javascript – How to split X-numbers into N-parts and get the number of parts

I will create an online order form for a printing company. If the number of sheets of a book is more than 700 sheets, it should be divided into volumes and a volume should not exceed the 700-sheet limit. And I should get the number of volumes for the payment. How can I achieve this with pure Javascript?
thank you in advance

car parts

Technical data: JC-136 electric car rear axle with hub brake
1. Simple in structure and durable in use.
2. High intensity and good leak safety.
3. High machining accuracy to ensure stability.
4. Works smoother with less power.
Product Information
Product nameAntriebsachsgetriebe with hub brake
Typical spline with 18 teeth pressure angle of 30 °
Gear Ratio10: 1,12.76: 1
ItemDIN standard equipment
MaterialsSteel, stainless steel, etc.
ApplicationElectric tricycle / rickshaw, golf cart, golf cart, sightseeing bus etc.
Machining center, CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, CNC lathe, lathe, 4-axis machine, etc.
Surface anodizing, plating, brushing, polishing, blackened, powder coating, sand blasting, laser engraving etc.
Inspection equipment CMM, projection, calipers, micro saddle, thread micro saddle, pin gauge, calipers, flow meters, flow meters, etc.
Packing foam protection and export carton for electric differential motor
Production lead time 15-30 days after approved.

Technical parameters of the rear axle:
Detailed pictures
Q. What's your packing terms?
A: Generally, we pack our goods in neutral white boxes and brown cartons. If you have a legally registered patent, we can package the goods in your brand boxes after receiving your authorization letters.
Q. What are your terms of payment?
A: T / T 30% as a deposit and 70% before delivery. We show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance.
Q. What are your terms of delivery?
A: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU. car parts

spfx Web Parts – Reactivate button to open SharePoint Document Picker

I've seen and experimented with the Property window controls that allow you to select a document or image from an area, and was curious if anyone saw the same function by clicking a button on an SPFX Web Part form is available. I was looking for something that would reset the URL to a value after selection, but have not found anything like it.

I do not want the property pane to contain the value or the button. It is located in the SPFX Web Part component.

Example (When the button is clicked to select an image):

[ Global Warming ] Open question: In which parts of the world has the air warmed up in the last 70 years?

An up-to-date question and the best answer to the "percentage" of the warming globe implied that it might just be a small area. There is a tool with which you can look at it. I played with it a bit and only found places that cool (or stay the same) south of the 70s – in the Antarctic. Can you find places in the rest of the world that do not warm up? This is a real question, and I really want to know the answer. I had hoped that more people would use the link to find places that did not warm up. If you click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page, you can click on the sites that display the NASA GISS temperature and view the stations directly. Our resident "geologist" could not even try to answer that question. He tells people he's a scientist, but most of his answer is a runaway, lying, political rant. (tagsToTranslate) Yahoo (t) answered (t) questions (t) environment (t) Global warming

Ease of Use – If you offer a compressed file for download that is about 1.2 GB in size, should you divide it into smaller parts?

I worked on .GOV and GDS.

You should first find out what requirements the user has.

"As a user, because of X, I need all of the thousands of files," as opposed to "As a user, I need access to thousands of files that I can search and search as a resource" are very different and have a strong impact on your solution.

My gut feeling is, 1 GB file (zip) of all PDFs is a total no-no.

But research.

Is it moral to remove or hide certain parts of a photo as a photographer?

This question came to my mind when I asked this question. Please look at that and the accepted answer There.

You'll see:

  1. Photo is tailored
  2. A white vertical beam thing is hidden
  3. A whistle is near the leaf hidden (lower right corner)
  4. Background is out of focus

I like all these changes. It definitely makes the difference better, But now I have some doubt that kills me a bit. Is it moral to do such things in Photo? I've read answers to a similar question, but that kind of editing was not discussed a lot there (though I assume that they support such editing).

Or should you already take care of objects, unnecessary objects, main objects and other things before taking pictures to improve the picture?

Evaluation – How to define a function that generates a function at runtime by evaluating selected parts in their definition?

Consider the following functions as an example:

        URLParse[url]/.{"slot"->Inactive[StringReplace][Slot[]," "->"_"]}

If I evaluated it with the following command:

urlModifier[""]["hello world!"]

It probably fails because of that Slot[] does not agree with that Function,

But if I make a rating on the spot urlModifier[""] and use the result as input:

URLBuild[<|"Scheme"->"https","User"->None,"Domain"->"","Port"->None,"Path"->{"","path",StringReplace[Slot[]," "->"_"]},"Query"->{},"Fragment"->None|>]&["hello world!"]

It works well.

What should I do? urlModifier to be accepted Slot[] for his Function that it manages?

Embedded Web Parts in Sharepoint

So I've created a link to a document from a subsite to another subsite in Sharepoint.
I used the embedded web part and inserted the link to the document instead of the iframe code. The document is an Excel file, but only half of the document is displayed and there are no sidebars to scroll over. How do I adjust the size of the embedded Web Part or Excel file? Suggestions would be very grateful.

AceGen: Expression contains parts that can not be evaluated numerically

as we call SMSEigenvalues Function in ACEGEN?

In MMA, eigenvalue (3×3 matrix) returns a vector (1×3), then I define the following routine in ACEGEN, but it will not work


<< AceGen`;
SMSInitialize("filename", "Language" -> "Mathematica");
SMSModule("Gradf", Real(x$$, L$$, g$$(3)));
{x, L} (RightTee) {SMSReal(x$$), SMSReal(L$$)};

Ni (DoubleRightTee) {{x/L, 2 - x/L, x/L (1 - x/L)}, {x/L, 3 - x/L, 
   x/L (2 - x/L)}, {x/L, 4 - x/L, x/L (5 - x/L)}}
g = !(*

SMSExport(g, g$$);

g (1), g (2), g (3)

android – Understand the parts of a Kotlin function

I'm using this Kotlin feature to access data after making an http request with it fuel Library in Android, from a tutorial that I follow, but certain parts of this feature are foreign to me, as I learn Kotlin:

fun search(term: String, skip: Int, take: Int, responseHandler: (result: WikiResult) -> Unit?) {
        Urls.getSearchUrl(term, skip, take).httpGet()
            .responseObject(WikipediaDataDeserializer()) { _, response, result ->
                if (response.statusCode != 200) {
                    throw Exception("Unable to get articles")
                val(data, _) = result
                responseHandler.invoke(data as @ParameterName(name = "result") WikiResult)

I understand this so far:

  • responseHandler: (result: WikiResult) -> Unit?: anonymous function that returns nothing

but I can not understand most of this part:

.responseObject(WikipediaDataDeserializer()) { _, response, result ->
                if (response.statusCode != 200) {
                    throw Exception("Unable to get articles")
                } #<-- this I know throws an exception if the response isn't a 200
                val(data, _) = result
                responseHandler.invoke(data as @ParameterName(name = "result") WikiResult)