Hard drive – convert parallels from PvM files into readable Virtualbox

I have problems with parallels and therefore decided to migrate my content to virtualbox as it is much better and always worked.

I was looking for ways to convert a PvM file to a hard drive. However, when I complete the process, I still have something that cannot be started. For example, these are the following steps to get the resulting solution:

  1. Make the necessary backups on my Mac and use them as a VM host
    (Parallels 15.1.4)
  2. Uninstall parallel tools from the guest VM operating system (Windows 10 Pro).
  3. Go to the specified .pvm file, click "Show Package Contents" and locate the .hdd file listed therein
  4. Click on the .hdd file and select "Show Package Contents" again to reveal another hidden gem with the .hds extension
  5. Copy the .hds file to a location that virtualbox can access (in a directory for the VM you created) and rename it to .hdd
  6. voila, should it work?

I also tried this method with a command line tool to convert something (not really), but all it did was inflate the 10 GB file to 120 GB and still did not remain bootable. 🙁

any ideas? 🙂 🙂

Windows – Can I start a native boot camp after importing the boot camp parition into Parallels?

I've seen some articles where I can "import" a boot camp installation into Parallels. For performance reasons, I may have to start the boot camp partition natively with a Mac restart.

Will this be possible after importing this Windows installation into Parallels? Will it be possible to seamlessly switch between modes (of course with a restart)?

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Virtual machine – hypervisor for Windows 10 that works like Parallels on MacOS

If you're coming from Parallels on a MacOS host and running a Windows 10 Pro guest, you feel like you're running it natively. There are hardly any delays – it's just going great. I didn't boot it because it wasn't necessary.

I'm trying to find something similar for Windows 10 as the host and Linux as the guest. Hyper-V is said to perform better than VirtualBox or VMware Player, and frankly, it really isn't. About as sluggish.

I could probably learn to live with it, but pretty annoying right now and can see that when I work on animations it will be a problem. Consider a partition for Linux. This leads to other problems, e.g. B. Losing the benefits of using the same VPN connection and automatically mapping these remote network drives to the guest from the host.

How does Parallels work on MacOS but on Windows 10?

WSL / WSL2 is really not an option.

Running Windows 10 on the Parallels Virtual Machine – The poker application desktop is visible, but not individual tables

I just started using Parallels Virtual Machine to run Windows 10 and a poker application from Best Poker. When I start the application, all content is visible and I can not interact with it. However, when I open a single table, it's black and no content is visible. At the same time I can hear the action sounds. As I float across the screen, I can find and interact with buttons even when I'm not seeing them. I tried to mess around with the resolution and update drivers, but can not get them up and running.
Does anyone know this problem and has a solution?

Greetings rubber

Projective geometry parallels meet in 2 points

About 25 years ago, when I was studying mathematics at university, in the projective geometry class.

Professor had told us that in the projective geometry parallel lines can meet only at one point
That's when you look at the line vertically
It's like looking at the road in front of you

Enter image description here

After completing the course, I had this question in mind

If you look at the lines horizontally as in the picture below, then there are 2 points?
Enter image description here
It's like being on the side of the road

Is not that a contradiction, since in the poetic geometry parallel lines can only meet at one point?

Since then I have not had the opportunity to ask someone about it.

Now I wonder if anyone can answer me.

parallels desktop – No window can be drawn in Catalina Beta

I'm using macOS Catalina 10.15 beta in a virtual machine running Parallels Desktop for Mac version 15.0.0.

I installed the beta on Mojave, which worked well within the VM. Unfortunately, after installing Catalina Beta, I can not pull windows anymore.

When I click and drag the title bar of a window, the window moves a few pixels and stops. If I repeat it, I can barely make any progress by gradually shifting the window a few pixels at a time. Obviously, it's not practical to move some pixels at once, which makes Catalina Beta unusable.

This issue affects windows in all apps: the Finder, the About This Mac window, the Feedback Wizard, and so on.

Any workarounds or fixes?

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