spfx – Add the same Web Part with different configuration multiple times on the same page

I have created an SPFX web part. So, if I add this web part more than once to the same page, the same data appears on both web parts, even if they have different properties. Configuring the properties pane for a Web Part will change both Web Parts because they have the same class for div and other controls.

How do we deal with this situation in SPFX?

How do I add on the product view page based on the final price "Pay only $ / month"?

I'd like to see what the monthly payments for our monthly payment option would be based on the final price of the product (including configurable products). Here is a screenshot of something I would like to have:

Pay only $ / month
Basically, I would like to be able to capture the final price and divide it into monthly payments and output the text after the "product.info.price".

I tried to override the catalog_product_view.xml file in my design and specify a different .phtml file to use, but could not determine the final price.

I also tried to specify the block class = "Magento Catalog Pricing Render" in the catalog_product_view.xml file, but only the product price with many underlying HTML files was repeated without this being able to be changed.

So how can I override the catalog_product_view.xml file to find the price, perform a calculation based on it, and then output custom text based on this calculation after the "product.info.price" block?

sharepoint online – Can we change the filters within the modern search page?

I am working on a Sharepoint website for online communication. The website contains 10 document libraries. These document libraries share 5 columns of managed metadata sites associated with them. Now I can manually search the documents and view the results on the modern search page. Where we have filters in modern sharepoint search (unlike the classic search that uses refiner), as follows:

Enter image description here

So my question is whether I can use our 5 columns of managed metadata as filters in the modern search. can I filter the document libraries based on managed metadata values?

Thank you very much

Problem with new topic in faulty menu order and in faulty information on the main page (the higher-level page settings are correct, but the menu order is incorrect)

We are entrepreneurs in incubator Growth Entrepreneur. Currently, the Expert Center supports me with troubleshooting the website. With his limited username and password for the WP site, he has granted me access to the site's settings.

The page before changing the menus can be seen here:


and :

Enter image description here
The elders are here:

Enter image description here

New menus that are confusing due to the installation of new menus can be seen here:

Enter image description here

You can see the site issue below:

Enter image description here

When I talked to the person in charge of the site, he told me that after changing the theme of the site, there was a problem and the menu order was corrupted and the pages too … while the page editing content was in the correct order see here:

Enter image description here

Looks like there is a problem with the menus in the topic, I have manually ordered menu content as you can see here:

Enter image description here

This could be resolved by rearranging menus in the Appearance section. However, there is another problem where the information of the first page is damaged.

I would like to know why this problem has occurred and if logs are required for this question. How can I find these logs with a partially restricted user ID?

Thank you very much

need a html page similar to image created

I need a simple HTML page based on this image

1 – AMP MUST be verified
2- DO NOT use too many scripts 1-2 because jquery / bootstrap is fine.
3- CSS must be inline

It will be a landing page, so I hope you understand how important it is to have speed, and so on.
I have email shipping code ready, just change it as needed. (will provide a sample of working form)

An experienced man should not take more than 30 minutes

Pay 700 INR for this (about $ 10)
msg only if you can do the work in a few hours today

Company apologize
(IMG) "data-url =" https://newbioments.com/lp/hl.jpg

Convert Classic Page to Modern – Sharepoint Server 2019 on site

We have a local Sharepoint Server 2019. I have to convert classic pages into modern ones. The following code seems to work only for Sharepoint Online. How can I convert a local Sharepoint Server 2019 page to modern? Please advise.

ConvertTo-PnPClientSidePage -Identity page1.aspx -AddPageAcceptBanner

We recently installed SharePoint Server 2019 locally in our DEV environment. In Modern mode, only the "View Lists" page is displayed, all other pages by default in Classic mode.

_layouts / 15 / viewlsts.aspx? view = 13

We need to set an optimized view for our websites. All pages must be converted to the modern mode. Please advise.