work out for you, you need to realize that sometimes it doesn’t always go that way.

So what are you waiting for?

Fell free to Inbox me before placing an order


web part – Copy sharepoint online Page (with webpart) in different site collection

I created a page under Site Contents –> Pages library in sharepoint online. This page contains Script Editor webpart. This page working as per requirement in its own site collection. When I try to copy / export / import this page in a different site collection, its not showing web part.
Rest contents (e.g. text) of page is copying & showing in new site collection.

My question is :
Why not web part (which is added in Page) is showing in new site collection ?
How to resolve this problem ?

I followed link Copy a page across different site collections
but its not working for web parts added in page.

In attached screenshot (script editor), I can see “My script editor” text in new site collection but not “Hello” which is part of “Script editor web part”.

aspx page
script editor

plugins – My wordpress blog posts page is broken

I used wordfence plugin to clean unwanted files from my site. Post this, my posts page is broken. If i try to load any of my posts page, page will load but without header, footer, css. Homepage looks fine.
here’s one of my post url: https://m.androidestate.com/xiaomi-redmi-k20-pro/
Please let me know what went wrong. BTW i’m newbie 🙁

farm – Access denied to Service Applications page in Central Administration

I have farm admin permissions to a dev farm of on premises SP 2019 installation. The problem is that while I can access most of the features of Central Administration, whenever I access the Manage Service Applications feature (/_admin/ServiceApplications.aspx), I’m getting Access Denied message. Any idea what that might be?

Server Error in '/' Application.

Access is denied. 
  Description: An error occurred while accessing the resources required to serve this request. The server may not be configured for access to the requested URL. 

 Error message 401.2.: Unauthorized: Logon failed due to server configuration.  Verify that you have permission to view this directory or page based on the credentials you supplied and the authentication methods enabled on the Web server.  Contact the Web server's administrator for additional assistance.

magento2 – override only specific part of catolog product save page

Any way to override(changing behaviour) catalog product save page only specific part ? or only way create new phtml and declare all attributes ?

for example i have custom attributes on catalog products, and i want change their behaviour (add some custom jquery just some of them), but did not want to override full page?

I will make, develop, set up a superb, impressive, SEO optimize Facebook Business Page for $5

I will make, develop, set up a superb, impressive, SEO optimize Facebook Business Page

Welcometo my Facebook Business Page SEO optimizegig I will make, develop, set up a superb, impressive,Seo optimization Facebook business page which can increase your business side worldwide which I canmake very well. Facebook Businesspage creation is very essential for all kinds of social media/online/offline for business. It helps a business to reach a top position in the

online sector. You can find exact customers and visitors through Facebook business page creation. You canbrand your Shopify Store, WooCommerce products by creating a Facebookbusiness page /FB shop/store. You can find exact customers and visitorsthrough the FB business page / SEO shop/store   I am a professional Facebookbusiness page creator. I make it manually but I can not use any kind of

artificial way. I can realize what your customers want. I know how to represent

your product in front of customers. I am a certified Social Media specialist

and I am here to provide you my best services with 100% satisfaction and

reliability. You can trust me for your tasks.
Whatcan I do for you :

  •          Create a superb Facebook business page.        
  •      Eye-catching Logo design.
  •           BLOWING  Cover design.
  •           Add a bio, contact details.
  •          Vanity URL creation.
  •          Create a CTA button.
  •      Create a post with an astonishing product description
  •         Setup location.
  •           Writing long descriptions & about.
  •          Story section setup.             
  •          FB Page Messenger Setup.
  •            Keyword Research.
  •       Media Feed Tabs.
  •          Linkup other Social platforms.
  •       Website Integration.
  •             Auto Response Setup.
  •             Add phone, email.
  •            Full business page SEO friendlyoptimize.
  •      All Setup services, like  Shopify store, woo commerce,

                e-commerce, online shop/store.

  •              Advance marketing and promotion.
  •            Custom Orders.
  •             Appointments.
  •            And more!

 What will you give order especially:

  •          Experience to understand customer psychology
  •          I have achieved marvelous skill.
  •         I will embellish your page very carefully
  •          100% fulfillment
  •          delivery within the time
  •         low-priced rates and effective, outstanding work
  •         100% Satisfaction
  •          FAST delivery
  •          Quality service
  •         24/7 hours availability
  •          High-quality work
  •          Extra fast delivery
  • ·         100% money-back guarantee upon dissatisfaction
  • ·         Reliable support

  Apart from these services, I can be yoursocial media manager and I can help you grow your page.Thanks, everyone.  


javascript – class loading when open a html page

i did this class to replace the value of input text in html with a random value when loading of the pageand i didnt know how to fix itenter image description here so how to fix this problem

class GennerCaptcha{
document.getElementById(‘w’).innerHTML((Math.random() + 1).toString(36).substring(7));
var b= new GennerCaptcha();

I will do profitable keyword research to rank your site on google first page for $20

I will do profitable keyword research to rank your site on google first page

Do you need help with keyword research?

well, I am here for you. if you want to be rank your website 1st page of google you need to perfect the keyword at first. you need to know what people search otherwise you just waste your time. proper keyword research is very important to reach the customer.

what you will get:
.keyword research deeply 500-1000 with SEO optimize

.special hidden gifts

.Broad math keyword, phrase match keyword with extra hidden tips
. long-tail keyword
.Average monthly search with CPC
.keyword difficulty (kd)
.competitor analysis

.Easy to rank on search engine

Why choose me?
on-time delivery
get everything in google excel sheet easy to access
fast response
24/7 support

customer satisfaction

for more details, feel free to contact me


sharepoint online – Rename “Version comments” inside the document library’s Upload.aspx page

When i open the Upload.aspx page for an online document library inside a new tab , i will get these fields:-

enter image description here

My question is if i can rename the “Version Comments” field? i access the document library fields and i can not find this field… can i rename it using PnP or other approach ?