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Paidverts seemed to be in a difficult situation for a while, but they have been promising higher payments for BAP groups recently, and I expect you to be able to earn more from them.


Paidverts is a Paid To Click (PTC) website that offers some unique aspects. You make money by clicking on ads that are issued to you on a daily basis and by participating in money offers, such as: For example, participate in surveys and install apps. In this guide I will discuss some important things about Paidverts and my strategy to get good results.

Bonus points display
Paidverts works differently than other PTC sites, depending on how many ads you can click every day. It uses a system that they call Bonus Ad Points or BAP. To summarize, how much BAP you get about the value and number of ads you receive the next day. If you have a small amount of BAP, you can be lucky to get a penny every day. If you have a lot of BAP, you can get 5 or more dollars a day. There are 15 BAP groups in which they are categorized, depending on how much BAP you have. The more BAP you have, the higher your group and the higher your group, the more money you make. The amount of revenue that each group can vary each day is not a guaranteed day. 20 BAP equals $ 0.01. So, if you receive a $ 0.10 ad, you lose 200 BAP. For this reason, it is important to keep a good BAP balance in your account.

Earn BAP
You can collect BAP in three ways. The first option is to click on the 8 BAP ads you receive every day. At the beginning, each ad is worth 50 BAP. Unfortunately, after you've clicked on 100 ads, the value of these BAP ads is doubled, making them worth 25 BAP each. Keep in mind that for some reason you will be charged 100 BAP daily. Because of this, the maximum BAP you can do per day is rather low. You'll need 1600 BAP to get into Group 1, and this group will not bring you much more than $ 0.05 a day. So if you only lag behind every day, you will not get any further. You have to do something else …

For something else, the second method is to buy ads. You're probably wondering why you want to spend money on something to make money with. Well, buying ads is actually the smartest thing you can do at Paidverts. For $ 1.05, you can promote anything you want, and in return, you'll receive around 200 visits to your site of choice. As well as 3100 BAP. This 3100 BAP has a value of $ 1.55. So, remember to buy ads as an investment.

The third method is playing, where you are likely to lose more than you earn. There are two methods that have proven effective in making money in this way. First, there is a coin toss game with a 50% chance of doubling your money. It seems that if, for example, you do "heads" right, next time you make "tails" and then "heads", you should be able to double the money from 3 to 10 times. If you lose, stop. The second way involves the use of the game Tic Tac Toe. Here you play the classic Tic Tac Toe against other players and bet on who will win. If you know the strategy for this game, you are guaranteed never to lose and possibly win.

You can also buy a Micro Ad Pack for 50 BAP once a day. This will immediately bring $ 0.025 worth of ads to your account. It's nothing, but if you have less than two cents to pay and you want to have the money quickly, it's a way to get it.

Buy ads
There are several types of ad packages that you can buy. But the best thing is to buy bulk ads, as described above. The trick is to promote something that you can benefit from. Do not just post a random link there, for example, it would be wise for me to post a link to my blog. When people see this ad, they visit my blog and I get traffic and potential readers. These people could then click on the referral links I noted in my blog articles, and I could make money from them. I only did it once, but I got 200 visits to this site. That was more than I could ever imagine. With the 3100 BAP I received, I also received ads worth $ 1.55. You can just continue and invest again.

There is a referral program that you can use, and you will also earn if one of your referees buys an ad package. Do something like a YouTube video or a reddit post describing the site, and you could earn a few cents or more each day for referrals.

paying out
Paidverts accepts almost every known e-wallet, including PayPal, Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, VISA, bank transfer and much more. The minimum threshold for disbursement is reasonably low $ 2.

Paidverts is a classic version of a PTC and revenue sharing website. You can expect a lot if you click on ads daily. However, if you want visitors to visit your site or promote something, this is a good and inexpensive way to do it. You have a good chance of getting the money it costs to buy those ads again and even make more money. Their daily incomes are not guaranteed, as Paidvert's ecosystem often fluctuates and the system, even though it is renewable, may be in debt, as is the case with many such sites. Therefore, I can not tell you exactly how much you can earn per day. I also do not recommend making a large initial investment unless you do not mind spending that money without getting it back, because you are only there to advertise.

There are many aspects of the website that I did not mention just because they are not worth your time. But that should not discourage you to try it out. Search the site and do additional research. You may find a way to earn more than you think possible. Feel free to sign up with my referral link below.

Paidverts | Revenue Sharing and PTC Combined | Proof of Payment – MLM & Network Marketing

I received payment $ 1.57 USD dated: August 15, 2018 for my perfect money

paying out Within 24 hours

Take a look at the list of great features:

Release Date: March 31, 2014

Membership: FREE

You can earn much more than just a regular PTC site and you can also advertise cheaply and effectively.

There is no investment required for the payout You receive 200 BAPS daily, d. H. $ 0.1

There are three ways to earn:

Click on the activation ads 8 per day offered by the website. Each of us writes BAP 15 well, which equates to a profit of $ 0.06.

Buy bulk ads, use the website to promote our other programs. Every $ 1 invested in bulk ads credits us with BAPs 2400, representing a potential $ 1.2 profit. and they give us back 10% of the investment in the next 10 days by 1% per day.

The different games of chance and the Parisian side.

You can also make money with click grid and cash offers.

There are several upgrades to increase the number of daily advertisements to increase daily profits

Unlimited references

Adpack Price: 1 US dollar

Also get a reward as a free member

Minimum Payout: $ 1

Payments accepted: SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin, Litecoin, NetellerGo, OKPay, Payeer, AdvCash, PerfectMoney

Registration link: Paidverts

Proof of payment Picture:

paidverts 1st payment proof.png


PaidVerts – – GPT (get paid)

Paidverts was one of the largest and most successful pay-to-click websites in 2014.
Many people made a lot of money just by visiting Ads and promoting the site.
After the crisis in 2016, PaidVerts has been restarted with many improvements in functionality
and a NEW administration: Marc de Koning,
PaidVerts has been reborn!
How to make money?
You need to have enough bonus points to get paid ads that you can click on.
Bonus Ad Points (BAP) is the most important thing in PaidVerts and you need to understand the bonus ad point system in order to earn a good income with PaidVerts.
Bonus points display (BAP) is the currency in PaidVerts.
Remember, the MORE bonus points you earn, the MORE paid ads you can display.
How can you earn BAP?
One way to earn BAPs is by the view activation ads,
Each has 8 activation displays that are displayed daily.

C6XRqji.png "class =" ipsImage "height =" 300 "src =" "width =" 800
To view an activation screen in three steps:
Displaying an Activation Screen ==> Resolve the Captcha ==> View the screen for 5-30 seconds.
Important: In the account data you can change the captcha: Solvemedia, Recaptcha and VisualCaptcha. Choose VisualCaptcha !!
Bonus ad points serve two purposes: Paid ads are sent to us in return for the collected BAP.
The accumulated BAPs will place us in a specific BAP group.
Note: The higher the group, the more BAPs we have, the better the ads we get.
On your first day, you will NOT receive paid ads when you click on your activation announcements.
Paid ads will show up 18 hours after clicking on your activation announcements.
Buy AD pack
Each ad pack (base price $ 1) provides:
50 user visits for up to 30 seconds each after copying 3 lines of text to your offer;
25x Top 728×90 or 468×60 banner impressions;
100x 125×125 banner impressions.
Note: Buy $ 1 bulk ads and receive 2400 BAPs or $ 1.2 ads (2000 BAPs are worth $ 1 worth of paid ads).
PaidVerts is owned by MyTrafficValue (Crowdfunding platform).
You can log in to MyTrafficValue using your Paidverts account details.
Achievements will help you earn points that will demonstrate and reward your activity and value over PaidVerts
with additional cash ads sent to you.

ceWElTH.jpg "class =" ipsImage "height =" 300 "src =" "width =" 900
Upgrade Account
The UPGRADE costs only $ 0.05 and you will receive 1 US dollar recycled ads. So if you spend $ 0.05, you'll get $ 1.
Referral Program:
They earn with every ad purchase and every interaction they make with our customers.
How much do I earn?
Example: If your referral buys $ 100 worth of advertising, you will immediately receive a commission of $ 10!
Example: If your referral clicks on a $ 0.10 paid ad, you'll receive a $ 0.00 cash advance!
Example: If your referral buys "Bulk ads" worth $ 100. You will immediately receive a commission of $ 10.00. Your recommendation also brings 310,000 bonus points. If you click on all bonus ads, you will earn up to $ 7.75 more!
Do I have to buy ads to refer friends?
Do I need an active account to earn a commission?
No. Your commissions will be added to your account balance, regardless of whether your account is active or not. However, you must click on the activation indicator before you can pay off your earnings!
Can I refer? Spam?
No, you risk your account if you misuse our referral program.
Very important: Your date of birth is very important. Use the real one, do not invent it, and if you invented it and do not remember it, they will not pay you.

My last proof of payment:

1ZbyKj.png "class =" ipsImage "height =" 230 "src =" "width =" 704
Payment options:
Bitcoin: $ 1;
Litecoin: $ 1;
Perfect money: $ 1;
SolidTrustPay: $ 10;
Neteller: $ 5;
PAY OK: $ 1;
Payee: 1 USD
Register here:


Do not use a VPN service to register with PaidVerts or risk a ban!
Thank you in advance. Happy income.