Fateful Core – What happens after a conflict is declared and how much should the victorious party win?

Concessions must be accepted by both sides, but they are not the only way to stop a fight.

The group has to pass patterns, whatever you say.

concession. Atomic Robo RPG p.123

So yes, if the PCs are absolutely out to gain total control of the remnants of this attacking force, you can do nothing to make them accept the concession.

But conflicts have something important. Conflicts are what happens when you have at least two pages that each want to turn off the others. So, vice versa, if you Not If you have at least two pages that each want to turn off the others, you will no longer have a conflict. You have … something else.

Transition to a contest or a challenge

You may be in a conflict scene where participants are no longer interested in each other or are trying to harm each other because of changed circumstances. In that case, and if there are still other issues to solve, you can go straight to a contest or challenge if needed. In this case, wait until you have solved the competition or the challenge by assigning Destiny Points to the Conflict End, and so on.

In an earlier example, Cynere managed to open a vault door so the three PCs could escape an endless horde of temple guards. They all decide to run and try to lose them.

Now the guards and the PCs have conflicting goals but can not hurt each other. Now it's a competition. Instead of directing the nearest agency, Amanda begins to prepare for the persecution.

– Destiny SRD, conflicts

So, if you want them to stop and run, and the PCs do not want to let them, what's next is likely to be a competition to track them down.

However! It also means that you are at a decision point within the plot and decision points are where forces Come out to play. Is there a reason that the PCs may not be able to track or an actual impediment to the act of persecution, such as: Suffocation smoke bomb or something else that could give the persecution a lower priority, such as: Broken containment ship? If it's real enough to stop them, then it's real enough to point out and give everyone a destiny point because they can not catch those villains, damn it.

Of course, they are free to buy you and keep going. In this case you can direct the competition and see what happens.

Destiny core – confess conflicts and what happens after that and how much should the victorious party win?

I start a slightly different game Atomic Robo the RPG that's based on fate core and in that case, it should not really matter.

This will be my first time GMing and for the first time fate based game for all involved, so I try to think of some simple situations in which I can teach some mechanics and make sure I understand them well by "show, don't tell" (I'll tell it too) Mechanics.

Main questions (general): How much control over the narrative does the opposite side have if it concedes a conflict (as long as it is a clear failure of its goals)? Can or should the party to be conquered be forced into other conflict mechanisms if this makes sense in a narrative sense?

Below is a specific situation that I've considered and raised the following questions: Let's say I have some NPCs in a cult trying to take Tesladyne's technology for a nefarious purpose. Well, they're starting the invasion, and the PCs and Allied NPCs want to stop this invasion and probably figure out what they're trying to do and why. The PCs win and so the last enemy NPCs clear the conflict.

What I want to do as GM is to let her flee. In this case, the PCs get some of what they want (to stop the invasion), and the enemy has gotten nothing of what they want. There may be hints left so the PCs, with some work, can find out who these people are. So far so good, it seems to be in the spirit of a counter-attack.

Suppose the PCs are not satisfied with this concession and want the enemy NPCs captured. This would basically give the PCs everything they wanted in the conflict, and that would basically ruin the purpose of the concession. I see the situation in different ways, although I'm not sure I'm completely satisfied with it:

  • I say, "Well, this is a concession that I can tell what happens as long as it does not undermine victory." Maybe I'm telling smoke bombs or a jet falling down that gives the enemy NPCs the chance to escape (should I use a fate point from the reserve to declare details like this for my NPCs?).

  • Or I could say "OK, let's take part in a contest and give everyone the chance to catch them before they escape." This one feels a little better for me, but I'm also not sure how I feel about someone who has come across another conflict mechanism. If the shoe were on the other foot and admitting the PCs, would that make sense and should I do it? I think it fits in with the "make things dramatic" scenario, but the purpose of the concession was to get out of conflict (and not enable them to accommodate them).

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How can you find comfortable and stylish women's shoes online?
How can you find comfortable and stylish women's shoes online?

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