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Hello everyone,

Unfortunately for personal reasons I had to take a lot of time for my website. As a result, the community has lost a lot of activity and spam has increased. Now, however, I've managed to find time to go back and restore order, but I'm looking for help. This will be a paid position, but volunteers are much more than welcome.

I am looking for someone to work with me to get back into community activities by promoting and referring individuals and moderating and maintaining the website.

All applicants are welcome. I do not need anyone with mass knowledge in these areas who is only familiar with the mybb software and moderation tools.

Please note that the position is not immediately assigned. You get paid based on the amount of activity you can bring to the website and how much of that activity will remain. You will also get paid depending on how active you are, etc. Once you are considered a perfect candidate, you will receive moderation tools.

Prices can be discussed by the clock.

If you are interested, please contact us.




Trade – is there a module or solution to implement paid membership somehow in the registration form?

Is it possible to implement paid membership on the registration form?
So I would like to have 3 user roles. The visitors, the registered users without membership have the same permissions as the visitors and the registered users with membership.
On the registration form you can choose whether you want to pay or not.
Payment is made like a subscription for 1 month.
I'm using Drupal 8, the latest stable version.

Paid / Free – Do You Need Gaming Staff? Forum promotion

I'm currently looking for people who are passionate about gaming / tech / anime to join my forum and help him get the momentum he needs. You can find the details here in my forum: or below. The best thing to do is contact me in my forum.

So why work for my website first? My forum has been around for 13 years, 14 years, and I promise (apart from early Grim Reaper visits) to continue my forum for many years. I have declined thousands of dollars on offers from people who want to buy GL, as I love it, and am devoted to this website where I want to find others to share my passion. As an incentive to work here, I offer the following:

Free video game

How MotM works, an employee can or will win a free video game priced at $ 60 or less at the end of the year. Of course, I won't pay for the money exchange anymore, but you get something that is worth it. It only depends on my financial situation and how many active employees there are in January.

Work freely, but could be paid

All employees who join my forum are now working free of charge, just to see if you are committed. However, if you stay active, post a lot and take on a second role, I am willing to pay you a small monthly fee. If you show your commitment, your bag will be filled with some change.

All forum benefits included

Man, I sound like bad advertising right now, but you still get access to all the benefits of the forum. So you can give up your forum points for things in business and have a chance to win MotM, which means you can win two free games in the new year if you're lucky.

So what am I looking for right now?

1 Admin – This role is not a simple look at the forum, but must bring new ideas, work with WordPress / Arcade and ensure that this site becomes more active and all messages / events are handled properly.

3 moderators – The forum gets a little spam, 10 or more spam accounts in the spam queue every day and lots of questionable posts in the forum. I want to make sure that all bases are covered with a little more mod staff.


There are roles in this forum with which you can obtain the status of an employee. The following roles are sought:

Content Creation – Me and CM30 need more fresh and original content that is posted here on the forum and on the partner blog website Gaming Reinvented. This would be a higher paying place, if you are interested I will contact both Demon_skeith and CM30.

Technically savvy – Everyone needs a good IT person. Me and King45Gamer believe this and are happy to help people with technical needs. So feel free to contact King to do this.

Advertiser – help promote the website, do some SEO and backlink for the website. If you would like to help spread the Gaming Latest / Gaming Reinvented link, please contact Demon_skeith

To be considered for one of these, I will ask for good references.

If you apply for a role, you can become a mod just to ensure adequate reporting in the forum. And as I said above, the more you do, the better it might turn out for you. Please spread the word, let people know and do not hesitate to contact employees with any questions.


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