My sponsor for my Schengen visa does not have a passport, just an identity card. Is it allowed

I'm from Madagascar, but study abroad in Turkey. I travel to France in the summer for tourism. My father, who lives in Madagascar, will sponsor my trip. My dad does not have a passport because he has never traveled. May he prove his identity only with his ID card? I saw on an article that the passport number should be noted in the sponsor letter and a copy of the passport with all documents should be sent. I dont know.

The passport and visa for children expire before that of the parent

A visa does not usually expire beyond the expiration date of the passport.

You can extend your child's passport in Canada. On this page of the Pakistan Embassy in Toronto is a long list of required documents. I will not reproduce it here. I suspect that you can not use the renewal application for the online passport.

Once you have the new passport, you will need to apply for a new visa for your child.

I assume that the child has a TRV (Temporary Resident Visa). You can apply for renewal / renewal / acquisition in Canada. This page explains how to extend your stay using a paper form. It is possible to apply online, but it may be helpful to read this page. Highlights include:

  • Apply at least 30 days before TRV expires, but current processing times are closer to 60 days – check
  • Every addict has to apply separately

I received this email from the UK Visa Center, but my passport was not sent. What have I done wrong?

The email states, "Your UK visa application was sent by the UK Visa Department." I was waiting for my passport to be returned via the UPS Return Label I put into the package. But 4 days have passed and the label is still not used / the passport will not be returned. What should I do?! Please help. I have big problems …

I just arrived in the USA without passport control

I am a Canadian Nexus owner and landed at Atlanta airport this morning with a Delta flight. When I got off the plane, the security guard (or the airport employee) took me through the hall I followed and landed at the airport platform. I boarded the train, got off at international baggage claim and left the airport without a problem. I was not aware that it was strange until my friend just told me that this is abnormal and it could get me into big trouble. Should I call the airport or the TSA or does this happen normally (or from time to time?)

Passport strength (with stamps and visas)

Sites listing the "strength" of each country's passports are nothing new – it's relatively easy to find information about which countries you can visit without a visa (and in the case of my country, the State Department lists the visa requirements for each country in foreign territory).

But is there a website where I can see how my passport strength has been affected by various stamps stamped on the site?

For example, I have a stamp from the Israel-Jordan border crossing that proves that I was in Israel and effectively banished me from some Arab countries. I am also planning to visit Armenia, and their stamp would ban me from Azerbaijan.

Again, it is not difficult to find this information for individual countries – but is there a comprehensive source that lists all?

Paperwork – Do I need a passport to return from Canada?

No, but within the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), the other documents you could use instead of a passport are pretty limited:

US citizens can present a valid US passport; Passport card; Extended driver's license; Trusted Traveler Program Card (NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST); ID card of the US military when traveling by official order; US Merchant Mariner document when traveling in conjunction with an official maritime company; or Form I-872 American Indian Card or (if available) Enhanced Tribal Card.

(If you are under 16 or under 19 and travel with a youth group, the requirements are lower.)

Canada will provide you with a passport and a citizenship certificate such as a US driver's license and a birth certificate, but notes that it is possible to use documents that do not comply with EU requirements WHTI.

If you travel to Canada with such documents, you can return to the US because the US can not deny entry to a US citizen simply because they lack the right documents. There is a charge for people in this situation, but at the moment you can not expect anything more unpleasant than a late entry into the US along with a border guards scolding.

The passport costs $ 30, and advanced driver's licenses and status IDs cost $ 30 more than the unexpanded versions. If you do not want to pay for a passport, this is probably the best option.

New York City – Can I Travel Domestically with the NYC Learner's Passport Permit?

I traveled from NYC to Oregon on June 20 and just checked my passport and found that it expired in April. If I want to extend my pass, I have to either wait 8 weeks or longer to get it done without paying, or pay over $ 100 to get it faster.

My question is: I have a permission issued by the State of New York. Can I use this instead of a passport while traveling?

Applying for a Schengen visa from the US with valid US visa stamp on the old passport

I will apply for a Schengen visa from the USA mostly through the German consulate. After the trip, I will return to the USA. I have a valid US visa stamp on my old passport and that works with US immigration when entering the US. For a Schengen visa, they check that I have valid documents for entering the next country after leaving the Schengen area. Can a problem with getting a Schengen visa be that my US visa stamp is on an old passport?