Paid/Free – Community Manager/Admin/Mod for hire! | Forum Promotion

Hello, and welcome to my thread :).

Name: Hungry Ego (Mike)
Age: 30
Location: Ontario, Canada
Experience: Administrator for General Forums (personal and others).
Strengths: Community Management, Member and Leadership Management, Hype Man.
Weaknesses: Programming. I know basic codes. What I lack in technical skills I make up for in communication, leadership, and dedication. I should also add that even though I am not “technical”, however I do enjoy learning and will spend time learning how to achieve the desired output.
Availability: ASAP. I do currently work a full-time Monday-Friday day job. Due to COVID-19 I have found myself with a lot of “free time” at home. I am the type of person to stick to their commitments while being open and communicative.
Topics/Genre: Business, General, Gaming, Select Niche topics (PM to discuss)
Is your Topic/Genre not listed above: Still feel free to PM me. Investing time in new hobbies and will actively contribute where possible.
Compensation: TBD



Paid/Free – Upcoming Project | Forum Promotion

Hiring for a hype man for upcoming project. Pay is however much FP I have at current time or $0.01 USD one time payment depending on experience. Requirements are a doctorate degree in marketing (no substitutions), 15 years experience, willingness to commit to a two week (non-paid) training period, ongoing professional development, and no benefits. The working conditions likely aren’t the best either.

There is a chance for moving up. No benefits.

Need 6+ references and a current web resume.

Details released on being the successful applicant.