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Small moth of $ 0.75 / month

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Parked domain does not work as expected

I hope that's the right form. I recently switched my reseller hosting.

One of the domains I have had parked on a different domain for over a decade when I was at my previous host. When I switched my hosting company, I also moved these two domains and parked one with the other just like before. On my old host, the parked domain worked as expected. It was intended that two domains display the same content. On my old host, the URL remained unchanged when entering the parked domain URL in the browser, and the end user would have no idea there was a primary domain there.

When I enter the parked domain URL on my new host, the site loads properly, but the URL changes from the parked domain to the primary domain. It behaves like a diversion for me and I do not want that. What do I miss here?

Possibly unfair price for registering a parked domain

I want to create a personal website on a .com domain. My first choice in terms of a domain is just my name (a not very common name). If you enter this URL in my browser, you will get to this parked domain:
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$ 895 seems to be a bit steeper for a .com domain with no particular relevance, except for the person who happens to be wearing the personal name that is homonymous to that web domain. Am I not up to date with the regular domain prices or is this price actually abusive?

If the latter, then there is another way to obtain this domain than by contacting the owner of this parked domain, or should I simply go to my second preference for domain names (for example, adding the middle initial there, the domain ) for which seems to lead a calmer "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED" message)?