SEO – How to fix or handle dynamic paginated URLs in a classified website

We have a classified website where we have different categories like male clothes, feminine clothes and so on

Below is the URL structure of the paginated pages: and so on

We recorded Canonical as self-canonical tags in the following ways:

In the search console, we did something else, namely the URL parameters mentioned as follows:

Parameter: page
Effects: Paginated
Crawl: Let Googlebot decide

I just want to ask if we did everything right to handle pagination on our website.

Please let me know if something has been done wrong and how best to solve the problem of pagination.

Many Thanks

Pagination – Best approach to updating all entries in a list that is paginated?

I have a list that is paginated on a website. It also has a function to select the number of entries per page.
A mass update is required for all.

What would be the best approach for that? It is important to me that a user doubts whether we refer to the current page or to the entire list.
A confirmation window with details or a detail message would be sufficient?

This is how it looks like now:

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SEO – Google does not find content in paginated lists

We have a website that lists machine parts by code number. These show in a paginated list:

/ parts? page = 1 has records 1 to 25 from 356736.

We need canonical, Next, and previous Left. The list can be filtered by brand or by (partial) code number / parts is the total list, / parts? brand = brand name is a sublist and /parts?code=0.008 is another list. The, canonical, Next, and previous Links take this into account, so Next and previous Change only the page number (they retain the rest of the URL) canonical URL only retains relevant URL parameters.

Every single part has its own page / parts? part =[CodeNumber], The URL may contain a number of other parameters that are relevant to filtering the list. These are used to provide backlinks to the list, but not canonical link is the simple, tidy URL. There is none Next or previous Links for individual subpages.

There are also / SitemapAn HTML code that contains a link to every page, every product and every part of the website. A huge long list. (It refers to the overall list of replacement parts, but only to the first page of it, not to each page of the pagination.)

There are also /sitemap.xmlThis is a Sitemap index that points to eight individual sitemaps, between which are all the URLs displayed in the HTML Sitemap.

Searching for article code results in inconsistent results.

For some elements, usually at the top of the list, Google leads us directly to the unique side of this section. For a few others, including early in the list, Google puts us on the right page of the paginated list, which is a reasonable compromise.

For part numbers in the middle of the list Google brings us / SitemapThat's not ideal, but better than nothing.

For part codes in the second half of the list Google does not find them at all.

Can I do anything to improve our results?

While our SEO links (Next, previous, and canonical) are correct on this list and have been around for some time canonical Links in other parts of the site have been a bit messy so far (usually each page was self-contained, resulting in a certain amount of duplicate content). I repaired it today. Could that have an effect?

Indexing – Should paginated sites be included in the sitemap?

My site contains ads for boats, boat engines, boat rentals, etc. (

There are ads on several pages. I have finished the pagination (not on the link above):

On some pages (sorting etc.) I have also added a canonical relationship.

Now I want to add pages to the sitemap generator, and I'm not sure if I should add all the URLs, for example:


Or should I just add