usa – How can I wash myself Indian-style (using water not toilet paper) in Western toilets?

OK, I am an Indian using Western toilets regularly and here is how I do it.

When you flush the toilet, water pours in from inside of the pot. I use my hands to direct that water to my anus, thereby cleaning it completely. However I find that toilet paper is always useful to administer the ‘last rites’, i.e., to remove all vestiges of faecal matter on the anus.

This is the default process I use in many places. However in some places a mug could be available, in which case, I pour tap water from the washbasin into the mug and use it.

The only concern in this method is regarding how you use your hands. Catch water while ensuring that hands do not touch the inside of the pot.

unity – How can I roll up a plane like paper?

enter image description here

Hello, I want to twist the plane. The plane looks like this when I try to do it the way I linked below.

How can I my plane roll like photos?

How can I roll up a plane with a vertex shader?

you can see DMGregory answer in this link. I create new shader and paste this code. When I put my mat. to plane. It looks like this.
(Sorry for my bad english.)

enter image description here

jet pro transfer paper manufacturers

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reference request – Can/should I cite some Stack projects Tag in a paper

According to Stack project, when referring to them I should use the Tag system since

“ The tag system provides stable references to definitions, lemmas, propositions, theorems”


“ The place of the lemma in the document may change, the lemma may be moved to a different chapter, but its tag always keeps pointing to it.”

Is it really true though? The stack project has many corrections every day so what happens if I refer to a Lemma whose hypothesis or conclusion suddenly change? Can we still consider this as a “reference”?

bitcoin core – Sweeping a paper wallet

I have a bunch of coin in BTC and BCH cold storage (paper wallets). And for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to sweep them out of there.

What is crazy is that DOGE has a spiffy site out there that makes this sort of thing super easy. As long as you have the private key, you can sweep the entire wallet to another wallet. Easy, secure, and reliable. It really makes me wonder how that joke coin meant to mock the entire crypto universe is the one that is best managed and easiest to use.

But I digress… This is about my holdings in these two paper wallets. The best attempt I’ve had so far was to download the app to my phone. There in the settings it allows you to sweep a wallet.

In both cases, I put in the private key, and it shows me how much is in the wallet. So it was able to unlock it. But when I “slide to sweep”, I get a simple toast message “Sweep Failed”. And nothing else. No help. No other information. No indication as to what the problem is. And doing a Google search on this has yielded exactly zero help.

So if anyone has any ideas, like something better, I’m all ears (eyes).

html – Rock, Paper Scissors JavaScript question

I am very new to coding and have stopped my coursework for a while to get some repetition in to solidify what i understand so far.

Below is my attempt at a rock paper scissors game, where I am trying to replace the innerHTML of a strong tag that has a class=”player” to the value of the button I click on (so either rock, paper or scissors.)

However when i click a button the HTML text changes to “undefined” and i am not sure why.

Can anyone help?


for (var i = 0; i < document.querySelectorAll(“button”).length; i++) {

document.querySelectorAll(“button”)(i).addEventListener(“click”, function() {

var playersChoice  = ("Rock", "Paper", "scissors")

document.querySelector(“.player”).innerHTML = playersChoice(i);


Restoring from old paper Mycelium Wallet Backup

I have an old Mycelium Wallet Backup on paper, created July 2014, Mycelium Wallet 1.2.12., Backup Format Mycelium Backup 1.0. It used a 15-character password + checksum character, which I have.

It also lists Bitcoin address, and Encrypted Private Key – both in QR-code and in string of characters.

How do I go about restoring this wallet to a current wallet, be it Mycelium or some other one?