audio – How to equalize participants volume on Google Meet?

When attending calls on Google Meet, I often meet the issue where participants have very different mic volumes.

This is annoying as it’s hard to hear the persons with lower audio volume without increasing the output volume on my computer, but then the sound will be too loud for the persones with louder microphones.

Is there a way to equalize the participants volumes or will I have to play with my volume controls forever?

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users – Services for recruiting Japanese research participants

I’ve been asking everyone in my network, done Google searches, and checked StackExchange but still haven’t found good answers.

I’m running a research study where I need to recruit 90 participants from Japan and 90 from the US for a 1.5 hour group discussion study on Zoom.

Do you know of any services/platforms where I could recruit Japanese user research participants (and even better, both US and Japanese participants)? I’ve been looking into Lancers, but I understand that most people on that website are freelancers.

Thank you for your help or any leads! πŸ™‚

privacy – Can lightning transaction participants link the transaction to on-chain funding transaction UTXOs?

Let us start with the direct payment via channel Uab. According to BOLT 02, the payment is conducted by adding an HTLC and settling it. From a protocol perspective, Bob does not know if the payment was originated by Alice. Of course, as there was originally an invoice issued by Bob (and potentially presented out-of-band to Alice), he could deduce that Alice was the payer, but Alice might have forwarded the invoice to someone else who later routed through Alice. Thus, Bob cannot tell with certainty who paid him. All he knows is that he got money from Alice.

In that specific setting, Alice can however be sure that Bob is the one receiving the money as Bob issued the invoice. Invoices are signed by the private key corresponding to the node id, so Alice knows that Bob has requested the payment. Of course, Bob might have been a proxy in the sense that he issued an invoice with the same payment hash as someone else. In that case, Bob might have routed the payment before he was able to present the preimage. Such behavior would be impossible to distinguish for Alice.

Similarly, in the Alice-Isidore-Bob setting: Isidore only knows that Alice sent him money and that he was asked to forward to Bob. Isidore does not know if Alice is the originator nor if Bob is the final destination (this of course assumes the protocol is secure and no attacks exist that reveal such information). Like before, Bob only knows that the payment came through the channel Uib, but cannot tell with certainty who paid him.

In the Alice-Isidore-Bob setting, Alice is aware of all funding transactions as she chose the route and the route is encoded with short_channel_ids which point to funding transactions. Alice will most likely have learnt about them via the gossip protocol.

webforms – Undefined offset: 0 in wf_crm_webform_postprocess->validateParticipants() when using webform_civicrm to register Participants to a CiviCRM Event

I’m getting this warning when using Drupal module webform_civicrm to register Participants to a CiviCRM Event from a Drupal webform:

Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in wf_crm_webform_postprocess->validateParticipants() (line 394 of

This is the line that is generating the notice:

$participantName = wf_crm_apivalues(‘contact’, ‘get’, $this->existing_contacts($c), ‘display_name’)(0);

I’m working with Drupal 7.78, CiviCRM 5.34 and Webform CiviCRM Integration 7.x-5.4.

Any clue about what might be happening will very much appreciated.

surveymonkey – Does anybody know a survey tool where participants can select previous participants’ answers?

I am looking for a (free) online survey tool which shows what other people answered before and gives participants the option to choose one of those or add their own answer.
Also, it should be possible to give a set number of multiple answers to each question.

Does anybody know such a tool?

Sources of participants for user research and feedback

I’m re-evaluating the sources of getting participants our UX team uses to recruit participants. These participants will be mainly invited to test prototypes and conduct interviews.

Besides the following, I’m curious if there are any other potential sources.

  • End users who are current customers. they joined by signing up on the user engagement program.
  • New employees, since they are still somewhat unbiased
  • Employees from other departments since they are not too close to the product team

video – Is Jitsi Meet, Apache OpenMeetings or BigBlueButton the best choice for secure/private videoconferencing with a dozen participants?

Or another one? I tried Jitsi Meet but there’s screenshare bug that the devs (backed by 8×8 Inc.) don’t seem to fix and very few people have brought up. BBB kind of requires a separate TURN server to run along its main server for people behind restrictive firewalls and BBB only runs on Ubuntu Server 16.04 (although a dev said that the next major release would work on Ubuntu 18.04) and I haven’t tried the Apache one yet. I just don’t know which is the best from a security/privacy point of view, because if e.g. Jitsi has such bug that causes a problem with a very basic videoconferencing feature, then I’m a bit weary of what other deeper issues it might have. I know that you get what you pay for, but I prefer open-source, and if there’s a winner, then my team might not mind paying a dev to fix a bug.

Cisco Webex Events video recording: audio lags behind video for some participants

Learning my ropes with Cisco Webex Events and discovering one quirk after another.

Just had a meeting with 1 other person. She’s using a Mac with its built-in camera/mic. I was hosting using a Win 10 laptop but using an external USB webcam/mic. Recorded the meeting.

When I played it back I discovered that audio and video were aligned fine for the other participant. But when I spoke, the recording had my audio lag behind video. That is, I see myself say something but than hear what I said with a short delay.

So it’s not a case of audio/video misalignment of the entire recording. It seems to have something to do with my audio/video streams get processed by Webex software/my hardware.

How can I fix this?