spain – Can I travel as a former Nigerian citizen with my current Spanish passport without a visa?

Former Nigerian nationals can enter Nigeria without a visa by traveling with their new passport of their new nationality along with their expired Nigerian passport.

Timatic, the database that airlines use to check passenger travel documents, says:

Passport required.

  • Passports and other documents accepted for entry must be
    Valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date.

Visa required, except for former Nigerian nationals with a
valid foreign passport and expired Nigerian passport.

spain – Can I travel as a former Nigerian citizen with my current Spanish passport without a visa?

I've had this question for a long time. I acquired Spanish citizenship 6 years ago and I'm originally from Nigeria. The same question arises every time I want to travel to Nigeria: can I travel to Nigeria with my valid Spanish passport along with my expired Nigerian passport and travel without a visa? It is the 4th time that I pay for a visa. I'm never sure if I need it …?
All secured information would REALLY be appreciated !!!!
Many thanks

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Possibly errors in the ESTA question "Have you ever been issued with a passport or ID card for travel to another country?"

A simplified version of the question would be:

Have you ever been issued a passport from another country?

This should be easier to answer. It sounds like the answer is in your case where you are a French citizen and have always been a French citizen No, (If your husband was issued a French passport in Australia, it would not be considered a different country. If he was issued an Australian passport because he became an Australian citizen, it would be completely different.)

The reason why the "or travel document" is also an option is because there are other types of documents (such as those issued to refugees) that are commonly referred to as "travel documents". These are documents that you can use for international travel instead of a passport.