lightning network – Two party payment channels, how to set one up?

Most guides to LN describe it working “through ‘payment-channels’, wherein two parties commit funds”, usually Alice and Bob. But I cannot see a way to actually create this scenario. I’ve just started running my own lnd node and I can open, and fund, channels to other peers, but this always seems to be a single fund of the channel.
As I say, I’ve just started out in the LN world so I may have missed something blindingly obvious, but how does one go about funding a channel with my friend Bob?

macos – 3rd party app to perform regex search on Spotlight index

There is no native way to perform a regex search on the Spotlight index as discussed here:

Is there a 3rd party tool that can do a regex search on the Spotlight index? Or is the Spotlight index designed such that there is no way to search it with regex using any 3rd party tool because the data structures of the index does not support fast regex search?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Rush Limbaugh: “There is corruption, there’s destruction, there is despair, and it all originates from the Democrat Party.” True or false?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Rush Limbaugh: “There is corruption, there’s destruction, there is despair, and it all originates from the Democrat Party.” True or false?

wireless networking – PC cannot connect to multiplayer games that use third party servers

This is very difficult to explain, but I cannot play multiplayer on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or Borderlands 3. Every other multiplayer game works, and the things that these 2 games have is that they both launch off one companies platform (CoD launches off 6, and Borderlands 3 launches off Epic games) then they have to connect to another companies servers (CoD uses activision servers and Borderlands 3 uses shift servers). I have contacted all of the companies and they all blame each other, none of them have provided any working solutions. Here is what I have tried:

Ensuring both games are allowed through firewall

Using wired connection

Using wireless connection

Restarting Modem, Router

Allowing lasse.exe through firewall

Reinstalling both games

Ensuring both games and the platforms they launch from are up to date

Clearing Cache for both games

Flushing DNS

Unlinking and relinking accounts (ie. 2 linked to Activision account)

I am unsure what else I can try, and I haven’t really found anyone online with this same issue across all games that have servers that function like this. I am starting this thread in hopes that someone has encountered this issue in the past and has a solution or someone who is more experienced in networking has a potential solution.

dnd 5e – Calculating the XP treshold for a party with “monster” companions

Suppose that a member of an adventuring party has a companion. I can think of the following broad categories …

  • Something that came with his/her class (familiar, beastmaster companion)
  • Part of a spell (summoned/conjured creatures, raised undead, Homunculus, awakened something, etc.)
  • Purchased mount (war horse, hippogriff, etc.)
  • A bound golem

… then are there cases (and perhaps there are others besides the ones I could think of) in which I should I calculate the XP treshold (DMG, page 82) differently (increasing the treshold), and if so, by how much?

Personally, I feel (but I’m quite inexperienced) that companions that originate from classes and spells are already calculated into the character level of the XP difficulty matrix. And that mounts may not be powerful enough to unbalance the encounter difficulty. But a party member that brings a golem, might be a different story.

I’m fairly sure that there is no rule for this, if so, then suggestions are welcome too.

gm techniques – How do I run an adventure with the party in competition with an NPC party in a race for the MacGuffin?

I’m looking at the next leg of our campaign being a “race for the MacGuffin” scenario. The PCs (Rolemaster) have been chasing an evil sorceress for a while now. I want to let them catch up but put them in a position where they can’t actually kill her. She’s working for someone powerful who will come after them if they kill her. But it’s in a mercenary role so if they can get the MacGuffin for him he won’t care what happens to her after that.

The problem: I’ve never run or even read an adventure with competing adventuring parties. Can someone point me to some good resources?

I’m looking for published adventures (from any system), blog posts with adventure design ideas, direct advice from the folks here, and/or anything else that can help me figure out how to pit one party against another without having it be a straight up brawl.

catalina – (Google Drive, macOS) How safe do you feel using 3rd party Apps for Google Drive management?

I share a lot of files via GD (macOS) and it would much more pleasant to manage my files via 3rd party App, such as MS offers for its OneDrive.

There are several Apps on the Apple Store (MultiDrive, iDocs etc.), but I was wondering whether it’s safe to use them – Some content such as presentation, materials, articles in working-stage that are not yet published as well as some personal data.

java – Logging by 3rd party libraries

We’ve got 2 very large platforms for our services & jobs.

Both platforms consists of 20+ servers hosting 1000+ services/jobs.

Each job/service is essentially a java web application.

Both platforms are managed centrally, which allows us to get a holistic overview of the platform, as well as drill down capability to each server.

Each server has the following logs:

  1. System out log
  2. System err log

The service/job log is centralized and not stored on the server.

A service/job application may include 3. party libraries that write out to sys out/err, which makes our operations difficult, as the centralized log is not the solemn source for troubleshooting.

Architecturally we only want the sys out/err log to contain server log entries, not service/job log entries. This would allow the development department to troubleshoot business logic via the centralized log and the operations department to troubleshoot sick servers via server logs.

As we have no control over these 3rd party libraries, and the sys out/err is global to all the applications on the server, how do we best approach this challenge?

web development – Is it common practice to validate responses from 3rd party APIs?

I’m working on a PHP web application that depends on a few party services. These services are well documented and provided by fairly large organisations.

I feel paranoid when working with responses from these API which leads me to write validation code that validates that the responses match the structure and data types specified in the documentation. This mainly comes from the fact that its out with my control and if I blindly trust that the data will be correct and its not (maybe someone changes the json structure by accident), it could lead to unexpected behaviour in my application.

My question is do you think this is overkill? How does everyone else handle this situation?

software – Submit Button Did Not Work on Third Party Site

I was trying to submit an answer to an online form and the submit button would not work. For this form, you need to attach a file and click the Submit button. When that happens, a popup will show asking you to confirm the submission. I attached the file successfully, but when I clicked Submit, the confirmation popup did not show. Nothing happened when I clicked the Submit button. I had used this form previously and it had worked on multiple occasions: I successfully attached the file and clicked the Submit button. What could be going wrong here? For reference, I’m using MacOS Catalina 10.15.4, and I’m using Google Chrome version 81.0.4044.138.