unity – Touch control pan 3D map

I’m working on recreating the board game “Hex” as a mobile game. I’m working on implementing zoom and pan features using two fingers. I feel like I managed to get the zoom to work, but the pan moves more than I want it to and I feel like it is because I’m missing something and must be somewhere in the conversion to World Space coordinates. if I could get some help it would be greatly appreciated.

For reference, oldMidpoint is initialized to 0 earlier on.

        Touch touchA = Input.GetTouch(0);
        Touch touchB = Input.GetTouch(1);

        Vector3 midpoint = (touchA.position + touchB.position) / 2;
        if(midpoint != oldMidpoint)
            if(oldMidpoint == Vector3.zero)
                oldMidpoint = midpoint;

            Vector3 moveDistance = oldMidpoint - midpoint;
            moveDistance.y = 0;

            Camera.main.transform.Translate(moveDistance, Space.World);

            oldMidpoint = midpoint;

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Use the Android app as a client to connect to a Bluetooth PAN and send HTTP requests

I am by no means an Android or Java developer, but I need some pointers on the subject according to the question title.

After a long and extensive search
A network connection to a Bluetooth PAN device appears to be established. Mobile data and WLAN (if connected) should be switched off to force the operating system to forward / allow data traffic to the PAN device.

My plan is to connect to the PAN network with an Android app, send an HTTPS request, get a response, and disconnect.

I have created my app so far that it can search for and list devices and send an HTTPS request.

However, I can't find enough good examples that can help me connect to a PAN device using a hidden API android.BluetoothPan class that is only available through reflection.

Next, I try to check if the Bluetooth PAN appears in the network or connection manager when I connect using the "Settings" connection method to use the Internet connection.

How would you send an HTTPS request over the PAN interface while mobile data and WiFi are activated?

I would like to do that without root.

gui – Pan over an image like a card with a scrolling container in Godot?

I want to create a level selection screen. The aspect ratio for my game screen is 576 * 1024 and the image I use is 2048 * 2048. I want the user to scroll the screen and navigate along the path to select layers. I know how to implement only horizontal or vertical scrolls, but for these I want the user to be able to scroll in all directions like a map. Can anyone suggest the node setup in the scroll container for this?Enter the image description here

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c # – Unity 2019.2.5: Convert the camera to touch / pan / zoom the mouse to touch

I have a Unity C # script that rotates / pans / zooms a camera around a scene with a main focus (PC build) with the mouse. It works very well for me, but I have to convert it to a kiosk touchscreen (Windows Surface Pro) and have had no luck changing the script or finding answers. Would a kind soul save me from this hell please?

My current working mouse script is below.

Any help is there VERY estimated!

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class MouseOrbit : MonoBehaviour {
    public Transform target;
    public float maxOffsetDistance = 2000f;
    public float orbitSpeed = 15f;
    public float panSpeed = .5f;
    public float zoomSpeed = 10f;
    private Vector3 targetOffset = Vector3.zero;
    private Vector3 targetPosition;

    // Use this for initialization
    void Start() {
        if (target != null) transform.LookAt(target);

    void Update() {
        targetPosition = target.position + targetOffset;

        if (target != null) {
            targetPosition = target.position + targetOffset;

            // Left Mouse to Orbit
            if (Input.GetMouseButton(0)) {
                transform.RotateAround(targetPosition, Vector3.up, Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * orbitSpeed);
                float pitchAngle = Vector3.Angle(Vector3.up, transform.forward);
                float pitchDelta = -Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * orbitSpeed;
                float newAngle = Mathf.Clamp(pitchAngle + pitchDelta, 0f, 180f);
                pitchDelta = newAngle - pitchAngle;
                transform.RotateAround(targetPosition, transform.right, pitchDelta);
            // Right Mouse To Pan
            if (Input.GetMouseButton(1)) {
                Vector3 offset = transform.right * -Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * panSpeed + transform.up * -Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * panSpeed;
                Vector3 newTargetOffset = Vector3.ClampMagnitude(targetOffset + offset, maxOffsetDistance);
                transform.position += newTargetOffset - targetOffset;
                targetOffset = newTargetOffset;

            // Scroll to Zoom
            transform.position += transform.forward * Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel") * zoomSpeed;

}// CLASS ```

Javascript – How would you convert this code to make the most of the pan / zoom CSS transformation?

I use react-flow-chart for a job project, but it does not implement zoom and I would like to take over the regency and try to implement it myself. I work with linear algebra in college, but I'm not very good at transformations. I feel like I could make my job a lot easier if I use CSS transformations directly and let them do the heavy lifting for me.

I've inserted this into a CodeSandbox repository and organized it as well as possible for the sake of clarity. Therefore, I recommend displaying the complete code from there and distributing it for major changes: D


export const App = () => {
  const (squares, setSquares) = useState(((0, 0), (20, 20), (50, 20)));
  const (canvasPosition, setCanvasPosition) = useState((0, 0));

  const onPositionChanged = R.curry((index, pos) => {
    if (index === "canvas") return setCanvasPosition(pos);
    setSquares(R.update(index, pos));

  return (


In this part, I calculate the position of each square and render it

const calculateSquarePosition = R.pipe(

  const onSquarePositionChanged = index =>
      mult(1 / scale),

  const renderSquare = (pos, index) => (

The part where I zoome with the mouse wheel

  const onWheel = event => {
    const wheelDelta = event.deltaY;
    const newScale = R.pipe(
      R.add(wheelDelta * 0.001),
      clamp(0.2, 8)

    const screenPos = getClientPos(event);
    const canvasToMouse = add(canvas, neg(screenPos));
    const normalizedCanvasToMouse = normalize(canvasToMouse);

    const distance = length(canvasToMouse);
    const newDistance = (distance / scale) * newScale;
    const newCanvasToMouse = mult(newDistance, normalizedCanvasToMouse);
    const newCanvas = add(screenPos, newCanvasToMouse);
    onPositionChanged("canvas", newCanvas);

My app consists of one Canvas which has a certain width and height. I did one useDrag Hooks that allow listening to drag events and the drag displacement which can be used to translate that canvas position that essentially only moves the whole Squares together (as the Canvas can be considered as a parent). The Squares are also drawable.

It gets harder when it comes to scaling because I need to translate view coordinates correctly into scaled view coordinates, and so on.

I want to know what changes I should make so that the transformations, state management, and only math work in the simplest way for me. I think there should be a better way, but I'm not sure how.

The ultimate goal is to translate what I know into that react-flow-chart and implement the zoom itself and hopefully give a pull request (my very first!): D

Please let me know something That could be improved in this code. I appreciate any kind of review / feedback.