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❓ASK – Is breeding still good business despite the pandemic? | Proxies-free

I am also wondering what this breeding business is about. I think he/she meant livestock breeding business. In that case, I think it is still a viable business even during the pandemic. In the rural areas where livestock is kept, breeding still goes on.

Ohh yeah that makes a lot of sense 🤓🤓
I have not just understood the animal breeding business because I feel it needs so much patience and dedication. Botswana is one of the countries that is growing a lot of cattle that I know near my country Zambia and its exports.

So on aggregation, I would lie that so many nations are doing this animal breeding. Maybe South Africa, Eswatini, Lesotho and Kenya are serious in livestock breeding.

usa – Is travel from India to the US on an Advance Parole document allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As discussed here, most people who have been present in India (or various other countries) within the last 14 days will not be allowed to enter the US.

However, a CBP article mentions “an advance parole document” on a list of documents that can be presented to establish that a traveller is exempt from the travel restriction from India. The confusing thing is that the Presidential Proclamation itself doesn’t mention any exemption for AP holders.

One might think that the person who wrote the CBP article simply made a mistake. However, I’ve seen several reports of people managing to enter the US from India using an AP document, and who do not have any US citizen relatives or any other obvious grounds for an exemption.

It seems just barely possible that CBP has issued a blanket national interest exemption for AP holders entering the US from India, but I haven’t been able to find any more details in official sources.

The Truth Fact About Virus Pandemic NCOV COVID After 20 Months With The Best Solutions For Everyone

The Truth Fact About Virus Pandemic NCOV COVID After 20 Months With The Best Solutions For Everyone

It is about 20 months since the beginning of the virus pandemic NCOV COVID, what is truth what is lie, what is the best solution to stop the pandemic ?!
If you want to “educate” your friends, families and your people of any nations, what you need to do now is share the letter below from me the savior.

=====The Truth Fact About The Virus Pandemic COVID With Solution=====
Dear everybody,
The chaos virus pandemic is showing how corrupt or stupid of many national government are.
If you want to know the secret of the COVID virus pandemic event, all you need to do is read this letter carefully.

The mechanism of NCOV COVID
– If you have $1 dollar, how can it become $2 dollar or more?
You need to invest via various platform such as stock market, casino, bookmaker vendor, etc.
Without the existence of those platform, your $1 dollar will always $1 dollar.

– How did you was born, do your farther can make you by himself alone?
No, your farther need a special platform called your mother.
Without that special platform, there would be no you today.

The mechanism of the corona virus NCOV COVID is exactly like that.
It need a “platform” to grow, to multiply.
Without a human body platform, the COVID is like a sand, a dust without any dangerous.
The dangerous of the COVID is depend totally on each every human body, that is reason why you see various group of people got exactly that same virus have different result from nothing to sickness to dead.

The secret, fact about COVID vaccine:
Many national government and the media are promoting COVID vaccine like the only solution to end the pandemic but they are all wrong.
The COVID vaccine itself is not that miracle because of real life result you can see in many nations.
– There are a lot of people who got COVID vaccine but still receive injuries to dead within few days.
– There are many nations still not back to normal life despite of many COVID vaccine injected.
So why with the same vaccine, some people dead, some people do not get anything ?
Because the COVID vaccine itself is worthless, need a platform to “issue” the antibiotics, it called human body.
And the strong of those antibiotics or the effective of the COVID vaccine it totally depend on how healthy, how strong of each everybody’s body.
– If you compare to some diseases with working vaccine in the past such as varicella, measles, you will see that the whole vaccine companies/industry is trying to make money out of the people despite the fact their COVID vaccine is not really working.

The best solution to deal with the COVID is studying understand your human body platform
It is all about how strong, how healthy your human body is.
Whether the NCOV COVID dangerous or not, whether the vaccine working or not.
It is all up to your human body, it is not up to the virus or other people.
A lot of people who heal even before the vaccine appear, while a lot of people got dead even after received the vaccine.
The new corona virus is always upgrade and evolve over time but it always need a platform in order to work, to cause pandemic.
This rule apply not only for the corona virus, but apply to all other kind of different virus as well.

So the best solution for everyone not just only cope/deal with the COVID but also prepare for the uncertain future or any other kind of potential disease in the future is studying understanding your own human body, as long as you keep it strong and healthy, then you are free from any kind of pandemic !

Beauty Earth Saver
=====End=====That is the letter you should share with other people, that is the letter any leaders, celebrities need to share with the public. You can share it online via social media, email or print it out then send it to your local people.

You guys no need to share my webpages to others, but if your nation use my material to save the people, please make a fair amount of donation for my hard work.

Best Regard,
The Savior


usa – Can I drive up to the General Sherman (sequoia tree) general parking lot in a 30-foot RV and can I park it there during COVID-19 pandemic?

On the park website, it says that parking facilities are still open:


Roads and parking lots. Please park only in designated parking spaces. If a parking lot is full, refer to the park newspaper for other options.

The parks veichles length restrictions page states that vehicles longer than 24 feet are not advised.

You can not park next to the tree anyway unless you have a disability parking placard:

Those with disability parking placards can park in a small lot along the edge of the Generals Highway. From there, a wheelchair-accessible trail leads a short distance to the tree. If you don’t have a placard but can’t manage the Main Trail, during shuttle season you can ride park shuttles (all are wheelchair accessible, and some kneel) to the accessible trail.


❓ASK – Is it advisable to take loan after interest rates gone down during pandemic? | Proxies-free

Due to pandemic,the economy of many countries have devasted. The business have gone down drastically. But the good thing is that businesses are trying to regain their status now and the govt is also helping them by giving rebates and incentives.

Many govts across the world has lowered the interest rates. Means the borrower has to pay less tax on the amount of loan. This is the prefect time for taking a loan, if someone was planning to. Do you think it is good to take loan as on offer?

international travel – How to go from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1 at JFK during pandemic?

You can take the AirTrain, which seems to be running regularly, at least according to The Airport Terminals Loop is the best choice, since it runs clockwise, and has then only one intermediate stop between terminals 4 and 1. Between the terminals, the AirTrain is free of charge.

international travel – How to go from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1 at JFK on Pandemic time?

I am travelling solo to JFK and I will be landing at terminal 4 at 12:03 p.m. I have to get my connecting international flight at terminal 1 at 2:00 p.m. on the same day. I need to know how to get from T4 to T1 in good time, and where is the transportation between terminals located?
Please notice I am not checking baggage, economy class and have American passport.

Pandemic Relaxation Offer from The Venus Host! (Linux/Windows/WordPress Hosting for $2.44/month!)

The Venus Host Logo

The Venus Host has been riding out the pandemic like everyone else and now that we’re hopefully seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, they’d like to celebrate with a special offer.

  • Pick any of their services – Linux, Windows, or WordPress hosting – and get it for only $2.44/month!

As I’ve pointed out in the past, I’m always impressed with hosts that want to earn your business every month and that’s what The Venus Host does.  No three-year signups or annual commitments here – just a hard-working business that wants to make sure every month that you’re happy.

I’d also like to highlight their expansive domain registration services.  If you’re looking for a TLD, they’ve probably got it because they have 396 options:

We last had The Venus Host on back in May 18, 2021.  They are registered in India (GST 27BSJPK2416A1Z6). Their Terms of Service is available on their web site (Privacy Policy). They accept PayPal.

Here’s a little about The Venus Host in their own words:

We are India Based Domain Registration And Website Hosting Service Provider.  We provide Domain Registration services for more more than 100 TLDs And Website Hosting Service across Linux, Windows And WordPress Hosting Platforms.  Our Specialty is we activate the order immediately after the successful payment.

Have you been a The Venus Host customer? Please share your experience in the comments below.

Now read more to see the offer!

Pandemic Relaxation Offer

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Please let us know if you have any questions/comments and enjoy!


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