visas – Reenter the US as a green card holder with a passport nearly to expire

I live in the US and have a green card. I want to take a 1 week holiday trip to Mexico in May 2021, but my foreign passport will expire in August 2021.

Will I be able to reenter the US with no issues?

In general, the US requires the passport to be valid for at least 6 months, but I don’t know if that applies to permanent residents or only visitors.

Can I apply for a Canadian study Visa with an expired passport with assurance that I would get a renewed passport before I’m required to travel?

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Sending passport via post office to get visa

Travellers from many countries don’t face this experience due to visa-free / visa-on-arrival arrangements. However, everyone else – and this is just not travellers from ‘smaller’ countries but even big ones such as India and China (just to mention the two most populous countries in the world) – often have to apply for a visa in advance. Even then, many visa application require applicants to hand in documents in person, with no option for postal applications.

I’ve had situations where I needed to make visa applications in advance. I had the choice of making postal applications, but for security of my documents I often get these done through specialised visa agencies instead. You haven’t mentioned where you are from, so I cannot suggest specifics. I have used CIBT in the past and they have branches in multiple countries. What specialised visa agencies do is receive your documents, and then use secured channels or messengers who can personally submit your documents. Depending on what country you’re applying for (Burkina Faso, for instance, is one country you’ll probably have pay a travel agency specifically look into for visa procedures.)

Whatever you do – send to an agency or yourself – always use a courier service or a ‘secure delivery’ postal services. In the UK for instance Royal Mail offers ‘Special Delivery’ that requires delivery to be signed for, as well as automatically insuring contents of package up to a certain amount. Check whether the courier/postal service you use has this insurance coverage – if it does, then it’s in their best interests to ensure such packages don’t get lost otherwise their operational expenses on insurance will go up. And if somehow a package does get lost, you can claim cost of passport replacement from them.

dual nationality – BREXIT: leaving the EU with a second passport

I had entered Italy before Brexit and have a long-term visa here as a British national. However, I also have a Malaysian passport and am wondering since there is no stamp in my UK passport, would it be possible for me to leave Italy using my Malaysian passport to have it stamped since there was no entry stamp in my UK passport anyway?

dual nationality – Can I enter Iran with an expired Iranian passport, while being in possession of a second passport?

Nationals of Iran are allowed to enter with an expired passport.

This is noted in Timatic, the system which airlines use to verify passenger documents prior to boarding, so you should have no trouble boarding your flight. Present your Iranian passport when you check in to your flight. (You probably will need to present both passports here due to airport transits.)

Remember that Iran does not generally recognize dual citizenship, so you should not need to show your Canadian passport to Iranian officials. You do need to bring it with you, though, because you need to show it to the airline for your return flight to Canada. Read more on traveling with two citizenships.

nodejs – Request Object to res.render error Usando Express y handlebars y passport

recientemente me encuentro con un problema que no me queda muy claro como resolver, tengo mi servidor NodeJs construido con Express , actualmente la autenticacion la manejo con passport , y tengo que editar los datos del usuario logueado , aqui es donde tengo problemas.

Inicialmente tengo esta función que me retorna a la vista de editar perfil , en el req que le paso a la función si doy un console.log(req.user) puedo ver el JSON con los datos del usuario autenticado , pero al intentar pasar estos datos al template hecho con handlebars me tira el siguiente error

(0)   _id: 6088f376f715bf3be09054c9,
(0)   name: 'Rodrigo A',
(0)   email: '',
(0)   password: '$2b$12$29LZoX0dI7iDFpjAih0PtOGWQch5OkxHdI1hy2gdYs2cRsf5Aw8DS',
(0)   __v: 0
(0) }
exports.formEditUser =  ( req , res ) =>{

      namePage: 'Edita tu perfil',
      user : req.user

Handlebars: Access has been denied to resolve the property “name” because it is not an “own property” of its parent.

Regularmente este error me tira al hacer consultas en mongodb y tratar de pasar los datos a la vista sin agregarle al final de la consulta .lean() , pero esta ocasión es diferente
, cabe mencionar que tanto la configuración de passport como la configuración de handlebars funciona correctamente , podrían orientarme u indicarme como podria pasar estos datos a esta vista por favor , se los agradeceria mucho

/**importamos mongoose  */
const mongoose = require('mongoose');
/**Importamos las configuraciones de mongodb */
/**Importamos express */
const express = require('express');
/**Importar Handlebars */
const exphbs = require('express-handlebars');
/**Importar Path para obtener la url actual del proyecto */
const path = require('path');
/**Importar el router */
const router = require('./routes');
/** */
const cookieParser = require('cookie-parser');
/** */
const session = require('express-session');
/** */
const MongoStore = require('connect-mongo');
/** Importar flash para mostrar msjs de validación */
const flash = require('connect-flash');
/**Importar configuraciones de passport */
const passport = require('./config/passport');

/**leer las variables del envirenment */
require('dotenv').config({ path : '.env'});

/**guardamos express en una constante */
const app = express();
/**Permite leer los campos  */
/**para poder leer el cuerpo de una solicitud*/

/**Habilitar handlebars como view */
       defaultLayout: 'layout',
       helpers: require('./helpers/handlebars')

app.set('view engine','handlebars');

/**archivos staticos */
app.use(express.static(path.join(__dirname , 'public')));
    secret: process.env.SECRET,
    key: process.env.KEY,
    resave: false,
    saveUninitialized: false,
    store: MongoStore.create(mongoose.connection)

//inicializar passport

//Aletas y flash messages

//crear nuestro middleware
app.use( (req , res , next) =>{
  res.locals.msgs = req.flash();




customs and immigration – Canadian passport holder visiting UK and Republic of Ireland

At some time post-pandemic, a family member intends to visit the UK and the Republic of Ireland. While they are a UK citizen by birth, they have been resident in Canada for many years, and only hold a Canadian passport at present.

While visiting the UK, they would like to visit Ireland (by ferry) for a few days. I understand that UK citizens can travel freely in the Common Travel Area, but ferry operator Stena Line recommend bringing some proof of citizenship(1):

British or Irish citizens travelling on our Irish Sea routes do not need a passport to travel to Britain or Ireland but are advised to take a form of identity. A valid passport, photographic driving license, International Student Card, government issued photo ID card, health insurance/social security photographic card, photographic bus/train pass or EU Citizen Identity Card will usually suffice.

The traveller has a UK birth certificate (short form), but none of the documents listed above. (They could apply for a new UK passport, but would prefer not having to go through the hassle and expense of doing so.)

If they chose to travel on their Canadian passport alone, what procedures or difficulties should they anticipate when sailing from the UK to Ireland?