sharepoint online – Image Carousel Spfx Web Part

Hello, I'm working on an SPFx Image Carousel Web Part with a responsive carousel.

I would like to see a detailed description of the image in the modal dialog on the same page when the user clicks on the image in the carousel:

public render(): React.ReactElement {
  return (
{ => { return (


) })}
{ => { return (
) })}
); }

Use a custom formula as part of a conditional formatting rule – Google Sheets

I have a table with 3 columns A, B, C, I want to add the 3 columns in column E together, if there is a value in column C, I want the summed number to be displayed in red.

If there is a value in column C, there is no value in column B, and vice versa, so the conditional formatting logic looks something like this =if(not(isblank(C2)), , )

What I struggle with is how to use the above if Instruction as part of a conditional formatting rule in Google Sheets. When I try to paste it into the conditional formatting wizard, it does not work.

I've made a screenshot of what I've tried so far, as well as a link to the Google Sheet HERE. If you want to experiment with Google Sheet, make a copy with file> make a copy.

Any ideas ?

Screenshot of the displayed conditional formatting window attempting to use the above code

bitcoind – Was libbitcoin part of the Bitcoin core in the past?

I try to use it c++ Code from the book of Antonopoulos for some time and it seems to me include called bitcoin/bitcoin.hpp,

To compile the code, the g++ Compiler gets one pkg-config Input with libbitcoin, So I guess I would have to install this library.

Since the book mentioned nothing else than to install bitcoin core I'm really wondering if parts of libbitcoin were originally part of bitcoin core and were eventually excluded.

The other explanation would be that the author forgot to mention it. But it seems a bit overwhelmed that I need to install another complete system for a full node (libbitcoin) to run the code because the book explicitly states that a full node is running bitcoin core should be enough.

It's only incidental and probably ridiculous to a specialist, but I also learn how to use it pkg-config and the compiler this way.

There were suggestions to install only parts of libbitcoin but the developers said it was wise to install it with the automated install script.

Also there is libbitcoin-devThat's a package in debian (I start Raspbian Buster) but I could not compile the code with it.

SharePoint PnP PowerShell Provision World Clock Web Part on the Modern page

I'm working on providing modern team website sites using PNP Powershell. We try to add the World Clock Web Part on the page, but we do not get the World Time Watch Web Part's internal name to add it to the page. Where do we get the internal name of the World Clock or the entire internal name of the OOTB Web Parts?
Thanks for your help!

Web Part – Use of HTML code in the modern user interface

@theChrisKent is right.
For many SharePoint administrators and developers, this is a big disadvantage when considering whether to use modern pages in SharePoint or not.
I just completed an on-premigration online migration and it was the very first thing I had to decide on. We opted for a migration as opposed to an "upgrade" while remaining in the classic user interface.

The disadvantage is that you get a responsive layout, a "future proof" layout (as Microsoft puts it: migrate- script-editor-web-part-customizations) and easy to integrate into PowerBI and other o365 apps. The downside is a steep learning curve, as @theChrisKent puts.

My answer to your question is that you need to create a "modern" web part with JS Framework, gulp, npm, node.js and yeoman.

The tools that are required for what you want to do and how you use it require that many SharePoint administrators become developers if Microsoft rejects the "classic" UI because all of these custom Web Parts have additional knowledge of the above Tools required are a necessity for a version control system.

It was not easy for me to make the transition (some sites in my migration project wanted the new UI), but it can be done.

Usa – Travel with an existing visa and extend it as part of the administrative process

Indian citizen. The current F1 visa is valid until July 2020. You need 2 more years visa before the expected completion. Conduct a consulate interview on December 15, 2019. When I get some administrative work, it may take a while for me to decide. Is it possible to do the following: Keep my passport with an existing visa and travel to the United States. Send it back to parents when processing is complete. You can go to the consulate and have it stamped and sent back to me.

Things to worry about:

Can I send my passport back to India for a week while I'm in the US?
1. I think this is more obvious if I can do point 1: assure passport delivery in both directions.
2. Do I have to present the passport to the US Consulate in India as soon as the permit is received "in person" or can my parents do so?
Third Immigration problem at the port of entry when using my current visa while processing a new application under 221 g.

Reason for all this is that I can book a flexible ticket for the return trip to the US, but the prices can be up to 4000 USD. Any advice on booking flexible tickets without worrying too much about price differences is welcome.

Reusable Gutenberg Block as part of the WordPress topic page

I use the WordPress theme "Twenty Nineteen" (child). I'm trying to accomplish this by adding one of my previously created reusable Gutenberg blocks as part of the theme index.php File.

The reason for this is that you can edit quickly and easily what is displayed at the top of the homepage directly above the list of entries / posts.

In other words, is it possible to include previously created reusable Gutenberg blocks in PHP?