Numerical Linear Algebra – How important is the imaginary part of eigenvalues ​​and eigenvectors?

I'm building a library in C for embedded systems that can compute linear algebra. Available on my GitHub.

I'll write code for the library to use eigenvalues ​​and eigenvectors, including Schur decomposition. However, I do not know if I should write code so that the algorithm can compute the complex eigenvalues, or should I focus only on the real part of the eigenvalues.

I remember my engineering and control theory class, where we compute the complex eigenvalues, but we only have the real part of those values.

Code in algorithms that can calculate complex eigenvalues ​​and eigenvectors requires a lot of time for the microcontroller. So my question to you is how important complex eigenvalues ​​are in real problems. Or are we just looking after the real part?

Part time outside the USA

I think the US will experience an economic slump in the near future.
When that happens, I do not want to be in the middle of chaos.
I know that some people respond by moving full time to another more stable country.
This is much more complex (and expensive) than leaving the US 4-6 months at a time and hearing about the mess at home while sitting under a palm tree in another country.
I know that many other countries will be in big trouble when the US hits the wall, but I think there will be places in the world where I would be welcome and not in financial / political difficulties.
This idea allows me to move to other countries as events evolve and perhaps find the best quiet places.
I have no mortgages or family responsibilities, but I would still have to find countries where it is very affordable to live 4-6 months.
Any help in identifying options would be very helpful.
Please do not hesitate to criticize my plan and propose alternatives.
Many Thanks

Web Part – SharePoint 2010 Web Part Error

I access a list view web part and see an error:

This web part can not be displayed. To resolve the problem, open this Web page in a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible HTML code
Editor like Microsoft SharePoint Designer. If the problem persists,
Contact your web server administrator. correlation
ID: 297fcf5a-a4b4-4266-a62e-a50424951505

I checked the logs against this ID and found:

Error while running Web Part: System.Exception: ResolveToken
unexpected object type returned. at the
Microsoft.Xslt.MethodCollection.MethodDescription.SetCode (DynamicILInfo
ilInfo, Int32[] Fixup, byte[] ilCode, Byte[] ehTable, Int32
maxStackSize, MethodCollection methodColl)
Microsoft.Xslt.MethodCollection.MethodDescription.DefineDynamicMethod (DynamicMethod
dm, MethodCollection methodColl)
Microsoft.Xslt.MethodCollection.CreateDynamicMethods ()
Microsoft.Xslt.MethodCollection.GetMethodInfoInternal (Int32
Microsoft.Xslt.MethodCollection.GetMethodInfo (Int32 method number)
at Microsoft.Xslt.STransform.GetCompiledTransform ()
Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.BaseXsltListWebPart.LoadXslCompiledTransform (WSSXmlUrlResolver
Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.DataFormWebPart.GetXslCompiledTransform ()
at the
Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.DataFormWebPart.PrepareAndPerformTransform (Boolean

The strange thing is that this only happens with 1WFE of the 6 that we have. I've connected the same with other WFEs and it works fine. Our SP 2010 versions are 14.0.7196.5000

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mobile App Development Tool – Kony

If you want to build your mobile app from scratch, there are a number of tools available as part of advanced mobile app technologies. The tools below are ideal for developing a complete app from scratch, and provide multi-platform capabilities to reach a broad audience. Echo Innovate IT has put together a list of mobile app development tools that help you create a bug-free app from scratch.


When Kony connects to a single IDE, a developer can create JavaScript apps that run on all platforms. However, this tool is a bit of pinching the bag, especially if you want to create more than one mobile app, want more than a hundred users, etc.

The Kony mobile app development tool can support a variety of things including API management, catboats, voice, customer reporting, augmented reality, reference apps and many more. While the tool itself can be installed on both Windows and Mac computer systems, the associated mobile apps are used for previewing and testing on the device on which it is to run.


How do you open "Quick Links" web part links in the same tab / window (for lists and document libraries)?

I want my "Quick LEFT" web part links to open in the same tab / window as the links in the "Quick LAUNCH" navigation bar in the same tab / window.
I've noticed that "pages" on my website are linked to the Quick Link web part, which opens in the same tab. Lists and libraries open on a new tab.

This is a team site, a classic template that uses modern experience.

sharepoint online – Display column names in the Content Query Web Part

I've tried to find resources to describe how to insert column names into a content query web part. I understand how to add extra columns by modifying the itemstyle.xsl and query Web Part files, and have successfully inserted additional columns into my results. What I'm looking for is a way to "flag" those results.

Use the CQWP to display items from a contact list.

Columns like: location, address, manager

CQWP correctly displays the values ​​of each column, but does not give me the option to display the column name as well.


Property A

123 main street

Sally Smith

I want to display the results like this:

Site (column name)

Property A

Address (column name)

123 main street

Manager (column name)

Sally Smith

Any help to point me in the right direction would be very grateful.

Get the e-mail address of a Person or Group field in the dataform web part using XSLT

I am trying to retrieve the e-mail address of a person or group field. I tried the expression

value-of select = # substring-before (substring-after (@person, concat ("sip =", $ dvt_apos)), $ dvt_apos) & # 39; disable-output-escaping = "no"

but there is nothing back, can anyone help

Many Thanks,

http – Varnish: Can not just a certain part of the page be cached?

Let's say I have a page with me – Now I want to cache the content of this URL, except for only a specific HTML part of the page, which should be updated regularly. This HTML area should not be cached, and instead the backend should be polled each time a request is received for that part. Is that possible somehow?